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Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.  Denis Waitley

We don’t have “All the time in the World,” as some will find out the wasted way, and the dead won’t hear the chatter when it is said over a coffin.  (“They left here before their time.”)  Get Real, our time is up when God says it’s up, not the world.

Perhaps the dearly departed left here before they performed what they were put on Earth to do in the time allotted by God.  If so, that statement may have read, they wasted their time while here.  That’s just my opinion, and I based most of it on there were plenty of times when I felt as if I knew what to do, and didn’t, just to later regret it because I wasted my time, and knew it.  

I have been called an Old Foggie more than I care to admit, but as long as it’s because of principles and some antiquated ideas that work, am alright.  And since I have been on this earth long enough to have some clout, I just want to say, There is only one way to get old, and that is to live. 

The problem is the young think because they are young they know more, and time is not a factor.  “How Stupid It That?”

Someone needs to tell these children aging brings about an education that reeks of wisdom. 

My favorite part is when the young think they will be young longer than they will be old, and that’s contingent on if they live long enough; you do the Math.

Some Old People when they were young, was living as if nothing matters but them, and now that they have aged, they’re mad, and often asking themselves why no one wants to come around as if they don’t know.

Young people need to understand their life begins to seriously develop long before they are old enough to make their own decisions, pay for them, and make a difference.  Time waits for no one.

Some say healthy foods are for Old People because we need all the preservatives we can get.  So most have jokes until they reach that point in their lives; that is if they are lucky enough to live long enough.  We all know things change as we age, and that word luck turns into to the word blessing the longer we live.  And that’s just about the time some people start to realize the aging process has the upper hand and they are Unprepared.

Then there are those who say older people need to act their age, I agree.  Some elders try to take on a youthful attitude and appearance that is not flattering to their age, coupled with some actions that are not complimentary either.  Most say the aging are stuck in a time warp; wasting what time they have left attempting to hold on to what once was.

I believe as long as I am alive the good times has yet to come, and I know at times that can take a while.  Tennessee Williams said Time is the longest distance between two places.  And some of us know anticipation will make us wait like a child waiting for Santa.

The thing about this old woman is, I feel like a young woman because am excited about life When we are void of a healthy mind and body it’s easy to act, look and feel older than our years, especially when our muscles have declined for lack of use, not age.  How we feel and live has a lot to do with how we interact with others, unless you are A Meanie.

A Meanie, according to my personal dictionary is an old person that is unhappy with themselves, and the way they lived their life, so they take their bitterness out on the young.  Our youth don’t stand a chance when in contact with some of our Mean … Seniors. 

Pain has a lot to do with their attitudes, but most times the problem is they are unhappy with life because they wasted most of their own, coupled with jealousy, and now they’re mad at the youth and anything vibrant.

It’s sad to know some of our Seniors feel the youth should endure their wrath quietly because of age.  I wonder if their aging brain forgot about Respect also has to be given?

I was born before my time is just another excuseHave you ever thought the thing you put most of your time into was not meant for you?  Plus, did you know In the Eyes of God, you were born exactly when he wanted you to be born.   Not taking advantage of that is what happened, not the time of your birth.

Often when we don’t live up to our own expectations and are aware of the fact that we can do better, but still continue to live an unproductive and angry life instead of doing something about it.  Nothing will change until we take responsibility for our actions.  Young or old, if our decisions cause our unhappiness, demanding respect by terrifying others will not solve the problem, move on or get it right.  It Is What It Is!

I promised myself that if I live long enough to become a senior citizen, I would not be a mean vindictive old woman, mad at the world because of the life I was given and may have squandered away.  Being stuck in our ways, bad or good can create some unwanted episode.  Coveting others is one of them, something we do instead of living our own lives, plus it’s not a good look for anyone.

As an older person, I work hard to move with ease, you should try it instead of claiming you’re too old.  I find youthful exuberance when I exercise, it puts a spring in my step because of a regular routine, not because am more blessed.

I am healthy because I work at being healthy.  And I don’t exercise because I put on weight, I exercise because I care about me, a habit I started in Elementary School and never stopped.

It’s so good I couldn’t stop, another excuse that causes us to age.  (Eating too much, taking drugs, etc.)  Not me, and that includes anything detrimental to me.  (Men, women, and things.)   It’s simple, if you can’t stop something that is harmful to you, you are not in control of yourself, and if you are an old person giving advice about things you don’t practice, quit. 

Some say it’s not that easy for them, me either, I do it anyway, not necessarily because am strong, but because it’s embedded.  Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.   Proverbs 22:6  KJV

It’s never too late to try, so I don’t use excuses especially when being mean for no reason, now I just say excuse me for whatever.  I lived my life the way most do, My Way, but I don’t take my mistakes out on others.  I found when people like you, it makes for an easier life when age is at the forefront.

Attitude and associating with young people can affect how old people feel; up to date and youthful in most cases.  And it can affect how we treat others; Being a meanie coupled with a lack of exercise will make us miserable.  What’s best for the old and young is to forgive ourselves for whatever reason we didn’t do this or that and move on to the next season, that is if we live long enough to get old enough to do that.

Physical activity, Mental stimulation and a Healthy diet is the key to a Youthful Old and happy aging process, coupled with Grace and the Love of God is how we get there.  Being a Meanie is a living Hell before you get to Hell, and just for the record, I believe there is a Land where we will Never Grow Old.

It’s Something To Think About!

To God Be The Glory!

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