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I know victory is in the preparation, still, at times I have worried myself sick wondering if anyone is going to read my next post, only to realize what a waste of time being insecure is.  As I kept writing, I realized if God wanted me to be read I would be, and if my writings are A Test of Obedience just for Him, then So Be It.

Will you be prepared to be obedient to God’s call?

I believe we are put to the test from time to time in order to demonstrate our obedience.  I don’t know how you view things, but after an array of difficult trials coupled with a multitude of errors, I found the best way to conquer anything was to prepare for everything, starting with, You can do nothing without me.  (John 15:5  KJV

If we don’t prepare for success outside of praying it will somehow just drop into our laps, we will fail?  Whether we fall from the top of the leader board, topple off a middle step, or slip deeper down the rabbit hole, it won’t hurt any less when we hit the bottom. 

Why?  Because we were not prepared to soften the blow by utilizing Jesus Christ and Educated Options.

The Devil and the Details can be in our failures, and they will appear where we least expect them because Satan hits where we are the least prepared.  Normally we are our own worst enemy because of what we tell ourselves.  (I got this, etc.)  God speaks to this flaw in humankind when he warned us not to lean to our own understanding.   Proverbs 3:5-6

I can relate to An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so preparing our mind for the known and the unknown through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior is the first step to gaining the advantage.  So, with preparation and the Grace of God, an opportunity may turn into good fortune, but there seems to be far more opportunity than ability, or could it be we lack vision and do not recognize a real chance? 

My mother often said, I buy you books and buy you books, and all you do is look at the pictures.

We live in a Country where anyone can receive an education, although it may not be the best in some situations, the bare minimal is still better than none.  Perhaps we should take what we can get until we can do better because giving up is not an option, nor is standing outside the doors of higher learning. 

Staying in School or in any position to learn is an option, whether it be the School of Life, Hard Knocks or Fate.  Nothing is easy, so there are harder lessons to be learned in our choices; Choose wisely.  I suggest you Organize, Prioritize and Pray before making any decision. 

Being afraid to commit and all the negativity that accompany fear can be a nightmare, but not if you know those are tools used by Satan With that knowledge, we can move any mountain.  In our lifetime there is little doubt Crisis will take us to the brink of our limits and then force us to keep moving, and the Word of God gives us the strength to carry on.  After all, we were not given a spirit of fear or failure

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.  2 Timothy 1:7 

There is a lot to be gained from the past, but I believe the only time we should look to the past is when we are preparing for the future.  The School of Trial and Error offer perfect reference points for where to start and possibly end with a win as we rely on experience and Jesus Christ to counsel us in our decision-making process.

The most dedicated of us can tell you when competing to reach our goals it’s not all about winning, which is a major part of becoming successful; It’s about being prepared and having a strong self-image of oneself, the stamina, and the courage to finish.

Taking the easy way out works against us, so to get the most from our endeavors, know, The more complicated the job the greater the success.  I would suggest working on the parts where we are the weakest to gain strength, which in turn may lead to a stronger outcome.

Remember, you are not the only one seeking that elusive prize, whatever it may be, and He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration.   Samuel Taylor Coleridge

By Organizing, Prioritizing, and Praying coupled with keeping an open mind, and a listening ear, we can master new skills while updating old ones.  But we will need a few things like preparation, explanations, observations, supervision, professionalism and integrity.   Following through is the hardest part.

FYI: Hard work and rehearsal is a major part of any successful venture, plus they build character while relieving pressure.  If you try to wing it, your unpreparedness will show, and may very well lead to your downfall.  Victory is the child of preparation and determination.  Sean Hampton

It’s Something To Think About!

Thank you, Lord, for all you do and it is in Jesus name that we pray.  Amen

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