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If you find yourself in the wrong story leave.

Down through the ages, most workout junkies love a strick and robust exercise routine in order to get their adrenaline pumping like a raging river to encourage their hearts to beat at a much faster pace.

The thing is, some Doctors think the heart only has so many beats.  So while we are banging away trying to get that perfect body, some hearts are not as young as others, so use caution, your heart may be struggling to keep up with your desires while slowly running out of beats; That’s my opinion too.

So, Am Out…

I wanted to read Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus, but common sense tells me Men Are From Earth And So Are Women, so I couldn’t get into it.  Maybe next time, that’s if they come back to Earth?

Enough Said, Am Out…

There have been times when searching for a particular solution I have heard the answer is As plain as the nose on your face; referring to my nose.  Well, that didn’t help either, nor did I believe it; I can’t see my nose.

That’s Why Am Out.

It’s okay to change your mind when it comes to what life has in store for us; murder, charity, fun, evil doings, even walking out of someone else life because of the changing times and or necessity.  Maybe it’s a difference in beliefs, opinions, it could be violent or you simply drifted apart, etc… Sounds like a Good Time To Get Out.

That’s Why Am Out…

FYI: We all grow at a different rate of speed coupled with different levels of understanding, so in that event, we all handle what life is dishing out differently, you know, the things that cause us to make must do, life-changing decisions.  If you don’t, Woe is unto you.

So with that, Am Out…

FYI: It is impossible to live a happy life if trapped in a position that is unhealthy or unnatural for you; we are not talking about things you can do nothing about, so choose wisely from the I can-do list.

I know from experience that The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.

That’s Why Am Out…

From previous experiences, I know for a fact that in most cases If you choose bad companions, no one will believe you are anything but bad yourself.  Get Behind Me, Satan!

 With that Am Definitely Out…

Did you know at the very beginning of most relationships, personal or otherwise, the people involved know when a situation is uncomfortable for them, its at this point we get that gut feeling, intuition, bad character notifications, but far more important, we know what fits and what does not, so if The shoe doesn’t fit…

Am Out…

I am just keeping it real by admitting to the fact that a few people I didn’t like at first sight, for some reason has ended up on my friends’ list, so sometimes things work out, but just like so many things can go right, there are far more that can go wrong, especially when starting something new…

So, these days when I get that something is wrong, feeling, and or a person tells me from jump street who they are and that analysis does not fit well with me, I take heed.

I believe what people say out of their mouths about themselves, the first time, and if I don’t like what they said, I Run to the Hills.  

 Am Out…and am in a hurry

Experiences have taught me some hard lessons, so I agree with Paul Harvey,; I made tomorrow my favorite day, I’ve been uncomfortable looking back.  That statement made me say, Me Too!

That’s Why Am Out…

Let’s make things a little clearer if you are manipulative or your presents make me feel fidgety or anxious just because we’re in the same room, Am Out!

If you never see the good in others, a constant bearer of bad news or you are the type who builds others up only to let them down and never support anything or anybody, especially when needed, Am Out.

If you are always trying to take advantage of others while disrespecting and laughing at their mistakes, or get loud on me, in or out of the public, Am Out.

If you are unapologetic or make fun of another’s talents if you are about belittling any and all because it makes you feel better to hurt others, paired with being two-faced and dripping with untrustworthiness and void of compassion.  Its time to part ways.

After all that Am Totally Out!

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Execute is a big word when carrying out a maneuver, or a plan has been accomplished.

The successful execution of a plan can fill a lot of voids, but the word execute is also attached to some deadly consequences oftentimes leading to punishment for a crime so serious it’s commonly referred to as the Death Sentence.

Well, am not talking about that execution, am talking about the other ones, the ones concerning putting into place a real plan that is ready to execute (start); an order, or course of action. 

Take note; there are plans out there that should never make it outside of some people’s head or their imaginative off the rail outlook on things that are not normal, (mental frailty, devilish practices, etc…) some things need to stay in check.

Ideals are easy to come by and most of us have an abundance of them; the thing is, execution is the only way to complete any plan, including the ones we didn’t plan; I was sitting in a school auditorium when a lady fell dead out of her seat, now I am sure she had not planned that since it was her granddaughter’s graduation.

We just never know, even when planning our death, put a plan in place just in case you don’t get to have the last say.  Now, that’s something to think about, this is too, It’s the execution of any plan that matters, never the idea.

An old Japanese Proverb tells us Vision without execution is a daydream, and execution without vision is a nightmare; take singers for instance, they know a really Great talent has the ability to execute the music, just like team members understand “Great execution, that’s what you have to do when you’re playing Great teams”.

Leaders know when on a job site it obligates them to execute the company’s business by any means necessary; do it themselves, hire more help, etc…or risk losing the job; Here lies the problem; ideas are plentiful, but the actual execution of these ideas are far and in-between. 

