31 Jul

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When it comes to fate or destiny, I say free will.  The Choice Is Yours.

Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; the way you play is free will.  Jawaharlal Nehru

Fate is the development of events beyond a person’s control, others say it is determined by supper natural powers (God), while some say it is written in the stars, in truth, most claim to make their own.  

Destiny means we have a choice when there are opportunities to turn left or right, to do or not to do, etc….

just so you know, Destiny has much more positive connotations than fate.  While it also refers to the idea of predetermined events, destiny is something we can actively shape and alter.  Unlike fate, there is an element of choice in destiny…But fate is what happens when you let other people and external circumstance dictate your life.  

No matter which scenarios we choose, everything can’t be hunky-dory all the time, plus fate is a known negative That is if you never put yourself in the path of greatness. If you do, destiny is your potential waiting to happen.

In my opinion, there are other differences between the two, the thing is, both are directly connected to our experiences, the good news is both are taking us on a Journey.   

Be careful when traveling with fate; it will take you wherever the wind blows, but destiny’s road is full of decisions to create whatever we are meant to be.  And its destiny that offers the opportunity to pick and choose.

Some claim their lives are useless simply because fate is the architect, so some might not know their true worth for an array of reasons; too scared to think or look outside the box, too selfish to share, bashful, disfigured, low self-esteem, LAZY, don’t care, etc… I suspect a lack of Courage to be the main issue.

I don’t know about you but I believe life’s most challenging event is to learn The Art Of Staying Alive.  Even the weakest of us can find ways to survive diseases, heartbreak, heart attacks, hurt, accidents, fantasy, some truths, roller coasters :), including excruciating pain to move on.  Then again some won’t even try.

No one saves us but ourselves and that’s by choice.

It’s a good thing some of us are capable of weathering the storms involved in the fight for our lives.  No battle is too hard for the determined, and their refusal to be discouraged by any person, place or thing with negative overtones.

FYI; Let’s make this clear-clear about dying.  We cannot conquer death because we can’t…We are all going to die, but that does not mean it will be an Automatic Death or today.  But, when death is ordered, by a declaration that comes from God, we have a problem.  It’s simple, no human or thing can stop His inevitable will.  

In other words, when its time to take that last breath double-check to make sure it’s God’s Will.   To not ask questions is not good advice.

I believe there is no need to give up on you or any disturbing situation (Cancers, etc…) just because of how you define Fate; mama had it, daddy had it too.   I call that a Cop-out, plus I understand to not give up is called Faith.

Let me assure the brain-dead that regardless of what they think of themselves you are not a dead man or a dead woman until you are actually dead all over.  DUH!

In the meantime, I still believe we are the greatest UN-doers of ourselves simply because of the way we perceive life.  I look at life as an adventure we should accept and expect knowing there will be death-defying obstacles, as well as the pure joy of being alive.

Life’s Journey is a journey that allows growth meant just for you.

To get the best that life can offer while on the journey of discovering what’s next, mentally and physically, we have to guard our minds, especially when it comes to fate.  Did you know, Fate is a Dead-end Street if you allow it take you from your dreams?  

I refuse to just lie down and accept negativity in and about my life while using that old excuse, it was meant to be.  I say Maybe NOT, especially when we have failed ourselves

Just for the record, I believe believing in fate is excepting an outcome without reservations, that observation has allowed me to assume some of you may be non-supportive of yourselves, but just so you know, I support me when it comes to fate and or destiny, as a matter of fact just to make it easy on myself, I chose a Free Will, spiced with an abundance of Destiny.

Just so you know, I believe being healthy is the real wealth, coupled with the meaning of life, which happens to be the meaning I give to it?

The World Is My Oyster.  You?

It’s Something To Think About!


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