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 Hardheaded Uh?

To make it as a Hard-Headed Person, not only does it require stubbornness that leads to stupidity; which happens to be the perfect receipt for breeding nothing less than failure, follows only one path “Come Hell or High Waters!”  One simply won’t change their mind.     

In my opinion, the stubborn are not easily moved or deceived, and some of them are very practical, even shewed with their “I will not be moved ” attitude.  Still, most know some of the stubborn have some good traits if used for the benefit of all, (not giving up a defensive line, etc.) but most types of Stubbornness leads to Stupidity all because it’s self-indulgence at its worst.

When we are stubborn, it may be safe to say, Reasoning goes right out of the door; perhaps there’s a direct relationship with that ole trouble maker Pride?  That emotion can make us so rigid we become as stiff as boards, never wavering on a bad idea or an opinion, and all the while stubbornness is creating strife with others.

A one track mind is so predictable.

Being stubborn will not change the fact that facts are stubborn too, and stubbornness can not dictate the situation nor can we alter the evidence or the facts; as hard as we may try.  That’s the thing, trying is when the stupidity comes in.  Clinging to our opinion when evidence has been presented is the best proof of stupidity that I know of.

 It’s been said that Those who never retract their opinions love themselves more than they love the truth.   Joseph Joubert

Stubborn, Stupid, or Hardheaded, call it what you want; When the truth is in front of us and we still insist on our own understanding over the facts to me is of the Devil.   How Stupid is That?

He is the one in the business of putting blinders on us that create tunnel vision; Blinding us from all truths, causing us to lean on our own understanding where all our stupidity lies.

So those who wish to continue putting your unrelenting foot down, stubborn for the sake of pride, etc.. including those with little regard for Truth and Consequences, stuck in self-righteousness consider your ways:

Sometimes our glory walks hand in hand with our doom.  Leaving us to wonder What Happened?   Too stupid to realize we did it to ourselves.

What I do realize is; Reasoning doesn’t seem to come into play with the I made up my mind crowd; most problems take root when Reasoning falls on the Deft Ears; And when we are not listening, we open the door to Stupidity, which leads to Failure. 

In conclusion: It is what it is, facts are facts.    What’s the use, the stubborn aren’t listening anyway.

Well, I have Faith; maybe one.  Just so you Know!

To God Be The Glory!

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