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Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations?  Bob Beauprez

The purpose of an education is to teach one to think, replacing an empty mind with an open one, leaving us always a student.  One of the rewards is if we develop a passion for learning we will continue to grow just as the world around us does, giving us the Recipe for Power.

In my opinion, the mark of an educated mind is often clear to all those around, it has a glow of confidence that is hard to deny.

What I love most about the educated is they can entertain most thoughts with a rational mind by taking everything they hear into consideration, while having the ability to weed out the nonsense, allowing change for the better good.

Clearly, there are advantages when it comes to an education; one of them being education is the major reason we are different from animals.  We have the ability to reason; something that is honed through education.

Since we all come from different backgrounds, education levels the playing field, so one of the primary advantages of having an education is it can dispel inequality.

The poorest of us can become the wealthiest of all with a proper education.  When we are educated we have better job prospects, including an education that we can potential the raise the bar in a variety of fields, advancing our perspective and capital.  (Ideas, and money)

The disadvantages of not having an education are so overwhelming I don’t know where to begin.  But I can tell you a job is hard to find when one doesn’t have the skills to fill out an application or speak proper English.  Not only do we lose our status, finances, and values, we are further impaired with our already restricted and not so creative ideas or the lack of.

FYI: Once again, if the subject is not for you stay out of it, one shoe does not fit all, I am only here for those who need to know, not to criticize.

I believe, not only do we need a sound education in the field of math, reading, writing, and speaking.  We need the knowledge of all arts; music, theater, dance, etc…  All of them are a part of a well-rounded education and a source of great power for the future.

Thank you, Loud!  It is in Jesus name that we pray for guidance and understanding, giving God all the Glory and for the furtherance of the Gospel.  Amen

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