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Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.   Salvador Dali

I wanted to title this post; Is It Me, but the Grammar Checker keeps giving me the red line.  I’ll have to admit, it wasn’t that usual because I am not the greatest when it comes to composing, but I am good at getting my point across as bad as it’s sometimes written.  We all have to work in a manner that suits us in order to give our best performance although it may be mediocre to others.  What works best for me is to not be interrupted.

When writing Passion is good especially when we think we are on to something and put our best foot forward, but passion can also get us into a lot of trouble.  At times when discussing some of my post face to face, I have to ask Jesus to take the wheel.

By the way; Is It I, is correct, I didn’t see that one coming so, I downloaded another app, we’ll see what happens.

I did a pretty good job spelling in school and I use to enter Spelling Bees, but that’s another story, and many years ago.  It just proves what we already know; If you don’t use what you have you will lose it.  I always attempt to do my best but don’t get me wrong, I don’t want it to go overboard with perfection, I want my readers to understand me; you know, the regular guys.

A friend once told me when they write only a few reader’s respond.  I wondered if those readers had a Ph.D. too?  I couldn’t understand a word of it myself.  Maybe it’s because I only have some college?  I don’t believe that I believe Common Sense is more important than any Ph.D.

That’s just my opinion, and just for the record long-winded anything is too much for me, including what I write.  Still, I would love to have a PhD., but if I could only have one of the two; Give me the Common Sense.

The Scholars; well some do know everything that’s in their field, and I do care that somebody knows something I don’t, but during the course of the conversation I got off track and started to wonder what happened to that person I call Me?  When did she stop correcting, judging and debating vocally?

I don’t think we ever stop, I just think the older we get the better we get, especially if we learned anything from all those lessons life handed us causing us to gain knowledge the hard way; but the more knowledge the better.  Bring it on is my motto.

It took a long time but when I stopped playing god and started to Listen to The Elders, (Mom, Dad, and all those with common sense) things changed for the better because of a few well placed Christ-like words (Bible verses).  I stopped telling people what to do; I started listening and that alone enabled me to Testify about similar situations and how God‘s Spirit entered my heart and guided me through,This or That.

The I Got It All Together’s have their job, a hard job, and judging others may be a part of it.  I have my job; the job of trying to learn something then share.  Unfortunately, I don’t Have It All Together, if my friends do maybe I am missing something?   Jesus is the only one Perfect, that’s my story and am sticking to it.  It Is Written, we all fall short of the Glory of God.

I care about most people’s opinion, but nit-picking and debating over everything are not me anymore.  Been there done that too many times.  Truthfully I am burnt out on trying to be the Boss of What?  Wasting time trying to live up to being Smarter than Who?   (Nit-Picking Fault Finders, 5/24/2012 and Some People In High Places 10/23/2012)

My goal is to have a voice that is understood by those of us not so blessed with whatever the flavor of the day is, and the one’s interested.  For me, it’s all about offering Something To Think About and praying others don’t do what I did through my posts and book, as they find their way to Christ Jesus, if not already there.  (I Survived 60 Years To Get Cancer, Then Kill It./ The Norvie L. Cherry Story.

If you don’t know, am talking about being a Witness for Jesus Christ, and the long hard road I took to become that Witness.  Flaws and all!

There is always something to learn.  Accepting the fact we may be Imperfect is one of them, more like the issue once for me.  I think I have something worth saying, flawed with grammar errors or not, because I lived it, and there is little about it that was Perfect.  My sharing may help someone else know they are not alone in a particular struggle.  As flawed am I, maybe I can help?  You too if you are willing to tell on yourself.  🙂

Just kidding there are other ways.

The passion comes from The Spirit that lives inside.  And I know you have something worth saying too because you’re reading this.  Or, Is it, just me?  Naw!  You won’t let the message become lost because of a few misplaced prepositions; would you? 

Am learning, but I don’t want to focus so much on perfection and using big words to the point that I lose the point and you along with it.  What’s important to me is I care more about being a Friend to God by sharing what He want me to share to His Glory, and my bloopers, well they’re just a part of that process whether I like it or not.

I am not ashamed, go ahead and Judge Me To Be Imperfect.