I am guilty several times over; I have had ideas that I discussed with others, and sought after those who could help with my plan; help with something I couldn’t do, draw the blueprint, build a prototype, but…

I lost my chance to hit the jackpot all because of Failure to Execute. 

It’s simple, I didn’t put in the work, and I paid a price.  Twenty-some years later I would see an idea I had on AS SEEN ON TV… All because I did not execute my plan.  I thought I needed a partner when the idea was enough.

I think most of us have lost out on something worthwhile that is directly related to slothful behavior (lazy).  My normal reaction when laziness was the main cause of my downfalls was to try to clean it up by saying it wasn’t my turn, but not this time, it was all me.

The sad thing is my project didn’t require electronics, electrical power, etc.; it’s a game that would have fit in then just like it does now.

We need to understand failure is not a death sentence, failure is not about insecurities (afraid to, no knowledge of, etc.), it’s about The Law of the Land, and that is for us to fall down in order to learn how to get up; and…

Stop saying it’s complicated when you fail to executeFailures are all about I bet I don’t do that again; It’s a learning process to teach us how to plan the execution of our plan, then executes the plan. 

Effective execution of a plan is what counts not mere planning on paper; it is not what we put on our plate or even what we eat that provides nourishment and growth, it’s what we digest.

Careful now, don’t become over-confident and neglect to fact check every aspect of your work (leadership); However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.  Sir Winston Churchill.

And it’s always a good idea to learn the language of your task or goals; the particulars about the item, how does it work, what’s it made of, etc.?

And just so you know, Bad communication is a disconnect between strategy and execution.

It’s Something To Think About!

Jesus Is Lord!

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Hate and Fear are two of the Three Musketeers of Misery; the other is Jealousy, these action words are not your friend, and they are not to be entertained at any cost.  Once caught in their ugly snare of dismal living, your life can go to the Dark-side where it may waddle for years, eliminating the possibility of attaining Peace if you are unforgiving and revengeful.

Hate, and Fear bind together circling our emotions with nothing short of loathing.  Hatred is never anything but fear-if you feared no one, you would hate no one.  Hugh Downs.

Hate and Fear hinder the peace of mind, you’re just mentally suffering all the time, coupled with being in a constant state of delusions.  The thing is, it’s your choice, your attitude, your life.  Make the right decision no matter how many armies are braced against you or wattle in the Land of the Lost.

I know that may sound hard to do and it is, but look at it this way.  If you claim you were born to be miserable all your life at least pick your own battles.  I can drag myself to Hell with my own ideas let alone yours.  If we don’t fight for ourselves there is no coming back, but nothing is set in concrete when it comes to this world, and things can change in a blink of an eye.

I know how suddenly we can leave this earth.  I was attending an event held in a school auditorium when the woman seated in front of me fell dead out of her seat.  I didn’t believe for one minute she was expecting that, but it does go to show we are not in control.  

Fear is the path to the dark side, so focus; it determines your reality, and be extra careful because every person or thing we deal with may not be what it seems.   

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.  1st John 4:1 KJV

Did you know if we were not fearful we wouldn’t have demons, the Lord himself told us he did not give us a spirit of fear?  Read it for yourself: For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7  KJV

It seems as if we all have demons we just need to live above them, the way I understand it is there are ghosts that are demons pretending to be Dead People.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rules of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  Ephesians 6:12 KJV

Just so you know, Fear creates anger and anger is the beginning of hate and hate leads to our downfall, but have you ever noticed when we fall in love there is no fear or hatred in the mix?  Anyway, it’s ignorance that breeds hatred and fear, not love.

For me, Peace is a personal joy between me and God.  Now don’t get me wrong I love all the earthly things that are peaceful too.  But, sometimes we can find ourselves in some strange situations that are not so peaceful, wondering How the Hell did I get here?  Well, you could have been voted in, acquire the position from a long line of…, or placed in some unique role because you happen to be there, or you did it to yourself, trapped.  You get my point.

In order to achieve our destiny coupled with most of our wishes, which mostly comprises of having a long life, paired with happiness that’s intertwined with love, and of course, some semblance of peace.  But, in order to gain that small measure of joy and all the perks that come with it, first we must recognize, we may be getting in our own way.

Just so you know, Peace is a way of life that doesn’t work well with hate, fear, or jealousy including things I cannot name.

Who are we trying to fool other than ourselves?  Most know they are the #1 killer of their own peace, and it’s all determined by how we take care of our mental, physical and Spiritual selves.  Did you know even the simplest of things without peace can be incredibly hard?

We can make life easier on ourselves by slamming the door on hate and fear; this allows for Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces.  Psalm 122:7

FYI: Peace comes from within do not seek it without, while keeping in mind that ignorance is a natural menace to peace.  But, more importantly, Peace is not meant to be in a place where there is no trouble, noise, or hard work.  It’s meant to be in the midst of these things while still remaining calm in your heart.  

