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Most of us will never see all “Seven Wonders of the World.”  We can read about them coupled with looking at the pictures, including those from the past; my favorite.  My mother may have gotten it right when she said, “I buy you book and buy you books and all you do is look at the pictures.”

Sight is more than just Seeing what’s in front of our face.  The Physical Eye gives us a birds-eye view, but that is only part of a bigger picture.  The Spiritual Eye is the thing we have to have.  A sense of knowing there is more than one way to see and assess a situation.  Not knowing, that’s where we get into trouble, paired with the way we interpret things we are not familiar with as individuals.

Most of us claim to know everything so, The All Knowing Eye should be familiar to most of usCoupled with a strong opinion, that eye can spell trouble if what it saw is not researched.

The Brain, on the other hand, may take a moment or two to process information from the eyes, leaving the door wide open for a disagreement.  The I know what I saw versus common sense.  At times what we see can dominate all our senses.  Don’t believe me?  What about food, etc.?

With our Mind in control and without real purpose, we can become like a One Eyed Cyclops. (Tunnel vision or like a horse with blinders on.)  Our excuse when bruised; It happened so fast I didn’t see it coming? 

I can relate to that, we do get caught up, that’s because without knowledge from a different point of view we can become One-Sighted.  All we see is what we want to see.  Importance, money, etc…Let’s not leave out how often we overlook what’s good for us, all because we can’t see (someone else’s opinion) how it could fit into our program.

All these different ways to attain Sight is all wrapped up in one package, The Spiritual-EyeIt’s God!  It is He that gives us that glorious gift of the vision coupled with the ability to understand the nature of things; A trip into the vastness of the mind and heart.  A private moment into a World we cannot physically see, but one we can bring into fruition.

We all want what we want, we just have to follow a few rules to get there.  I told y’all about rules before; The rules that are not designed to hinder, but are there to help us see our way, the ones in The Bible!  Anyway, let’s see if we can understand this tidbit from the book: Where there is no vision, the people perish, but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.  Proverbs 29:18.

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.  Helen Keller    And not knowing Proverbs 29:18  Cherry

No disrespect, am just trying to get my point across as a Motivational Writer, and what I believe.

Our Spiritual-Eye awakens our Imagination, The Ultimate Inventor; A gift from God that brings about all wonders to behold and for us to become a part of, and the joy of sharing with others while giving all The Glory To God.

All it take is Declaring Jesus is Lord and a Willingness to See things a little differently.  (Faith in the unseen)

Useful Creativity is a helpmate designed to help us see our way to the end of a journey, whether traveling that road is a Mindset; possibly a Vision from a dream, how about seeing and/or touching something tangible, etc…

The point is How we see is what will bring about a certain level of understanding and knowledge.   So let’s keep an Open-Mind in order to grab the full potential of whatever it is.

Reading is Fundamental!  When we have an Eye for reading it promote mental visions and a healthy imagination.  The use of our Eyes, coupled with our ability to bring to life what’s in our Minds-Eye, is Vision.  The Vision to see what life has to offer through Jesus Christ Our Lard and Savior; A Miracle.  What a gift.  That Sight gives us Purpose; The Presence of Being.  Well at least for me, I tested the watersIt’s best to let His Will Be Done.

Fore-Sight is over-worked. For some those prepared excuses about why we did or did not …coupled with those who have the sight to predict, to each its own.  I have been Blind-Sided by myself, and it’s a bummer.  I don’t know anything about you so don’t get it twisted, am just telling you all about what happened to me as a precautionary tale. (A Testimony)

We all know Out of sight out of mind is the truth, so put that thing right in front of your face instead of using that worn out tale of woe.  Don’t get mad at me, a little advice never hurt much, so here’s one more; In order to carry out a Positive Action, we must develop here a Positive Vision.  Dalai Lama

Who knows, it may result in The Best Day of Your Life:  At lease, It’s Something to Think About!

Thank you, Lord, it is in Jesus name that we pray.  To God Be The Glory!

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