Just so you know before we judge; Flaws are perfect in the eyes of God.  After all, it was Jesus Christ The Perfect One who saved my life from Breast Cancer, and He is still Head of Security.  Have you ever heard Dead men tell no tells?   Well, I would be a dead woman not telling them either if it wasn’t for Him, instead, I still have a voice. To God Be The Glory!

I love Testifying about how Glorious it is to be a Witness for Jesus Christ even it does expose my shortcomings and the trials that lead to an education that is worth every pain I felt.  I think you understand, even when I say I ain’t or Where you at?

My Spirit told me somewhere, someplace, somebody is getting something from the Word of God, and I helped.  Now that can put a  🙂 on a girl’s face, even if she did get a C in English.

Maybe if I keep writing I can raise my grade a notch or two; It’s Something To Think About!

Thank you, Jesus, for we know we are not perfect and all have sinned and fall short of The Glory of God, (Romans 3:23) It is in your name that we pray.

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Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Jesus Christ concerning you.  1st Thessalonians 5:16-20  KJV

Somebody has to deliver the news, so don’t kill the messenger, I just want you to know, Now is A Good Time To Pray; it’s as good as any.  God is a Big God so He can multitask; no waiting in line.  And when you do pray, don’t waste your time praying just to get by.  God don’t want us to be fearful, weak, and cowardly.  Go ahead tell Him what you want, you tell everybody else. 

Let us, therefore, come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace in times of need.  Hebrews 4:16  NKJV

God want us to have the desires of our hearts, but when we pray, we mainly pray to keep things afloat.  Quit praying just to have to pray the same prayer tomorrow, take a load off and Pray for a solution.  Maybe Now is a good time to pray!  It’s never too late or early to get started.

There are some of us who think when we pray, we can negotiate with God.  If you do this I will do that.  May I suggest we be careful when making deals and promises, including the ones you believe.  I can make it happen.  Been there done that!  Uttering, I swear to God, can clearly put some of us on the spot, or at risk.

I am not you, but if I were I would study Matthew 5:36 (KJV) before I make the, I swear I can do it announcement again.  Neither shall thou swear by thy head because thou canst not make one hair white or black. 

I just want to git-er-done.  But at times I have made promises without thinking, then I get scared and have to ask God to make it happen.  I wouldn’t be worried about it if I had a Come to Jesus moment and prayed first.  Praying without ceasing is a good habit to have.

Some pray with an attitude, they don’t believe, but they want something bad enough that anything goes.  Some really can put their whole heart into that prayer, just in case.  What about Faith and Belief in Thy Will Be Done?  I am telling you now, don’t blame God when He doesn’t answer right away; I’d take my time too.  He’ll get to you when you get to Him.  The good news is; Nobody gets turned down.

 If we can get over ourselves and get to the Fact of the Matter; You can do nothing without me.  John 15:5  (KJV)  Maybe then when we pray all we have to say is, Thank you, Jesus!

Trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou live in the land, and verily thou shall be fed. Delight thyself also in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of thine heart.  Psalm 37:4

God’s Promises are available to us through prayer and the belief that Jesus Christ Is Lord.  He is the Son of The Living God, and He tells us how to become joint heirs.  What more do you want?

My son, give me thine heart and let thine eyes observe my ways.  Proverbs 23:26  KJV

We just weren’t handed a big list of to do’s, and do not.  Our Father promised to guide us; Trust, in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not to thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the Lord and depart from evil.  Proverbs 3:5-7  KJV

Go gladly, and boldly To The Lord In Prayer to obtain His promises, they are designed to give us peace in our hearts and minds through Jesus Christ.

Be careful with nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ.  Philippians 4: 6-7 KJV

Because God is merciful He also promised; Whereby is given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of a divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.  2nd Peter 1:4

Constantly praying will get God’s attention, speak up and get to the point.  O my Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me: Nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt. Amen!   Matthew 26:30  KJV

Then Let It Go, the whole point of casting your cares upon The Lord.   No one said it would be easy, but it is Something To Think About!

Thank you, Lord for giving us the Privilege of Prayer, and it is in Jesus name that we pray.  God is Good!  Amen

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Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values becomes your destiny.   Mahatma Gandhi


There aren’t too many things I can think of that are in need of repair more than Habits.  We need to keep rebuilding and reforming ourselves on a daily basis or we can get caught up in a pattern of unhealthy habitsHabits that conquer.

