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Surviving The Ones That Love Us! 

At times, our helpmates can do more harm than good when assisting us in a time of need, and we can play a large part of why this is, by allowing it to go on.  Now, if the shoe doesn’t fit don’t wear it, although some will try it on anyway.  Drama, drama, drama.

On the other side of the sick-bed, our help may unwittingly run the air conditioner to suit their needs while eating our food without taking into consideration other mouths have to be fed, the bills still have to be paid, and the grass will still need to be cut.

Just because we are sick, don’t think that will stop foreclosures or any other hardships from arising.

Some of our families and friends are so concerned about us resting they don’t want us to even raise a glass of water to our face; believing it may take too much energy while omitting what’s normal.   And let’s not be naive, while they are waiting on us hand and foot, as we are encouraging them to do more.

You had better get out of that bed if you can.  Whatever the situation; laziness, being catered to, or severely limited in what you can and cannot do, I suggest you grab some common sense, so as not to let anyone stop you from your goals; which is to Survive, and live a wholesome life

Even the healthiest will lose muscle mass waiting for someone else to do for them.  So, If you can’t physically stand mentally get up.  I know these things are easier said than done, but not impossible.

It’s nice to have friends sitting by your bedside holding your hand while telling you everything will be alright.  It would be a lot better if that friend did something that will make that statement a reality.  I think we all would do a lot better if our enablers were more pro-active than sympathetic.

Life will go on with or without some of us, so we have to be realistic in our journey and expectations, although we can never be prepared for everything, we can make ourselves aware of most.

When we are out of the loop, matters take on a different perspective.  We start to worry about any and everything, which is natural, but some of us forget when we are at our lowest, there is a God, His name is Jesus Christ, and He is there for such a time as this.

Jesus said in Luke 18:27; The things impossible with men are possible with God.

Any type of illness is a serious and scary situation; but in order to deal with such a heavy load, we need to never take our illnesses to heart; only to God, while constantly feeding our faith.

Using Cancer as an example; We need to understand it is only one word, not a sentence.

Some people are so fearful of their name in the same sentence as the word cancer and other diseases, it’s as if they have already pronounced themselves dead.  A self-conceived death sentence that is dominating their lives and allowing the Killing of the Head, which in turn will Kill the Body.

Diseases are often malignant and invasive growths, not death sentences as some of us can testify to today, and because the storm has passed, this is not the time to waddle in the mud, it’s time to declare God Is Good, giving Him all the glory.

Beware of ignorance; for not knowing Jesus Christ heals, coupled with living in fear of knowledge, (not getting tested) is detrimental to our well-being.

To increase your chances of Surviving, go to a Bible Believing, Bible Teaching Church.  If not, your fears may run rampant like wildfires; out of control.

Not being able to stay the course, or control ourselves is a tactic used by Satan to keep us from the healing process; spiritually, mentally, and physically.  It’s just another one of the self-destructive tricks the Devil uses to keep us off our real goal, which is to stay focused on Jesus Christ, so that after we have done all we can, He will do the impossible.

Place your head in the bosom of Jesus Christ, knowing with Him, we can Survive any Storm by not allowing Satan or any of his cohorts to put thoughts in our head that are dangerous to our mental as well as physical health.

With Jesus Christ, “The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen, so don’t be afraid of tomorrow, God is already there.”  Just keep in mind if you’re going through Hell, this is not the time to make a pit-stop; keep it moving.

Therefore, put on the complete armor of God, so that you will be able to (successfully) resist and stand your ground in the day (of danger), having done everything (that the crisis demands), to stand firm (in your place, fully prepared, immovable, victorious).   Ephesians 6:13  The Amplified Bible

It’s Something to Think About!   And it is in Jesus name that we pray to Weather The Storm.   Amen

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