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In my book I Survived 60 Years to Get Cancer,Then Kill It./ The Norvie L. Cherry Story, I talk about what happened after I had a mastectomy to remove the 3rd Stage Breast Cancer that had invaded my body, and was trying to zap the life out of me.

This excerpt from the book outlines what happened.

Lets start after I received advice from my siblings concerning having my first ever surgery, and what happened after taking it all in just to wake up in the operating room ahead of schedule.

“I was bucking like what I saw in the waiting room when that girl had a seizure.  I always claim the bucking happened because Jesus had things for me to do.  It was merely a tap on the shoulders from him to wake me.  Laying around in an operation room was a waste of time, I had to go to work for the Lord.  I am supposed to be a motivational speaker, and I am sure this is my calling.”

“Jackie (my sister) warned me to guard my mind, she had said “what I go to sleep with, I might wake up with.”  Now I remembered what happened in the waiting area, so I tried to control the bucking.  I was able to get some relief if I put enough effort into it, so I did, just enough to know if I had to I could.”

“I saw two nurses against the wall washing their hands and they paid me no attention.  Then my doctor came into view and she asked me a few questions.   “Are you cold,?”  I said no, “So are you hot?”  I said no.  I noticed how calm she and the nurses were so that calmed me; I thought this may be normal.”

“Come on now, I know there is nothing normal about waking up prematurely and bucking in an operation room, I came out from the aesthetics a little too early.  When I woke up again I was where I was supposed to be, in recovery; Thank You Lord.  The left breast was gone and I was on the path to healing, one more account finished; I thought to myself.”

“What’s next?  A question I knew not to ask, but still I knew there were lots of things that could go wrong, and so be it.  I was only supposed to be in the hospital for one day with this type of procedure; I was there for two.  The doctor had come to release me but my big mouth got me another day.  I told Dr. McCarter I remembered waking up in the operation room and she said I didn’t.  I was ready to argue, even while I was high off of some pain medicines.  Morphine, I think.”

I knew what happened and so did she.  I guess since I remembered it in detail I was to stay in the hospital for safety reasons.  I assumed that because she didn’t sign me out, and the hospital charged for another day.  Wanda (a friend) fought the charges and won.  The additional cost was up in the thousands, it was not my fault I had to be held for observation.”

“I don’t think the nurses were ready for me another day.  They were already at a lost because after the surgery and everyone had left my room, they witnessed me getting up and going into the hall then staggering around like a drunk.”

“It took almost 20 minutes to get untangled from that dreaded IV pole.  The nurses watched in amazement, I could see them peering out the corner of their eyes as I passed by.  I heard one say “that lady must be crazy, is she on drugs?”  I had just come from surgery and I knew I was full of it in more ways than one, I wondered what her excuse was…”

“Wanda had left but she returned to the hospital in the middle of the night.  As soon as she saw me walking, she said “enough is enough,” while  pointing her finger.  I went to bed, but I did manage to walk around the nurses station three times.”

“Back in my room after Wanda had left for the night, again, there was a knock on the door, it was one of the nurses.  Her accent was heavy when she said, “Oh! You strong black woman, you.  No one knows what to say, no one knows what to do, what do you call this bravery?”  What bravery, I was trying to Recover.  I looked at her puzzled thru glazed covered eyes and said, “IF YOU CAN’T PHYSICALLY STAND, MENTALLY GET UP.” 

I was high, but there was a message in that statement and I remember thinking it was more for me than who I was talking to.  Plus, I was constantly looking for signs of validation.  Apparently I must have said the wrong thing because that nurse hit me with some more Morphine and the effect was something I cannot explain or want to.”

“The Holy Spirit told me it wasn’t good for me, I didn’t need it and I didn’t like how it made me feel, anyway.  I raised Cain and refused any more painkillers.  The only medicine I would take from then on was going to be my high blood pressure pills, and an Aleve; if I could get the doctor to prescribe it.  She did.”

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