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Forget the times of trouble, but not the truths they taught. Forget the days of sorrow, but not the strength they brought. Forget the storms you battled through beneath a heavy load-but, not the light that led you safely down the unknown road.

Some of us plan for the future; I am one of those, others can’t get to the future for living in the past.  I know way too many of those people, it seems as if every other word that comes from most of those mouths is about something that happened 20-30 years ago, last night, or whenever; nothing is current as far as I can hear.    

The thing is, most times those things set in the past are troubling, and not worth reliving.  What about the good times?  Did you know This is A Time for Discovery?

Change is always available, but at this time our climate of uncertain circumstances is calling for it.  Currently, most are under some type of quarantine, leaving us with too much time to think about the past and other not so happy times.

I think “We spend too much time reminiscing about the darkness we may have crawled out from under to appreciate what we have accomplished.  Congratulate yourself instead of continuing to sink in sorrow.  Somethings are meant to happen, but most things are never meant to be forgotten.

For the things that are out of my control, I am always ready to improve on my situation.  One way I make that happen is to not waste my time looking forward to doing the same ole things I had done before quarantined.  I focus on what wholes value.

This is everyone’s chance to come clean about themselves and reflex on what can be done to get through the dangers that are testing us here at home and Worldwide.

For those who have talents and or special gifts, at this very moment, you have the time to improve on them or take a new route that could possibly open new doors to a new world.  Take a peek, look for the things you have never thought to explore, or even knew existed.

In other words, It is going to be different for all of us once we step out of the door.  Know that and be prepared.

Now that the Whole Globe is experiencing a New Day in a very unexpected manner, why not experience a new everything?  Especially with all this valuable time that in the past we claim to not have, don’t let it go to waste?

I know I am partly guilty of the do nothing, but now I realize things have to change and a decision has to be made.  So, instead of brooding, I choose to do something about it, so can you.

Try writing, I am a firm believer that a free mind willing to explore is one of the most valuable things we process.  Using our imagination is how things get accomplished, realized, etc…call it what you will.

For me, being sequestered under quarantine is a wake-up call.  It gave me a reason to look for what I can do to make myself a better person now that I have the time.  Oh, let’s not get this twisted, we all have time because of the Corona Virus, so use that commute you use to hate so much that is no longer in-use right now for all types of fill-ins.  You get my drift?

We can start with a few adjustments by accessing our worthwhile skills with the intent to make the most of any situation.  If lazy, before the world we knew came to a sudden halt, or crashed as some would say, work on getting up while setting new goals, if not you may lay down forever, while still breathing.  Use it or lose it.

As for me, the bad times make me appreciate the good times, I would rather harbor smiles instead of tears, plus I believe the voyage to discovery is not always seeking new places or things to see, but in having new eyes with the ability to Alter Life by Altering Attitudes.

It’s Something To Think About!

Jesus is Lord!

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It’s Something To Think About!

Contacts can be found at the bottom of each post, and sharing is encouraged.


Whatever your heart clings to and confides in, that is really your God.  Martin Luther

Did you know all types of people, associates, friends, even enemies can tell us just about anything and everything they want, especially when planting unwanted seeds into our bodies, mind, and soul?

They often suggest what we should or should not be doing, they spew out gossip, we may or may not want to hear, but 9 out of 10 times they want to talk about the things that are really none of their business or they try to convince us to do things we shouldn’t.  But they can’t tell us The Secrets of our Heart, they can only try to manipulate it.

In this day and time, we are bludgeoned with Fake News, political opposition, downright lies, joblessness, and diseases that are on our doorstep, often leaving us with no choice but to trust what’s in our hearts.

It’s only through the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye.

The human heart has hidden treasures, some secrets are kept, and some in silence sealed; the thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, and the pleasures. 

Although strange but true, the heart is the first thing we betray.

We allow those, without precautions, to slather their unethical practices and their beliefs on our very being.  If we allow them to take over our truths and convince us to take part in the injustices of others Karma will have the last say. 

We look up to some people because of their position in life, or the money we believe them to have may cause us to take on their awful ways, and bad habits, not realizing we are the victim, and how much power we gave them to rule over our lives especially when deep in our hearts we should be a shame.

This is not living, this is a dictatorship that has clamped down hard on our heart, and is possessed by someone other than ourselves.

We should not allow any devil-like individuals that have no respect for right, or wrong, or value the importance of Human Life.  So don’t look for Some People in High Places; They knew someone with the power to put them there, which has nothing to do with their skill or the ability to get the job done.

I find some employees to be smarter than their employer because the person in charge has bamboozled, fooled, or cheated their way to the top, all the while knowing in their hearts, this is not right.

We all want to get ahead, but did you know, Stars don’t beg the world for attention, their beauty forces us to look up?

Some need to reassess themselves to realize A kind heart and truthfulness is the foundation of happiness, it is not a possession to be held by the unfit.

Often we can’t do better because of low self-esteem, a trait that allows others to control you. Now, there are times when we are too embarrassed, too weak, or afraid to tell all who would listen, you are not interested in following the evil doers or anything offensive to God and or his people.

I suggest that we never ever give praise to anyone who doesn’t deserve it or you.  Not the President, or any cronies who are not working in your favor while souring your heart.

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