I found most habits are so hard to change it’s almost safe to say they are set in concrete.  I also found the only difference between a rut and the grave are the dimensions?  Why won’t we make changes instead of digging ditches?

I don’t know about you, but at times it seems as if there’s me and then there is this whole other person called Habits; who unfortunately are a part of me too.  Don’t get it twisted; it’s just who I am not multiple personalities, another excuse for some.  At times for me, Habits can be so controlling they cause me to wonder Who’s in Control.

Now don’t get me wrong, I and my habits know each other well, but it seems as if that old stuck in my ways habit, the one I’m so proud of, has the upper hand when it comes to taking charge.  I know exactly what I want to do until those old habits surface causing me to give myself plenty of reasons why now is not a good time to the point that I can actually convince myself to do whatever it is later; a habit. 

The thing is, I know most times that’s not going to happen either, all because of habits that are not productive, and a total waste of time that is almost as bad as on a construction site all day long discussing how to hammer in a nail.

Who’s in Control?  Apparently Bad Habits!  That’s hard to take with our perfect selves.  Now don’t get upset, I’m only talking about me and the one’s willing to admit that they can get in their own way because of some in place habits.

Simply put, you told yourself what you want to do, (made plans) but as usual, it was all talk and no action.  Instead, you did what you usually do, which is to follow the same path day in and day out, coupled with lots of dreams that aren’t going anywhere because you are used to not putting in the work.  Another habit. 

When we make a habit of thinking to ourselves and talking to others about promises we will never fulfill, usually it’s just something to say; small talk.  A habit we created for ourselves to help us look good when in truth all it does is shut down progress.  And We know it. 

We know when we can’t or won’t control our actions or decisions it doesn’t feel good; poor decisions never do, proving old habits are hard to overcome to the point that we will hurt ourselves in some manner before we are willing to change our ways.  Perhaps it’s because we simply don’t think to change them, don’t want to change them, or we don’t know how to change them.

Conversations or acts that require us to do something different are mostly unwanted because they represent change and often too much information about ourselves, forming a habit of secrecy.  Have you ever felt that way?  If so, get over it, we are just not that important to others.  The only ones thinking about you is you and the habit of thinking you’re all that.

I am not saying change is easy, in fact, it’s one of the hardest things to face, but we do have choices.  We can stay ignorant, we can settle in, or we can Change our Habits through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, therefore changing our lives.

We don’t have to lose control of what’s good for us and our families because of habits and becoming too vain to accept the fact that some habits are not in our best interest, possibly including our Soul.  What about all those great plans we made?  I guess they will just have to wait because our lazy habits have a habit of running the show?

I have to change the habit of not changing my habits because the bad habit side of me doesn’t even think about reform, it’s just used to doing what it want to do; A habit hiding deep in my mind.  DUH!  That can’t be healthy.

Most of you know Who’s in Control, and for those who don’t, today I will proclaim again that Jesus Christ is in Control. 

I don’t care how many times I have said it before, I will keep my faith intact, I know a Change Has Come.  I will continue to proclaim Jesus Christ is Lord when I am struggling and when I succeed.  I know with Christ I can break this chain, I know with Christ I can do all things, so the breaking down of harmful habits is just a start.

When we don’t recognize the fact that our bad habits cause us to slowly lose control, our response is normally I didn’t see one that coming.  The Devil is smart, he does everything for us not to suffer a shock to our system.   We just quietly morph into what we aren’t, all because it’s nearly impossible to change what we are not aware of.

Be sober, be diligent; because of your adversary the Devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour.   1st Peter 5:8 KJV

Information, education and the Love of God are the answers to our problems.  Let Jesus Christ be our Habit.

Some tell us it’s easier to keep habits than try to break ourselves of them, which may be true in some cases, still that’s like saying Give Up.  Don’t ever take on a defeated attitude and stop trying to break lazy habits that impede our work habits, or nasty habits that impede our healthy habits, or bad habits that change our character causing us to fall into more useless habits, like unnecessary routines.  It’s easier to prevent bad habits than break them.

