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We use a number of similar phrases to express our thoughts in certain situations; fore instance: The problem was staring him right in the face, but he couldn’t see it for looking, or He was staring right through me. Those types of statements use to set off a few trigger points I am not to proud of, especially; SO YOU STARED DEATH IN THE FACE?

In 2008 I was diagnosed with 3rd Stage Breast Cancer, after my recovery I found more often than not, the ones who wanted to compliment me on Surviving the Journey, had a couple of things to say and these replies were not something I wanted to hear.

When I say I am cancer free, the next thing out of the mouths of some listeners was and still is: “So you’re in remission?”

The medical term for a disease in remission is: A temporary or permanent decrease of the subsidence that manifested the disease.  In other words; You still have the disease, the cause has only slowed down, or stopped from growing.  

Cancer Free means: a life threatening disease has been eradicated (abolished completely) from the body, and is no longer a threat.

In medical survivor years: Cancer Free is to be without the disease for 5 or more years, and there is an 80 percent chance it will not reappear.

The classic conversation starter when someone has survived a dire situation is; So you stared death in the face, and lived to tell about it.

Some popular quotes are a little over the top for me.  The only death I stared in the face before and after cancer was when I stared at someone else’s dead body; my doctors may have “stared death in the face.”  I don’t know what death look like unless you are already dead, and that’s too much.

What I do know is I dealt with cancer by putting all my Trust in God so that he could delivered me!  I stared at Jesus Christ in my heart and asked for a cure. 

How could staring at death help me or anyone?  Dead is Dead, something we do not survive, or overcome in the physical world.  If there is a way to stare death in the face, it must be a Blessing; The one that grants Everlasting Life through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  To be born again.

Are we dreaming these things up. You cannot cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.  How can we stare at our death and still be alive?  Any ideas, I bet ya Satan have some, and wouldn’t we all be gods if we could stare death down?

This is an attempt to share what I leaned wasting my time fighting death, staring death in the face, worrying about dying, etc…  I put that on me, God’s plan is for me to live.  It is what it is .  We all have a life to live, deal with death at its appointed time.  Refuse to be preoccupied with what  death looks like, when will it come, including talking about death, claiming it’s just a figure of speech.  Let it Go!

We may think we can beat the odds by shear determination, that may help, but if we take the sure way, which is through Faith; focusing on Jesus Christ, we may only see the positives in our lives, instead of deadly overtones.

What we need to stare at is The Living Jesus has already stared down death on the cross so that we might live and know the truth.

For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not anything… Ecclesiastes 9:5   KJV

Agree or not, It’s Just My Opinion, and It’s Something To Think About!    Think, that’s the whole point of all my Blogs.

Thank you, Lord, for granting me life although, for only a little while, I must learn to live for all it’s worth, giving all the Glory to God.  Amen

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