29 Mar

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A rich man fears poverty, so he shares a little of his money, but promises God he’ll give more. He’ll do anything to stay wealthy, so he conceals his wealth for fear he will be plundered.

It is said, the rich man that gives steals twice over.

A poor man wishes to conceal his poverty, for fear he will be despised, for there is no nobility in poverty. The poor man also looks at the law as an enemy, not as a friend. For him, the law is always taking something away.

So what is the difference between the poor man and the rich man?

The poor man that does not know his own worth tends to measure everything by relative value. A rich man values himself by his financial net worth, so that makes him poorer than the poor man who values himself by his self-worth.

It’s Something to Think About!

Jesus is Lord!

My apologies to the author’s names that elude me.

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