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What was once true is no longer viable, perhaps it’s because back in the day information was slow and untrustworthy; that’s not the case today because of new technology.  The more we learn the more our world changes, often faster than a speeding bullet.  Now we must have the ability and the urgency to make the adjustments and not be resistant to change; if not, it leaves us vulnerable and that’s when we can Get Left behind.

You can’t stop the future, you can’t rewind the past. The only way to learn the secret…is to press play.   Jay Asher

In this unforgiving World, we must move forward because it’s not stopping to let any of us catch up, or get off.  Our attitude and the accessibility we have to receive new information coupled with reaching others now travel at speeds that are incomprehensible to most.  Once again proving time waits for no one.

Information is here for the taking, so how can we go wrong?  Well, one reason is to ignore it.  I ain’t putting my business on the internet.  Like it or not, it’s there, from bank statements to people you don’t even know.  Pictures taking long ago or just the other day are showing up on sites like Facebook, etc… It’s your job to learn the system and control your interest as best you can or you will be Left Behind.

The thing is when we are no longer able to change a situation or don’t want to, we are challenged to change ourselves.  Perhaps it may be wise to put down our old antiquated ways and learn how to access the World Wide Webb, even if it is to only delete somethings while controlling or keeping a check on others.

I am done with that ole saying, time changes things, which it does but my new resolve is, Time has changed me.

Looking back I realized it’s not only time, a change in our direction may be necessary or we may end up where we are heading if you get my drift.  But if we are not aware of the direction we are headed in we will find nothing permanent, and that’s because There is nothing permanent but change.

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.  Winston Churchill

The World we have created here on Earth is a testament to our train of thought, leaving me to believe we cannot change the World without us changing the way we think.

I thought I could improve the World through writing, I soon realize that was only a pipe dream.  A few maybe but not the World.  What I learned was I had to change myself, that would be more rational, and by changing me I could show a clearer vision of my true self.  Action speak louder than words.

There is nothing I could ever write or say that would change some made up minds, so I learned to do what I can and move on.  I know now that life consists mostly of changes, some natural, and some spontaneous.  And Just so you know, when we go against the natural order of reality we only create sorrow, and that’s because we resisted change, causing us to be Left Behind.

FYI: A snake that cannot shed its skin will die. As well as those who cannot change their opinion. 

Some don’t believe in life-saving meds. or that man went to the Moon, much less anything else while Leaning to their own understanding; a major reason some more Get Left Behind. 

We have the power to make incredible changes in our everyday lives if we take control of what is possible for us.  Often we hurt ourselves when refusing to believe that almost impossible things have great possibilities, and when we crave the things that aren’t to be, we can Get Left Behind even further waiting for them to happen.

Let Yesterday be Yesterday, and let Today be Today while waiting for the change that will probably happen Tomorrow; If you allow it.

It’s Something To Think About!

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Survivor: A person who continues to function or prosper in spite of opposition, hardship or setbacks.

I am a 3rd Stage Breast Cancer Survivor, and October is Breast Cancer Month, for the ones who have had or is dealing with this disease know, it ain’t easy. 

Any Cancer called by any name, for the most part, is a personal journey and a huge wake-up call.  And yes it’s true, you may lose some so-called friends, there was even a rumor going around saying I was dead.  Oh Well!   So, there is a lot more to cancer than it is just a disease.  But, sometimes our greatest strengths come from having to Go It Alone.

I was 100% positive that if it was God’s Will, I would beat this enemy.  I took refuge in The House of The Lord’s.  I concentrated on Faith while listening to my heart where the Spirit resides.  Keeping stayed on Him with a quiet mind.  I let go of worrying about chatter, the who wills or won’t.  Peace of mind allowed me to wear my pain like a badge of honor.

Now every time I look at my scar I remember a quote by Christ Clease; A scar does not form on the dying.  A Scar Mean’s I Survived.

I wasn’t any braver, or stronger than anyone else, I was just determined.  I knew with Jesus Christ I could command the Faith to fight and win the battle over cancer.  Over the course of my life, I have claimed to have done a number of things I thought were pretty spectacular, especially in my small world, but Surviving Cancer is my greatest victory.

