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Most of us will never see all “Seven Wonders of the World.”  We can read about them coupled with looking at the pictures, including those from the past; my favorite.  My mother may have gotten it right when she said, “I buy you book and buy you books and all you do is look at the pictures.”

Sight is more than just Seeing what’s in front of our face.  The Physical Eye gives us a birds-eye view, but that is only part of a bigger picture.  The Spiritual Eye is the thing we have to have.  A sense of knowing there is more than one way to see and assess a situation.  Not knowing, that’s where we get into trouble, paired with the way we interpret things we are not familiar with as individuals.

Most of us claim to know everything so, The All Knowing Eye should be familiar to most of usCoupled with a strong opinion, that eye can spell trouble if what it saw is not researched.

The Brain, on the other hand, may take a moment or two to process information from the eyes, leaving the door wide open for a disagreement.  The I know what I saw versus common sense.  At times what we see can dominate all our senses.  Don’t believe me?  What about food, etc.?

With our Mind in control and without real purpose, we can become like a One Eyed Cyclops. (Tunnel vision or like a horse with blinders on.)  Our excuse when bruised; It happened so fast I didn’t see it coming? 

I can relate to that, we do get caught up, that’s because without knowledge from a different point of view we can become One-Sighted.  All we see is what we want to see.  Importance, money, etc…Let’s not leave out how often we overlook what’s good for us, all because we can’t see (someone else’s opinion) how it could fit into our program.

All these different ways to attain Sight is all wrapped up in one package, The Spiritual-EyeIt’s God!  It is He that gives us that glorious gift of the vision coupled with the ability to understand the nature of things; A trip into the vastness of the mind and heart.  A private moment into a World we cannot physically see, but one we can bring into fruition.

We all want what we want, we just have to follow a few rules to get there.  I told y’all about rules before; The rules that are not designed to hinder, but are there to help us see our way, the ones in The Bible!  Anyway, let’s see if we can understand this tidbit from the book: Where there is no vision, the people perish, but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.  Proverbs 29:18.

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.  Helen Keller    And not knowing Proverbs 29:18  Cherry

No disrespect, am just trying to get my point across as a Motivational Writer, and what I believe.

Our Spiritual-Eye awakens our Imagination, The Ultimate Inventor; A gift from God that brings about all wonders to behold and for us to become a part of, and the joy of sharing with others while giving all The Glory To God.

All it take is Declaring Jesus is Lord and a Willingness to See things a little differently.  (Faith in the unseen)

Useful Creativity is a helpmate designed to help us see our way to the end of a journey, whether traveling that road is a Mindset; possibly a Vision from a dream, how about seeing and/or touching something tangible, etc…

The point is How we see is what will bring about a certain level of understanding and knowledge.   So let’s keep an Open-Mind in order to grab the full potential of whatever it is.

Reading is Fundamental!  When we have an Eye for reading it promote mental visions and a healthy imagination.  The use of our Eyes, coupled with our ability to bring to life what’s in our Minds-Eye, is Vision.  The Vision to see what life has to offer through Jesus Christ Our Lard and Savior; A Miracle.  What a gift.  That Sight gives us Purpose; The Presence of Being.  Well at least for me, I tested the watersIt’s best to let His Will Be Done.

Fore-Sight is over-worked. For some those prepared excuses about why we did or did not …coupled with those who have the sight to predict, to each its own.  I have been Blind-Sided by myself, and it’s a bummer.  I don’t know anything about you so don’t get it twisted, am just telling you all about what happened to me as a precautionary tale. (A Testimony)

We all know Out of sight out of mind is the truth, so put that thing right in front of your face instead of using that worn out tale of woe.  Don’t get mad at me, a little advice never hurt much, so here’s one more; In order to carry out a Positive Action, we must develop here a Positive Vision.  Dalai Lama

Who knows, it may result in The Best Day of Your Life:  At lease, It’s Something to Think About!

Thank you, Lord, it is in Jesus name that we pray.  To God Be The Glory!

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FYI: Norvie L. Cherry

Ms. Norvie L. Cherry was born in Evergreen, Alabama in August of 1947.  At an early age, her father moved the family to Detroit, Michigan, where she and her 5 siblings were raised with a rich family history.

Her grandfather, the late Presiding Elder Joseph H. Cherry was a church builder, having built 5 churches which still stand today as monuments of the legacy which he left us all.

