13 Nov

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Everyone’s Earthly Journey starts at birth, but our Journey with God began long before then.  In Jeremiah 1:5 God said, Before I formed thee in the womb I knew thee.

Because of the direction, my Earthly Journey has taken, I now understand and believe past knowledge is there for future use, and not to be suppressed because of gut-wrenching personal reasons (rape, diseases, selfishness, etc.).  For some this means nothing.  They pride themselves on Woe Is Me.

I believe during our lifetime we experience things that are designed to benefit others as well as ourselves. The blessings come when we choose to share learned information from the School of Hard Knocks with others.  I am not one to say or claim things at the spur of the moment; I like to know what am talking about, so if I was to say to you, I have Been There and Done That, you had better believe I know how to fix that, change that, or live with that.  Some way or another, I am going to get that blankly right.

With prior experience, we have to have the ability to move forward in order to use and turn those unpleasant experiences into helpmates.  This can be manufactured by converting as much negative energy as possible into positive energy that pulsates with previous knowledge.  Most negative experiences carry a payload of useful information if you know how to access it; if not, Ask Somebody!  Especially someone who has knowledge of Jesus Christ and who is in the Church, but not there as a false witness.

Find a Bible Believing Bible, Bible Teaching Pastor or those like-minded in Christ.

Oftentimes, on our Journey, we keep running into the same dilemmas.  It’s possible that elephant in the room drama may not have been resolved?  Perhaps God is trying to tell you something?  The main reasons Preachers keep repeating themselves, is in hopes someone out there will finally understand.  But just in case you are listening and want to stop repeating that same pattern, do something different like Go To Church.

We need to get personal with Jesus so he can help us dodge the temptations of Sin throughout Our Journey.  He’s not going to help us if we don’t try to help ourselves, so I tend to lean towards Christ because those devils and devellets have a ton of UN-welcomed and UN-proven experiences that can bring us down.  Another reason I never take the advice from someone who has never experienced the situation.  You do you, I’ll do Jesus Christ who has done it all.

If we keep living, something unacceptable will happen, and when it does, I will go to my knees in prayer in order to gain control of self-defeating thoughts, plans, and actions that should have been let go of long ago, instead of hanging on to My Way.  With Christ I am better educated and able to move on to better times while helping others, coupled with defeating Satan at his own game.

Stay strong!  Win or lose Satan will still be waiting for the past to come roaring back in a moment of weakness; A perfect time to cry out to Jesus instead of using that other word.  🙂

Just by incorporating a Christ-like thought process, we can learn from our past, enabling times gone by to be useful in our current position.  So, I have concluded that all things good, especially the bad, can turn into Godly Gifts, even placed into divine order, as they bring about Great Worth to the hearers and believers of God’s Word, including ourselves as The Journey Continues…

It’s Something To Think About!

To God Be The Glory!  It is in Jesus name that we pray.  Amen

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