It’s Something To Think About!

 Jesus is Lord!                                                                                                             

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Just so you know; Comedy is often the sarcastic realization of inescapable tragedy.   Bryant H. McGill

It’s a good thing most of us have some type of silliness in our lives, even in dire circumstances we have to laugh as well as cry.

Considering all the drama; greed, lust, and power, coupled with vanity, it seems as if we are in desperate need of humor to sooth our sanity since we seem to be in a constant state of War.

I agree, War is Hell, but the faithful, including me, still believe The sun will come out tomorrow.  

I know it’s tough to believe we can find humor in war; but often we will repeat a funny story about a fallen soldier, etc… and we live with the reality that Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.  Sholom Aleichem

It’s not like we don’t know so, we put one foot in front of the other, hope for the best, and move on.  In other words, whatever the problem the world will not stop for us to adjust; so we just laugh a little then cry a bit, but when it all comes to the Art of War, Only the dead has found peace. 

Now, we know not all fights are physical, and not all fights lead to war, and we know some take more than one battle before they can be won, so I pick my battles with great consideration and determination.

The thing is, most times when I declare War, my main enemies are not other people, it’s Time and Patience; Those two powerful words once reigned over me until I had to find a way to win.

There is power in desperation, especially when used properly.

I found peace because I mastered patience, and that’s what allowed joy to enter my life with enough time to find some semblance of order paired with a smile on my face.

FYI: I Believe we have to keep moving because everything is a process and everything has a purpose.  I believe Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.  Lyndon B. Johnson

I’ve noticed a mental pattern stemming from the strongest when they fight for life in its fullest.  Mahatma Gandhi tells winners how to understand the enemy.  He explains, First, they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.  Mahatma Gandhi

I also believe War, Peace, and Comedy is a mixed bag of what’s next and all three have their purpose.

The purpose of war is peace, and just so you know, Peace is the virtue of civilization. War is its crime.  Victor Hugo

The purpose of comedy is simple, it’s there to make us laugh, and it’s one of those things that bind us together as a family; a great sense of humor.  Did you know humor is one of the mankind greatest blessings?

It takes all three (War, Peace, and Comedy) to make us who we are; well-rounded and born to win, but to be a winner we must plan, prepare, and expect to win.  Even the Bible tells us Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run that ye may obtain.  Corinthians 9:24

Just so you know, War, Peace, and Comedy are saturated in emotions, for me, it’s all about the purpose of life; to feel and see things.  You know, the part where we live, taste and experience life while enjoying all it has to offer to the utmost, even when there is a great disturbance.

It’s Something To Think About!

Jesus is Lord!

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Facts are facts and will not disappear on account of your likes.  Jawaharlal Nehru

Cold Hard Facts: A truth, accomplished fact, certainty, done deal, done deed, fact of life, grim reality, plain old fact, irreversible facts, irreversible truth, reality fact, self-evident fact, and undeniable facts, just to name a few…

Oh, don’t forget the fun facts or the stubborn I don’t believe you, facts?  

As a matter of fact, some of us are factless, leaving little room for any facts but the distorted ones, coupled with the facts that accompany everyday facts; not just our version of what the truth is.

I think when it comes to facts, its best to bone up on them before any decision is made in order to educate oneself.

It’s simple, if we try to distort facts, heard of or not, agreed or disagreed, we will soon discover facts are many, but when it comes to the truth there is only one, and it will strut like a Peacock, ruining your moment if mistreated.

Did you know a person with Big Dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts?  And did you know knowledge comes but does not always linger?  

The fact is, some lessons just go in one ear and right out the other, especially when dreamers can’t visualize a fact that has presented its self as so.  Self-doubt is a dream killer and a proven fact of too little or no faith when it comes to desired goals.

Facts are facts, and still to this day one of the worst Cold Hearted Fact is Prejudice is a great time saver, you can just sit there and form opinions without having one fact.  Perhaps one of the reasons some don’t need facts because they already know everything. 

The fact is the ones who know everything will find themselves losers and wondering why.  If that’s the case so much for knowing everything.

I am not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings but, Intelligent people tend to talk about the facts, with little or no gossip and are willing and eager to learn something new and of value, while others can’t handle the Facts, and at times the paranoia’s of just having all the facts can prove to be too much.

The fact is, Life is not all about how we see things, it’s also about how we fear things.  Did you know the truth about fear is having the inability to face what is real?  Yep, that’s a fact too?

Most times we have to do some serious fact checking especially when it comes to things that may cause some type of reaction such as crying... I found crying is not a sign of weakness.  The fact is ever since birth it has been a sign of life to a world of pain.

And, just so you know when it comes to some other Cold Hearted Facts, The aim of education is the knowledge, not the facts, but of value?  William S. Burroughs

It’s Something To Think About!

To God Be The Glory!

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