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Our resolve to survive and our greatness often flourishes when the odds are stacked against us simply because man is competitive.  This god-given instinct improves our chances for success and gives us the strength to keep pushing ourselves until we find a way to win, especially when told the odds are not in our favor coupled with the stakes are too high… 

Let me encourage you to not listen to the negative comments, they are designed to hinder our success.  And be watchful of anyone who makes blanket statements such as Bad luck and you are first cousins, or you should… No, you should.  The know it all needs to get a life.  Don’t they know the odds of knowing another fate or what’s best for anyone, including their own, does not exist?  God is the only one privily to that information.

Before I formed you in the belly I knew thee;  Jeremiah 1:5    So all bets are off I came per-planned. 

FYI: The odds are against the unbelievers, including those who have Little or no Faith, and those who say they don’t stand a chance.  Well, their right, they don’t, simply because they believe they don’t, won’t or can’t.   I’m not claiming anything that still lives in the realm of the unknown.

The odds are also against those who speak defeat into life.  Life and Death is in the power of the tongue:   Proverbs 18:21  KJV

All our lives we have been told we can’t beat the odds, perhaps that’s because we give Webster’s Dictionary too much credit.

The dictionary gives us the definition of words, not predictions.  Webster’s defines Odds this way; Odds are the probably that something is so, will occur, or is more likely to occur than something else.  A definition, not you lose because the odds are against you. 

Realistically, the odds are against us because we live in the Carnal World, (physical) the same World the Devil is trying to devour.  BUT, when we know Jesus Christ and he knows us, the odds are clearly in our favor.  God said he can do things men can’t so he sent Christ to make that difference.  A clear sign that we can Beat any and all obstacles that stand in our way.

Just so you know, the odds changed for the betterment of all just because Christ was born; for it is written, If God is for us, who can be against us?   Romans 8:31  With that in mind I’m taking full advantage of that Blessing.  You?

I don’t think the odds are relevant all the time, some of us have a losers attitude.  The kind that can and will defeat most?  (Selfish, Hardheaded, wouldn’t know a Royal Flush from Two Pairs if…, etc.)    🙂

Winners can easily up the ante through Faith, Understanding, and Wisdom.  With those weapons, The Odds Are Against Who?  Surely not Christ-lovers like you and me.  I am placing all bets on the Word of God.  If it’s any of my business; What you gonna do?

And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all-sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work.   2nd Corinthians 9:8

With Christ, the odds are clearly in our favor, perhaps that’s because with him we learn to never quit fighting against them.  Some of us do our best work when the stakes are high, often turning into visionaries with confidence and solutions. 

When we accept the fact that we are not perfect, most can advance and move freely about the Planet; An advantage.  With nothing to hide, there is nothing to use against us.  Humbling ourselves coupled with putting our skills to work will even the odds even further in our favor.  After all, we can do all things through Christ which strengthen us.   (Philippians 4:13)

We may not be able to choose the life we are given but we can certainly defy the odds, and that don’t come from the “Luck of the Draw.”   My winnings are a direct result of THE JESUS IN ME!  

Thank you, Lord, To God Be The Glory!

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