Reverend Cherry was a Civil Rights crusader and worked side by side with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other ministers in Montgomery, Alabama for the equal rights of all people.  He fought for others without regards for his own personal safety.  He served as Chairman of the Transportation Committee of the Montgomery Improvement Association during the Montgomery, Alabama Bus Boycott in 1955-56.

After finishing High School in 1965 Ms. Cherry briefly attended Central State University in Xenia, Ohio, where she majored in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation.  On her return to Detroit, she worked for the Ford Motor Company, building the inside door panel of the Ford Mustang.

In 1969 Ms. Cherry relocated to Pittsburgh, Penna. to manage her aunt and uncle’s bar, Jappy’s Cafe.  Shortly after moving to Pittsburgh she was awarded a One Year Scholarship from the Ford Motor Company and chooses to attend The Pittsburgh Barber School in 1970; while working the bar at night.  Soon the family gave Ms. Cherry full control over the bar, which she renamed the Black Olive.

When Ms. Cherry’s aunt realized she would finish barber school, she bought her a barbershop 3 doors down from the bar.  Cherry’s Barber Shop and Shoeshine Parlor opened its doors two weeks before Ms. Cherry finished school.

In 1971, Ed Conwell’s Beauty Supply Company of Pittsburgh, Penna. sponsored Ms. Cherry by renting her a booth in Chicago at Jessie Jackson’s Save the Children Push Expo, where her Afro hair styling abilities caught the attention of Rev. Jackson and others, so as they filmed the event and the one of a kind concert, they also filmed Ms. Cherry as she demonstrated her art.  Resulting in her appearance in Jessie Jackson’s Movie, Save the Children.

Not only did she appear in the movie, Rev. Jackson or Paramount Pictures, granted rights for VH One to use footage of her twice in a four-part Mini-Series Black to the Future 1970-2000.  She is featured in the 1970’s segment with David Alan Greer and Debbie Allen.

It was at this point Ms. Cherry began entering and winning The Bonner Brothers Big Show; a hair styling competition that she won in 1971 and 1972 for Afro Hair Styling.  The Bonner Brothers Hair Shows continue as one of the biggest competitive Hair Shows to this day.

Cherry’s Barbershop and Shoeshine Parlor would remain under Ms. Cherry’s control for over 35 years until her aunt passed in 2006, her uncle was already gone.  It was then that Ms. Cherry gave her barbershop to her longtime friend and shop manager, and it is still open to this day.

While living in Pittsburgh and being in the bar business, coupled with being a business owner at such a young age put Ms. Cherry in a unique position.  She was able to meet and appeal to people from all walks of life and lifestyles.  The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly; an experience that would later play a large part in her growth.

After years of success in Pittsburgh, Ms. Cherry decided to leave in 1979 for the deep south; Atlanta, Ga.  She had accepted an invitation and a job position from her brother, the owner of Professional Wall-Papering.

Six months later she shared her club experiences with a bar owner she had recently met, resulting in her taking a position at the club (The Towers) as its new manager.  Ms. Cherry renamed it The Club Sheba.

Realizing once again she was tired of working in the bars, Ms. Cherry finally left that life and started working again with her brother while driving for Federal Express; a package delivery company.  Also, during this time she opened and operated her own Construction Company; Cherry’s Sheetrock Finishing and Home Repairs, coupled with other local jobs throughout the years.

As time passed it didn’t take long for Ms. Cherry to experience the racially charged attitude of the south.  True to her family’s history with the Civil Rights Movement, on January 24, 1987, Ms. Cherry, Dick Gregory, Andrew Young, Jessie Jackson, Coretta Scott King and estimated 20,000 more joined Hosea Williams, and marched on Forsyth County Ga., much to the dismay of the Ku Klux Klan.

In 2008 Ms. Cherry was diagnosed with 3rd Stage Breast Cancer, and the doctors were not optimistic.  Ms. Cherry was.

Before receiving cancer treatments, Ms. Cherry was horrified at the fact that she was facing this disease and didn’t know Chemo was a drip; with that, she was determined to Trust herself and Faith in Jesus Christ to exit from this experience bubbling with usable knowledge.  The knowledge she would share with others; What does Cancer feel like; the real answer.  Living without taste buds, what’s a port, will my fingernails ever quit flaking?  What will I tell the family?

With all the clinical reports, test results, and statistics that are available, Ms. Cherry discovered no matter how hard the doctors try to work their magic with great care draped in compassion; “It’s one thing to treat the disease, but it’s quite another to experience it,” she said.  Resulting in her determination to tell the other side of the story; the story of a Living Witness with a desire to break the “they say” chain of information using her personal Testimony to help expose and explain the side effects of cancer, as she knows it.  “The things we are too embarrassed to talk about,” she said.

