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The Romans, although they were brutal, were smart in more ways than just waging war for territory, they knew how to entertain the public.  The Romans knew the idle masses of poor people were dangerous so they used Bread and Clowns; what we call Food and Entertainment to keep the people distracted.

The unsavory lifestyle of the Romans was usually held day and night in a Coliseum, although it may have been exciting in the eyes of those who were safe, the poor didn’t see it that way, so most times they went home and to bed at dusk because they couldn’t afford to burn their oil lamps, among other things.   🙂

Nevertheless, the disenfranchised were not out creating problems because the Romans offered affordable moments of joy, at lease enough to keep the people from protesting the majority of the time.

Now don’t get it twisted, The Blood Thirsty Romans hunted people too and often used them for the day’s entertainment.  My point is, there is something in some of their tactics that may be useful today like not trying to Squeeze Blood Out of a Rock.

For the record, I am not talking about War and Peace of days gone by, although some battles were waged for good reasons.  I am talking about the Wars created mostly out of Greed, Anger, and Delusions, coupled with the lack of bare essentials, and boredom.

With the New Norm, today it seems as if paying Caesar is more important than feeding the children or paying the rent in order to keep a roof over their heads.  Good business Gives Back opposed to taking, and claiming the unfortunate are lazy and uneducated.

Instead of creating solutions, quite a few of the Got it All’s, create more problems by arranging more funds to come forth, in their favor, funds we don’t have in the form of credit.  WHEW!  Now we owe for something we never had.  “How Stupid Is That?”  And the worse part is the Greedy Bullied Us into this situation. 

Everyone wasn’t born with ready-made opportunities in their pocket, not to forget, there were some whose treasure was lost or stolen, proving to me that all is not black and white when Greed rules the day.  FYI: The greedy take the greedy down too.

I believe when people have more than they need and crave yet more, they change in their Spirit and Greed Is No Longer An Issue, it becomes a Condition of the Heart, Void of God and a sign of Ignorance.  If this is not you don’t take it personally, but The ignorant mind, with its infinite afflictions, passions, and evils, is rooted in the three poisons.  Greed, Anger, and Delusion.  Bodhidharma

Those three components standing alone are powerful motivators to the corrupt but combined they are devastating beyond words, and never should be visited upon any living soul.  Get Behind Me Satan!

Greed is a bottomless pit that can never be satisfied no matter how intense the effort.  It is not of God!  Make no mistake about it, Greed is a delusion of superiority, and it harbors hostility towards others that can lead to the corruption of a free society.

Anger is a self-destructive (killing your own self-machine) that punishes; always leaving us less than what we were.  Don’t be a fool by giving full vent, (screaming and hollering in a rage).  Be wise and control of your feeling toward the ones who anger you, don’t allow others to have power over you, in or out of your right mind. 

OH!  What is our right mind, for me it’s when God is in Control?  Let the voices of intelligence come roaring forth in order to silence rage.

Delusion is a fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with facts.  Some say a person that is delusional is just crazy (not all of them).  That type of thinking is exactly why people need to be educated so they can make intelligent moral choices.  Gary L. Francione.

It’s sad, but when people don’t understand, they prefer to live in an illusion just to feel better.

To sum it all up, with all our problems we allow things like Greed to consume us, and when it does, we still can’t get enough so we push ourselves while the battle for more turns into Anger, causing us to lose control, and as we all know, when angry, we are subject to Delusional thoughts, so no matter how wrong something is, We still resist what’s right.

The truth is if we don’t soon get it right; Live and let Live, while fulfilling our own dreams, there will be no middle.  The middle is that Dash between Life and Death. (1999-20??)   In my defense there are only two choices to be made; Do unto others as you would have done unto you Between the Dashes, and taking God at His word. 

There is a lot of Righteous Living to do in the middle where it counts, all because, in the end, All are from dust and all return to dust. (NKJV)  Ecclesiastes 3:20 

You had better believe it, and for the non-believers, you need no convincing, you know the dead return to the dust from your own experiences.  God is Good and he has all the plans from The Beginning to End, so in the meantime, I will do my best to avoid Greed, Anger, and from becoming Delusional through Faith, my Faith in Jesus Christ.  YOU?

It’s Something To Think About!

To God Be The Glory, thank you, Lord.  It is in the name of Jesus that we pray for a long and productive life.  Amen!

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