Cancer is not a disease for the weak and faithless; I had to let my spirit take control, once I conceded, I began breathing in what is and expelling what is not important in my life, including crying over cancer, which was a total waste of time; all the tears in the world was not going to make it go away.

I fought for my life even when fatigue set in and I was so weak some thought I was a goner; often the fear showed in their eyes.  Still, my body endured and my spirit rejoiced because I knew God loved me.  So I cast my troubles to the wind by Surrendering myself to Him, and I embraced my situation.  I let go of everything and anyone that was negative, coupled with embracing the unknown to make me stronger, not fearful.

My goal was to survive cancer, not die from stress.

I agree with Marcia Smith when she said Cancer is not a death sentence, but rather it is a life sentence; it pushes one to live.  And I agree with an unknown author who wrote; Crisis takes us to the brink our limits and forces us to keep moving.  My favorite.

We have a choice to either give up or fight.  I chose to fight even before I read this poem a few years back called What Cancer Cannot Do, by another unknown author.

Cancer is so limited…it cannot cripple love, it cannot shatter hope, it cannot corrode faith, it cannot destroy peace, it cannot kill friendship, it cannot suppress memories, it can not silence courage, it cannot invade the soul, it cannot steal eternal life, it cannot conquer the spirit.

FYI: Only you can change those I can’t into to Yes I can.

So to all my people out there with whatever challenges you may have acquired, it also is limited, especially when you lay it all on the Altar of Prayer, paired with a little Faith, at least a mustard seed worth.  And to those who said I did that; Is that all?

It’s Something To Think About!

To God Be The Glory!

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When we are seeking revenge we are looking for some type of retaliation for some wrong that has been done to us. Vengeance is when we find a way to inflict injury, harm, or humiliate another who has or have not harmed us.

Revenge and Vengeance are like candy to the hateful, a gift from the Devil designed to appease their appetite for injustice or an attempt to take justice unto their own hands.  Whatever the case may be, both lead men to some type of physical or emotional satisfaction.  In the Eyes of God, both lead men to Death. 

Revenge and Vengeance are also powerful motivators, the thing is they feed off of all the wrong reasons, travel in all the wrong directions, and payback could cost you your life.  I would beware; when do things ever go the way we plan them?

When a person is set on revenge, they may have a poor perception of who should face the music.  Too often, their acts of vengeance find its way to the ones who don’t deserve their wrath; simply because most are cowards filled with some type of exaggerated Hate.  Postal and school shoot ups are perfect examples.

I have observed when acts of violence occur, the person or persons the Hate is all about, are usually watching the drama unfold on Television with the rest of us?  Watching someone they know act out twisted perversions that reach far and wide on the innocent.

When will we learn Vengeance can never be fed enough; it has an appetite that can’t be fulfilled.  And when will we learn our actions can easily create our downfall causing us to become the victim of our own follies. 

I am gonna get you back crimes only lead to more sorrow because Hate lives on in that type of environment.  There is no such thing as satisfaction through more Hate.  But there is a way to ease our pain for it is written: Dearly beloved revenge not yourselves, but (rather) give place unto wrath; for it is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.   Romans 12:19   KJV

Revengeful people love to abuse An Eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, etc., from Exodus 21:24 in the Old Testament as their go-to biblical verse for committing all manner of evil.  The God of the Old Testament was a God of War, but he is also a Merciful God who sent his only son Jesus Christ for the World to gain a New Order.

In other words, an eye for an eye don’t work anymore; Love your neighbor as yourself is not new, but it’s one of the Commandments if obeyed can get us to the Promise Land.  It’s too bad not all love themselves let alone you.

Mahatma Gandhi said;  An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind. 

God will see to it that justice is done.  We don’t have to be burden with resentment, anger, bitterness or revenge.  It’s the Lord’s.  Once we lay our troubles on the Altar of Prayer things change; our responsibility now is to Forgive, for beyond revenge is forgiveness.

Don’t let bitterness take root, pity them that would do you harm, while seeking righteousness, for revenge and vengeance are acts of individual satisfaction that won’t go over well for your Own Salvation.