In order to gain control while dumping some useless baggage along the way is to arm ourselves with the Positive Habits.  Fore-instance; Creativity is a habit, a good habit, and to know that successful people have successful habits.  Jenny Craig weighed in with A change in habits lead to a change in life. 

Still many get caught up because they know Habits are safer than rules; you don’t have to watch them, and you don’t have to keep them.  What they don’t know is They Keep You.   (Frank Crane)

It’s Something To Think About!

Thank you, Lord, for it is in Jesus name that we pray.  To God Be The Glory!

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We cling to our own point of view, as though everything depended on it.  Yet our opinions have no permanence; like autumn and winter, they gradually pass away.   Zhuangzi

A Hugh mistake is to take another person’s opinion personally.  For the most part what a people say is a reflection of themselves, not you.  Although they are not always right, they are entitled to their opinion.

Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.  You Do You!

Our opinion is very value, but only to those who are willing to listen, and only to those who asked for it.  Sometimes our opinions are not welcomed because often it comes with you’re a fool attitude.  An opinion mainly flawed because the know it all’s is lacking the details, and in most cases, it’s none of their business.

I am a very opinionated person and I know when to be that person, but for you to know the  “T”  about me; FYI: When it comes to me may I suggest You Do You?  I know how to stay in my lane, as should you even when asked.

Most times we need to think about what we think before we think it and listen first.  One word can send us down a path unheard of.  If our opinion is not Christian-like, a good review or beneficial it may be wise to keep our mouths shut unless it’s in our job description or when training children.

I am quick to tell you if I don’t like a certain color, things along that nature.  But, when it comes to you, it’s Okay to leave me out of the conversation.  Some will ask for our opinion and then have trouble accepting it.  After all, it is our opinion, but that don’t make it worth a chit-chat.

We have to choose when and how to use our voices in this everything offends everybody world; Even the Eyes Talk. What Are You Looking At?

Simply put, we are full of it.  Most have something to say, but not all have the mental attitude to receive let alone dispense honest opinions coupled with the strength to be a helpmate.  Most times when something is said asked for or not, if it is not to our liking we are offended. 

Did you know an offense is hard to conceal?  Pride is the Culprit.

Not too long ago there were some extremely high winds due to a storm on the East Coast.  The day before this wind event was to happen I decided to rake the leaves.  Last year I let them all fall and found that was not one of my best ideas; this year I decided to break the task into three sessions.  Who would know that but me, no one unless I spoke about it?

I wanted to get the already fallen leaves and pine straw raked into piles before the wind could make the yard too much of a chore.  Later that afternoon a friend stopped by and noticed all the neat piles of leaves and choose to give their opinion.  I have to give them credit because they did ask if I realized the wind was on its way and there was a great opportunity that it would blow all my hard work away.

Before I could answer they said; You’re a fool, you should have checked the weather before you started this project.

They should have let me answer the question before assuming I didn’t.  Better yet, they could have just told me about the high wind advisory in case I didn’t know; Doing the friend thing would have been helpful, even though it’s not up for discussion concerning how and when I want to spruce up my yard.

As far as I was concerned this person pushing their opinion on how I should take care of my property needed to go get a life of their own.  (How Stupid Is That? 7/20/2014)  If they knew what was best for me, they should have known to leave their criticism, of my home, at the front door.  I was Doing Me!  You do you!

I love to exercise, especially when working in the yard; I promised myself when I was a young girl to stay healthy, so I look at yard work as an extension to walking, sit-ups, etc.  I went to school to be a Gym Teacher; but how could they know that?  After all, they are one of those I know everything individuals that often speak out of line, and most times only to be proved wrong.

You Do You or at lease have some idea of what I value before you speak; If not some can come out looking like the fool.  The part that really hurts is we do those types of things to ourselves; interfering and commenting when it is not welcomed.  How much headroom does it take to Think First, Then Speak?   This is one of my motto’s, but I have to admit it’s the hardest to do.  I am working on it, Rome wasn’t built-in a day.   🙂

So as not to get caught up when interjecting your two cents it would be wise to Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.   Psalms 13:6

When people let God and stop trying to make sense of everything, most of it will naturally come together.

It’s Something To Think About!


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