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We cling to our own point of view, as though everything depended on it.  Yet our opinions have no permanence; like autumn and winter, they gradually pass away.   Zhuangzi

A Hugh mistake is to take another person’s opinion personally.  For the most part what a people say is a reflection of themselves, not you.  Although they are not always right, they are entitled to their opinion.

Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.  You Do You!

Our opinion is very value, but only to those who are willing to listen, and only to those who asked for it.  Sometimes our opinions are not welcomed because often it comes with you’re a fool attitude.  An opinion mainly flawed because the know it all’s is lacking the details, and in most cases, it’s none of their business.

I am a very opinionated person and I know when to be that person, but for you to know the  “T”  about me; FYI: When it comes to me may I suggest You Do You?  I know how to stay in my lane, as should you even when asked.

Most times we need to think about what we think before we think it and listen first.  One word can send us down a path unheard of.  If our opinion is not Christian-like, a good review or beneficial it may be wise to keep our mouths shut unless it’s in our job description or when training children.

I am quick to tell you if I don’t like a certain color, things along that nature.  But, when it comes to you, it’s Okay to leave me out of the conversation.  Some will ask for our opinion and then have trouble accepting it.  After all, it is our opinion, but that don’t make it worth a chit-chat.

We have to choose when and how to use our voices in this everything offends everybody world; Even the Eyes Talk. What Are You Looking At?

Simply put, we are full of it.  Most have something to say, but not all have the mental attitude to receive let alone dispense honest opinions coupled with the strength to be a helpmate.  Most times when something is said asked for or not, if it is not to our liking we are offended. 

Did you know an offense is hard to conceal?  Pride is the Culprit.

Not too long ago there were some extremely high winds due to a storm on the East Coast.  The day before this wind event was to happen I decided to rake the leaves.  Last year I let them all fall and found that was not one of my best ideas; this year I decided to break the task into three sessions.  Who would know that but me, no one unless I spoke about it?

I wanted to get the already fallen leaves and pine straw raked into piles before the wind could make the yard too much of a chore.  Later that afternoon a friend stopped by and noticed all the neat piles of leaves and choose to give their opinion.  I have to give them credit because they did ask if I realized the wind was on its way and there was a great opportunity that it would blow all my hard work away.

Before I could answer they said; You’re a fool, you should have checked the weather before you started this project.

They should have let me answer the question before assuming I didn’t.  Better yet, they could have just told me about the high wind advisory in case I didn’t know; Doing the friend thing would have been helpful, even though it’s not up for discussion concerning how and when I want to spruce up my yard.

As far as I was concerned this person pushing their opinion on how I should take care of my property needed to go get a life of their own.  (How Stupid Is That? 7/20/2014)  If they knew what was best for me, they should have known to leave their criticism, of my home, at the front door.  I was Doing Me!  You do you!

I love to exercise, especially when working in the yard; I promised myself when I was a young girl to stay healthy, so I look at yard work as an extension to walking, sit-ups, etc.  I went to school to be a Gym Teacher; but how could they know that?  After all, they are one of those I know everything individuals that often speak out of line, and most times only to be proved wrong.

You Do You or at lease have some idea of what I value before you speak; If not some can come out looking like the fool.  The part that really hurts is we do those types of things to ourselves; interfering and commenting when it is not welcomed.  How much headroom does it take to Think First, Then Speak?   This is one of my motto’s, but I have to admit it’s the hardest to do.  I am working on it, Rome wasn’t built-in a day.   🙂

So as not to get caught up when interjecting your two cents it would be wise to Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.   Psalms 13:6

When people let God and stop trying to make sense of everything, most of it will naturally come together.

It’s Something To Think About!


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