FYI: When we forgive those who rise up against us the Bible tells us in Luke 20:43 to keep forgiving Until I make your enemies your footstool. 

That don’t mean to kick them when they are down; show yourself to be marvelous, loving and kind.  The best revenge is to be unlike those who prefer to perform injuries on others for whatever reason, or none whatsoever.

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord is good enough for me, and It’s Something To Think About!

Thank you, Lord, for it is in Jesus name that we pray.

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This world is getting so cold with the “New Norm” in place, I’m almost afraid to tell someone I’ll pray for them.

Most of us have been in situations when we didn’t know what to say to a friend, or anyone to help ease their pain.  This happened to me just recently and I received the Shock of my Life when I said I’ll Pray For You.

The thing is, their situation wasn’t that serious in my mind, that’s my problem, I was wrong, it wasn’t about me in the first place.  At times I have to remind myself that I am not walking in any shoes other than my own.

After I offered to pray they said, Why would you bother to pray for me when God only wants us to praise and honor Him?

I started praying even before my friend could finish that sentence.  Intelligence or Ignorance was going to win this one.  I needed an answer in a matter of seconds and was blessed with “Because He is God!  That’s why he created man in the first place”.   I knew that answer was too broad for the question.

Fortunately, that conversation was interrupted and I would get a chance to think, I knew I needed to give an intelligent Come to Jesus answer if I was to gain power over this situation; It was clear something was wrong and they weren’t talking about it.  Just Angry!

I told you I was already Praying for God to give me the courage, and the strength when faced with those who have been discouraged…  The Devil may have had that soul and I felt Jesus wanted it back, so He sat them squarely in my lap.  As for me, I am always praying because it’s a habit, and I pray without forethought; the Bible say to Pray without ceasing.   1st Thessalonians 5:17  KJV

Some habits are keepers, and Praising God is right up there with Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.   Exodus 20:3

I felt the pressure, you would think my back was against the wall with such a legitimate question, plus I really thought the person who asked about what God wants for himself was subject to forget all about it by the time I would see them again.  Not me!  This is in my wheelhouse, the stuff I Blog about.  This is what I do; I live for these challenges.  I am a Living Witness for Jesus Christ and I don’t mind.

The only thing I have to give to secure My Salvation is the part of me I know about, and that’s my experiences, some of which I’m not too proud of and some I wrote about in, I Survived 60 Years To Get Cancer, Then Kill It./ The Norvie L. Cherry Story.  This also includes what I learned in Bible study, coupled with personal experiences; the things most I don’t want to talk about.

Sharing knowledge is why I was born, it’s my Purpose, and why I believe my life was saved from the grave when I was suffering from 3rd Stage Breast Cancer.

Well, my friend didn’t forget and Thank God I did my homework because when we met again, they were in a better mood and apologized for what they had said concerning God in anger.  While still looking for an answer to why I would want pray for them, laughing I said; Go to a Bible Believing Bible Teaching Church, I am not a Preacher.

After I had that good laugh, I told my friend we all should Praise God because He is full of Glory, and it’s God who feeds and clothes us with the wonders of this world.  He is merciful, faithful, and Praise is a vital part of a life Surrendered to God.  Did you know God rewards us for our praise?

And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the Lord thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth.   Deuteronomy 28:1

I said that is why I Pray For You as well as for myself because it is also written:

But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shalt come upon thee, and overtake thee;

Cursed shalt thou be in the city, and cursed shalt thou be in the field.  Cursed shall be thy basket and thy store.  Cursed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy land, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep.  Cursed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and cursed shalt thou be when thou goest out.   Deuteronomy 28:15-19  KJV

Then I said, It’s Something To Think About! 

Praise God for whom all blessing flow, I just pray we all receive them.  Thank you, Lord, it is in Jesus name that we pray and praise only you.

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The touch from another person has a memory and it understands the smallest feel has power and the potential to turn a life around.  Just like the Human Spirit cannot exist without the Breath of God, perhaps man cannot exist without man.  When it comes to the I can go it alone people, some of them may have it wrong, look at their track record.

A Friend is a person who gives assistance; a patron; a supporter; just what we don’t want to be.  Shackled with Free Responsibility.