Ms. Cherry began documenting the process, coupled with finding unique ways to explain the uncertainties.  She is providing knowledge to those in need or simply just want to know What really happens; this resulted in starting a Blog, It”s Something to Think About and the penning of her tell-all book.

The book, I Survived 60 Years to Get Cancer, Then Kill It./ The Norvie L. Cherry Story, is her way of sharing her lifelong experiences, coupled with battling Cancer through  Medical Terms she picked up along the way, told through Short Stories and her Blog as they relate to all issues requiring great Faith; While hoping the proceeds from the book and other events will one day fund her Thumbs Up Project designed to aid in the Abolishment of Human Trafficking.

Ms. Cherry told us she’s in a joint venture with Ms. Rene Menendez, The Closet; Creative Ladies Organizing Services Effectively Together.  The purpose is to become more organized as a group while learning how to accept, work with, and use the tools of others with their permission.

The more we organized the more prepared we will be to achieve our goals now and in the future through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Ms. Cherry said.

Ms. Cherry and her Thumbs Up Project, and The Closet will be attempting to demonstrate how to achieve this on Sunday, April 24th 2016 at Jazzy J’s Banquet Hall 5134 Old National Hwy. College Park, Ga. 30349 from 6p-12a  (Old National and Godby Rd. behind the Chevron ) and It’s  FREE TO THE PUBLIC!

That alone gets a big Thumbs Up me, especially because it’s all for The Glory of God, Ms. Cherry said. or email

I Survived 60 Years to Get Cancer, Then Kill It./ The Norvie L. Cherry Story is available (at over 70,00 bookstores but you can order it from, get an E book from or anywhere books or E books are sold.

To God Be The Glory!  Thank You for your Support.


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Cherry's Spring Fling 2016, 24, 2016 2016-04-20 001

(Click on Picture)

Tune into WRFG Radio, Atlanta, Ga.  89.3 FM on Friday, April 22, 2016 (6-8am) with the Blues Dr.  I will be co-hosting a Donation Drive for the radio station with Wanda A. Howard.  Join the fun by calling 404-523-8989 to speak with us.

I can’t wait to see you all on Sunday and thank you for your support.

To God Be The Glory!


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A Book Reading: I Survived 60 Years To Get Cancer, Then Kill It./ The Norvie L. Cherry Story @Jazzy J’s Banquet Hall  5134 Old National Hwy Suite 1 College Park, Ga. 30349  (Enter off Godby Rd. behind the Chevron)

Sunday April 24th 2016  6:00pm Midnight  Free Admission, Soft Music, Door Prizes, Refreshment’s and more.

The Closet: Creatives Ladies Organizing Services Effectively Together Presents an Evening Spring Fling.  A Unique Experience in Shopping, Services and Networking.

Vendors Wanted: fee @ $25 per table cut off April 20th 2016 for more information Call 678-754-3852, or 678-862-9413.

This is a wonderful opportunity for all Entrepreneurs, Networking Groups and Organizations.

SPONSORED BY: Jazzy J’s Banquet Hall   Director Judy TaylorPhoto of BACK COVER 2015-06-06 001


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Vendors Beware!  Time is running short to rent space at the upcoming Thumbs Up Project and the Closet’s Evening Spring Fling. 

In order to secure your space for this Unique Experience, we must have your reservation and a small fee of $25 paid before Wednesday, April 20, 2016.

WHAT: A Book-Signing and Social Media Event offering a Unique Experience to sell your Products, (Mary Kay, Arts, and Crafts, etc.) or introduce your Organization with Class; Without all the overhead.


WHERE: Jazzy J’s Banquet Hall 5234 Old National Highway, College Park Ga. 30349  (Old National and Godby Rd. behind the Chevron)

WHEN: Sunday, April 24, 2016, 6PM-12AM  Come rain or shine.  (This event is held inside so the weather will not be an issue.)

WHO: Norvie L. Cherry’s A Thumbs Up Project and Rene Menendez’s The Closet: Creative Ladies Organizing Services Effectively Together.

FOR MORE INFORMATION call Norvie L. Cherry at 678-862-9413, email me at OR call Rene Menendez at 404-435-0108, you can email her at

There is no need to drag your tables or chairs, we will provide all the Elegance you need for a successful, and pleasing to the eye showing.  

