28 Oct

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What was once true is no longer viable, perhaps it’s because back in the day information was slow and untrustworthy; that’s not the case today because of new technology.  The more we learn the more our world changes, often faster than a speeding bullet.  Now we must have the ability and the urgency to make the adjustments and not be resistant to change; if not, it leaves us vulnerable and that’s when we can Get Left behind.

You can’t stop the future, you can’t rewind the past. The only way to learn the secret…is to press play.   Jay Asher

In this unforgiving World, we must move forward because it’s not stopping to let any of us catch up, or get off.  Our attitude and the accessibility we have to receive new information coupled with reaching others now travel at speeds that are incomprehensible to most.  Once again proving time waits for no one.

Information is here for the taking, so how can we go wrong?  Well, one reason is to ignore it.  I ain’t putting my business on the internet.  Like it or not, it’s there, from bank statements to people you don’t even know.  Pictures taking long ago or just the other day are showing up on sites like Facebook, etc… It’s your job to learn the system and control your interest as best you can or you will be Left Behind.

The thing is when we are no longer able to change a situation or don’t want to, we are challenged to change ourselves.  Perhaps it may be wise to put down our old antiquated ways and learn how to access the World Wide Webb, even if it is to only delete somethings while controlling or keeping a check on others.

I am done with that ole saying, time changes things, which it does but my new resolve is, Time has changed me.

Looking back I realized it’s not only time, a change in our direction may be necessary or we may end up where we are heading if you get my drift.  But if we are not aware of the direction we are headed in we will find nothing permanent, and that’s because There is nothing permanent but change.

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.  Winston Churchill

The World we have created here on Earth is a testament to our train of thought, leaving me to believe we cannot change the World without us changing the way we think.

I thought I could improve the World through writing, I soon realize that was only a pipe dream.  A few maybe but not the World.  What I learned was I had to change myself, that would be more rational, and by changing me I could show a clearer vision of my true self.  Action speak louder than words.

There is nothing I could ever write or say that would change some made up minds, so I learned to do what I can and move on.  I know now that life consists mostly of changes, some natural, and some spontaneous.  And Just so you know, when we go against the natural order of reality we only create sorrow, and that’s because we resisted change, causing us to be Left Behind.

FYI: A snake that cannot shed its skin will die. As well as those who cannot change their opinion. 

Some don’t believe in life-saving meds. or that man went to the Moon, much less anything else while Leaning to their own understanding; a major reason some more Get Left Behind. 

We have the power to make incredible changes in our everyday lives if we take control of what is possible for us.  Often we hurt ourselves when refusing to believe that almost impossible things have great possibilities, and when we crave the things that aren’t to be, we can Get Left Behind even further waiting for them to happen.

Let Yesterday be Yesterday, and let Today be Today while waiting for the change that will probably happen Tomorrow; If you allow it.

It’s Something To Think About!

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