It’s unfortunate that there are those who feel that way; still, it’s their choice.  In order to gain friends work is involved, we will have to be a team player, and if possible have the ability to be what others need us to be.  Especially when a friend comes calling.

That friend may be you.  Just So You Know!

When most of us think of friends coupled with being a friend, usually we are thankful for them in times of trouble.  Others don’t think of anyone unless there is a certain need.  Exactly what am talking about, sometimes it takes the touch of another, it could be for any reason; a cup of sugar.   🙂   Don’t start, I know some of us know how to be a real friend, so If the shoe doesn’t fit don’t wear it.

From time to time we all will need help, and far too often it’s a direct result stemming from some devastating circumstances; events that call for someone close to help us cope, solve, resolve, or simply just be there. That’s what friends are for.  They provide The Human Touch!

We may need an honest opinion or just the luxury of having friends with Sound Judgement and Christ-like tendencies; a car is a plus…  (Keepers)  If you’re blessed and know how to make friends you may end up with a few.

Awhile back I was trying to decide on who I felt comfortable enough with to ask for a personal favor.  Again!  It was also a great opportunity for Pride to try to overtake me in this am too busy to consider others World.  “The New Norm.”

There are some things we are not too keen about when it comes to sharing with others; no matter how close they may be.  Fore-instance: needing a ride to the Doctor’s office for an out-patience procedure that will require them to wait, coupled some explaining.

We need that special bond with someone outside of our immediate families to help us with private issues only a few are privily to.  Usually, this is a friend we can share with… Beware; some of our friends need a Psychiatric, so don’t get it twisted!  Prayerfully we won’t discover who they are in the middle of a crisis, and don’t let that friend be you.

When needing help can’t be avoided and we have to humble ourselves by asking for a favor, because of Pride we will do anything to create some magic to make asking as painless as possible, so with that in mind, I carefully went over my who am I more comfortable with on my who to ask list.

Would it be my favorite (the I wouldn’t owe them anything person), what about my go-to person (who needs a break)?  Forget about my I wouldn’t ask if it kills me, person… I chose Jesus Christ, Our Lord, and Savior, who we should always go to first anyway.

With Pride trying to wear me like a coat, I didn’t want to feel rejected or put a friend on the spot if they couldn’t help so I prayed for guidance.

If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you.  John 15:7

Prayer works!  The next day the phone rang, it was an old friend who said they had been thinking about me, and if there was anything I needed they would be there for me.  They said It was put on their heart.

I should have called that friend the first time they crossed my mind.  (How To Know When God Is Talking To You)  But I let the Devil talk me out of it for some reason or another.  The truth is, I was finding excuse after excuse to not call them, and none of my reasons were valid.

After I told my friend about trying to soften the blow of having to ask, they had that what’s your problem tone in their voice.  After all, we have been supporting each other for years.  How could I not know it was a tactic of the Devil’s, and a perfect example of how pride can slip in without us ever noticing.

Me and that friend share something in common called Common Sense!    🙂   We know, we all need help sometimes, we talked about this before as we started to age; clearly setting the foundation for our friendship to continue far into the future.  The key is to be like-minded with Christ and worthy of receiving help and willing to give it.  Communication.

There is nothing like being on the same page and calling a friend that is also a Person in Christ that knows, It’s best to share not only your time but your life with someone.  (Husband, wife, friends, Pastor etc.)

Keeping our sanity is what’s importantWe will need a support system outside of social media.  Is Technology causing us to lose the Human Touch?  I pray not.

The Bible tells us: Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desires; he breaks out against all sound judgement.   Proverbs 18:1

We are built to adapt and to need each other.  Talking to, and doing everything by ourselves can become challenging in more ways than one.  The lack of outside advice and The Crazies listening to themselves are examples.  I didn’t say get married or shack up, I said get some friends or at least one with a sound mind coupled with compassion.

FYI: Next to sound judgement diamonds and pearls are the rarest things in the world.   Jean de la Breyere

It’s Something To Think About!

Thank you, Lord for being my Best Friend, and thank you for my Earthy Friends.  To God Be The Glory!

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