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A note from the Author: Just so you know, the book I Survived 60 Years To Get Cancer, Then Kill It. /The Norvie L. Cherry Story and the Blog site are two separate works of literature.

This book is not a recap of the essay’s posted on my blog site; it’s the story of a life I was merely fluffing off when I was an American Gangster, something I’m not proud of.  Also note: my contacts can be found at the bottom of each post.

Knowledge is something we can never get enough of.  Give your thumbs a break and allow your mind to expand.

With so many devices to serve us like Kings and Queens, I am afraid we may forget the joy of doing something for ourselves, such as physically reading a  book.  An excitement that includes peace and quite.  With alone time being at a premium these days, what better way to make better use of quality time than reading a good book?

When was the last time you allowed your imagination to relax and take you on a journey of discovery?  You may find yourself to be something other than what you are today, perhaps a play writer, screen producer, etc.; who know’s unless they try?

Reading causes us to use our imaginations, even when it is a true story our perceptions can vary.  Reading to me is like watching television in my head.

I Survived 60 Years To Get Cancer, Then Kill It. /The Norvie L. Cherry Story is not only a true testament to survival, it’s also a true story of redemption.

I Survived, is action packed with the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Get it now as a Christmas present for a loved one, it’s not too late, and this book is packed full of informative stories for the young and the old, including no holes barred details about what other women don’t tell other women about Breast Cancer, and the effect of the life altering disease.

The first part of the book is all about my early life, and when I didn’t know how to act for 60 years; That was a journey like no other I guarantee you.  The second part is about the Cancer Journey, and all the information others may not want to discuss.

Again, just so you know, what I talk about in the book, compared to what I talk about on my blog are as different as night and day.  So there will be no rehashing of what you read online.  Thank you very much.  🙂

Get yours now in time for Christmas, or give it as a gift from for the low price of $14.99 (paperback), or your e-book for $7.99 at   The hardback is also available at Xulon for $23.99

All will be pleasantly surprised at how entertaining and enlightening, it truly is.

Merry Christmas, Cherry

In Jesus name, we pray to see the New Year.


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