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Waiting on a Miracle, me tooThe thing is, I know waiting is harder than taking action from experience.  Make something happen; Anticipation will only make you wait.  Furthermore, action beats any good intention.

Somethings don’t go our way no matter how Christ-like we claim to be, we still can’t catch a break.  Perhaps it’s because we don’t want to put in the work to achieve our goals, and of course there are those who are Waiting on a Miracle? 

I know most of us want that illusive gift Some say,  “Pennies from heaven.”   I want to meet Jesus.  Whatever it is, what some of us don’t realize is we have to get involved.  The only way I know how to do that is to put in the work. 

Without involvement we cannot extract the results we seek?   The best thing we can ever be is Christ-like, but what does that have to do with doing nothing and expecting favorable results?

Besides waiting on a Blessing that will come any time now, take advantage of when a situation is small and under some control, coupled with whatever you do, Do Not Dismiss It.

At times we like to pretend things go over our head, coupled with plenty of preconceived excuses of why that happened; “I didn’t have the time,” or “Oh, that little thing?”  I take that back, some of us will make an excuse just because.  Something I will never understand.

The Holy Spirit is what it is, Powerful. 

When we feel something is not right with our soul, family, health, wealth or business, the last thing we should do is make an excuse about why it can wait.  This is not the time to make excuses; It’s time to take action; The word of the day. 

Fore-instance when I didn’t go get that Mammogram in 2008.  The whole story can be read in I Survived 60 Years to Get Cancer, Then Kill It./ The Norvie L. Cherry Story, told in hopes some can really understand why waiting is a dangerous game and Time is not on our side.

The “I don’t care attitude,”  while throwing in “ain’t nothing wrong with me,” coupled with a little  “am grown, I do as I please,”  adding into the mix, my way or the highway” will come full circle when ignoring the Holy Spirit. 

You know, the one who lives in our heart.  Ignore Him who made you, and you may find yourself on a direct path to Hell; right here on Earth.  Oh!  By the way, Congratulations, you manged that one all by yourself.

For whatever reason you got that “I don’t know what that was, sensation” from The Almighty, it’s best to believe You Have Been Warned!  (07/23/2013) 

All I am saying is if we address our situations when we realize their there, the possibly of averting or defeating them through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior is very real.

Gracious is the Lord for warning us.  Diligence to His Word is what secures our inheritance.  (Obey)

The lack of action can help unwanted situations bubble over.  We know their there, but they go unchecked for whatever reason. (Laziness)  Perhaps we can motivate ourselves to tackle any situation if we look at it as a new adventure? 

It’s Something to Think About!

Remember, with any situation the results hinges on our actions.  When in a crisis we must be in control in order to function, therefore able to make the best decision.

Will you look for opportunities to advance by putting in the work, or will you stay where you are, Waiting for a Miracle? 

Don’t get me wrong miracles happen.  I received one and didn’t deserve it; in my opinion.  Although some may not have agreed with His choice for me based on what happened to someone else.  Who knows?  All we don’t need to know is why God has favor with some and not others.  It’s not our business; It’s the Lord’s.

Waiting on a Miracle can take some time, placing impatience squarely in the center of our emotions, setting us up for a downfall, all because we want what we want, Now.  And we probably have already put plans in motion without thought or direction; A killer that usually leads to unwanted results.

Having an idea and actually putting it to work is what gets results.  Not the gift to gab, con, or manipulate.  Whatever we choose to do, at least now we know the only thing that will matter are the results.

Perhaps God will grant you favor, if you put in the work and believe in Jesus Christ.  It is written; I can do all things through Him that strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13  KJV

Thank you Lord and it is in Jesus name that we pray.  Amen! or email me at

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