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It seems as if the whole of our lives, and all the desires it craves, hedges on the word IF.

Did you know if you only do what you know you can do, you will never do much of anything? Plus, that type of attitude reminds me of if you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

Battling what ifs will not win the day. So in my opinion, if you want to accomplish great things, you must plan, then put that plan to the test; that is, If you believe in yourself and your plan.

I am convinced that there are as many what ifs as there are stars. And if I stop wasting my time worrying about what would’ve been, I can lose the only ifs.

Only if…is the saddest word in the English language. Kristen Higgins.

I have been in love a time or two, and I have wondered if it could have been everlasting if only I had stayed in character, instead of thinking about if only there was a way to escape this reality, if only there was a way to erase all of this formality, if only there was a way to figure out my mentality, if only there was a way to rid all the theatricality, if only…?

Life would be so much better if we spend the majority of our time focusing on What is.

Focusing on what is may be one of the most important exercises in life coupled with what is meant to be, what is possible, moral or successful. If we can concentrate on those things, then maybe we can get busy living or get busy dying over things we have no control of.

Remember, whatever you focus on is what you get, so be yourself; everyone else had been taken. Keep your head and chin up and smile. You cannot enjoy peace by avoiding life, worrying about all the If’s.

Instead of dwelling on all the ifs, that are not a part of what is happening now, I suggest you turn your attention toward the beauty of life that is before you now, not what was.

We don’t always need to understand our journey through life, we just need to trust that we are going in the right direction. I say let the ifs take care of themselves.

Roy T. Bennett tells us; “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”

Positivity, confidence, and persistence are key in life.

And just so you know with all our uncertainties, if you tell the truth, it will become a part of your past. If you lie, it will become a part of your future. John Spence

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