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The evidence of conversion is not a decision card to be filled out; it’s a life being lived out. Paul Washer

I think that some should read that again? I did, that’s why I am writing about it.

I have been watching this Ever Changing World since I was old enough to understand what I was seeing and hearing in the mid 50s. Now, here I am in the 21st Century and have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a decent conversation. Especially one on one.

Well, at least I know what happened to the small talk, but it took so long to find out what was right in front of my face… No one is listening.

Technology has found a way for even the weakest to bring down giants. Call me Anonymous, is the new name of the game. With that type of power, people are turning to the Dark Side in Broad Daylight.

These days we text, message, etc., and no one know who we are. We even sit on the same sofa with those who do, and not a word is passed between us. But that’s not what irks me. I want to write about how the lost art of having a simple conversation, can start an all in all, life as we used to know it, War.  

We have to start by being careful with those we listen to as well.

Did you know, we can’t even trust the ones that seem to be listening, simply because they can barely keep their mouths shut? It’s hard for them to wait long enough for a word, any word, as to change your conversation. This chosen word, is always taken out of context, and everything starts to go downhill from there.

I didn’t know you could change a conversation that hasn’t happened? You?

One or two words are not a conversation. All I know is, I don’t believe this to be a mistake. People want the floor and your undivided attention for all the wrong reasons. I believe cutting people off has always been just another calculated way to upset most.

Maybe this action is fueled by a fear, a fear of looking foolish because of a lack of education, etc…. I don’t really believe that, either. People are just mean, rude, inconsiderate.

I have been talking to people on the phone, and in person who I know can hear me, yet they continue this Fake Conversation as if I were deaf.

You know, like when we get a sales call, and you are trying to tell the salespersons this is a product you cannot use, and they keep talking anyway. Now that’s when you have to cut the conversation off, for real.

What can really push my buttons, is to know, the person I am speaking with is responding to something that’s not even remotely connected to the conversation we were having, and they know that. This only makes matters worse, because like I said, all it takes is one word to cut you off in order to trigger a response that has nothing to do with what you’re trying to say.

Weather you knew it or not, it takes two to have one conversation, unless you are talking to yourself; which is acceptable in my book. Then there are those who are so sure of what others may say, (the mind-readers), they naturally assume all that is needed are a few bars, sort of like Name the Tune in just a few seconds, then there are those who believe there is no such thing as Your Side or The Rest of the Story; right there lies another problem.

When people intentionally misinterpret your words, stand back, it’s their words, not yours that have no value, or real meaning. Stand back from those who try to turn your own words against you. If not, this can only lead to a life full of misery, and misunderstandings coupled with unnecessary altercations.

Did you know, without the ability to have a conversation rooted in truth and honesty, we lose the ability to move forward in a way that would be for the betterment of all? Some lose their soul? Especially if they can’t talk about it.

It’s Something to Think About!

Jesus is Lord!

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