The Admission Is Free to all, plus we are providing Free Advertising, Hors D’Oeuvre’s, Door prizes, Soft Music, Samples and more.  Just invite all you know.

ALL THE VENDORS NEED TO PROVIDE IS THEIR PRODUCE TO SELL OR MATERIAL FOR THE ORGANIZATION THEY WISH TO PROMOTE.  This is an Opportunity of a Lifetime for Business owners, Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, etc…to promote your product or introduce your Organization.

This event is the beginning of a New Wave for Organizing and Promoting with a Flare at minimum cost.  Helping us help ourselves.



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Waiting on a Miracle, me tooThe thing is, I know waiting is harder than taking action from experience.  Make something happen; Anticipation will only make you wait.  Furthermore, action beats any good intention.

Somethings don’t go our way no matter how Christ-like we claim to be, we still can’t catch a break.  Perhaps it’s because we don’t want to put in the work to achieve our goals, and of course there are those who are Waiting on a Miracle? 

I know most of us want that illusive gift Some say,  “Pennies from heaven.”   I want to meet Jesus.  Whatever it is, what some of us don’t realize is we have to get involved.  The only way I know how to do that is to put in the work. 

Without involvement we cannot extract the results we seek?   The best thing we can ever be is Christ-like, but what does that have to do with doing nothing and expecting favorable results?

Besides waiting on a Blessing that will come any time now, take advantage of when a situation is small and under some control, coupled with whatever you do, Do Not Dismiss It.

At times we like to pretend things go over our head, coupled with plenty of preconceived excuses of why that happened; “I didn’t have the time,” or “Oh, that little thing?”  I take that back, some of us will make an excuse just because.  Something I will never understand.

The Holy Spirit is what it is, Powerful. 

When we feel something is not right with our soul, family, health, wealth or business, the last thing we should do is make an excuse about why it can wait.  This is not the time to make excuses; It’s time to take action; The word of the day. 

Fore-instance when I didn’t go get that Mammogram in 2008.  The whole story can be read in I Survived 60 Years to Get Cancer, Then Kill It./ The Norvie L. Cherry Story, told in hopes some can really understand why waiting is a dangerous game and Time is not on our side.

The “I don’t care attitude,”  while throwing in “ain’t nothing wrong with me,” coupled with a little  “am grown, I do as I please,”  adding into the mix, my way or the highway” will come full circle when ignoring the Holy Spirit. 

You know, the one who lives in our heart.  Ignore Him who made you, and you may find yourself on a direct path to Hell; right here on Earth.  Oh!  By the way, Congratulations, you manged that one all by yourself.

For whatever reason you got that “I don’t know what that was, sensation” from The Almighty, it’s best to believe You Have Been Warned!  (07/23/2013) 

All I am saying is if we address our situations when we realize their there, the possibly of averting or defeating them through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior is very real.

Gracious is the Lord for warning us.  Diligence to His Word is what secures our inheritance.  (Obey)

The lack of action can help unwanted situations bubble over.  We know their there, but they go unchecked for whatever reason. (Laziness)  Perhaps we can motivate ourselves to tackle any situation if we look at it as a new adventure? 

It’s Something to Think About!

Remember, with any situation the results hinges on our actions.  When in a crisis we must be in control in order to function, therefore able to make the best decision.

Will you look for opportunities to advance by putting in the work, or will you stay where you are, Waiting for a Miracle? 

Don’t get me wrong miracles happen.  I received one and didn’t deserve it; in my opinion.  Although some may not have agreed with His choice for me based on what happened to someone else.  Who knows?  All we don’t need to know is why God has favor with some and not others.  It’s not our business; It’s the Lord’s.

Waiting on a Miracle can take some time, placing impatience squarely in the center of our emotions, setting us up for a downfall, all because we want what we want, Now.  And we probably have already put plans in motion without thought or direction; A killer that usually leads to unwanted results.

Having an idea and actually putting it to work is what gets results.  Not the gift to gab, con, or manipulate.  Whatever we choose to do, at least now we know the only thing that will matter are the results.

Perhaps God will grant you favor, if you put in the work and believe in Jesus Christ.  It is written; I can do all things through Him that strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13  KJV

Thank you Lord and it is in Jesus name that we pray.  Amen! or email me at

I Survived 60 Years to Get Cancer, Then Kill It./ The Norvie L. Cherry Story is available at, or get an eBook at amazon. com/bookstore

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