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FYI: I am the guest speaker at The Chapel of Christian Love Baptist Church, 875 Cascade Road, Atlanta, Ga. 30311.  The church can be reached at 404-753-9985.  This is a Cancer Celebration and all are welcome.  It will take place on Sunday, October 25, 2012. at 1 pm.  Please come and join us for a good time.

Also, the church will be selling books after the Cancer Celebration, and I will be happy to autograph them for all who wish.  (I Survived 60 Years To Get Cancer, Then Kill It./ The Norvie L. Cherry Story.

Thank you so much for your support, see you there.

To God Be The Glory!



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Those who always know what’s best are a universal pest. –  Piet Hein.

Just like no one knows your business, think about that when you tell someone else you know theirs.  And when you say, all another person know about you is only what you tell them, remember “no one is spilling all the beans to you either.”

When choosing phrases like, ” I know you better than you know yourself”  or  ” You look like you did it.”   Wait, let’s try, when telling someone something about yourself, and they imply they don’t believe you, (calling you a liar) over something they only know because you told them.  It’s time to Step Back Something is Wrong.

If that highly insightful person is you; What you think you know, you probably don’t.

INSIGHT: A penetrating mental vision or discernment; (to recognize) the faculty (an ability, natural or acquired) of seeing into inner character or underlying truth.  (Understanding the true nature of things;) give me a break.  We all have this gift to an extent, but if you call me out, and your reasoning is,  “You know me, better than I,”  you should think again.

What you think you know about me or anyone else, you probably don’t.  And that’s a fact; check the Farmer’s Almanac, or where ever you are getting your information from.  I am glad I got out of the business of knowing everybody better than I know myself.  It took up too much of my time, plus I was wrong most of the time.  You?

Some take statements as if they were excuses.  “I didn’t stop like I promised you because I didn’t feel good.”   Yep!  Something is definitely wrong if the response is,  “That’s a lie, you just didn’t want too.”  I would be evaluating our relationship from a different point of view while questioning its character.

Those types of reactions would have me wondering what kind of person do you really think I am, and what would cause you to think so negatively of me?  So, I guess I would be lying if I said, “If you think I’m lying, maybe I am doing something wrong to give you that opinion?”

Perhaps, you are accused of trying to smart talk your way out of admitting their right about you, causing the start of another conversation.  More like a fight; after all, They do know you better than you do yourself.    🙂

What else scares me is because I hang with the person that thinks so lowly of me, they may feel we are alike; taking their cue from the company I keep; Them.

One of the easiest ways to find out what a person thinks of you is to listen; they will tell you because they can’t keep it.  Our unwanted and uninvited opinions are given out as easily as giving “candy given to a baby.”  We just can’t help our “know it all selves.”

So the next time you know me better than I, keep in mind: During the flames of controversy, opinions, mass disputes. conflict, and world news, sometimes the most precious, refreshing, peaceful words to hear amidst all the chaos are simply and humbly ‘I don’t know.  Criss Jami

Thank you, Lord, for all you do, and it is in Jesus name that we pray.  Amen

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Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is it’s under current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away.   Marcus Aurelius

A word to the wise: Don’t waste your time wishing it will go away, time will pass with or without you; we might as well put it to good use as best we can.

I do everything I can to catch my passing thoughts.  Especially the one’s that have me saying, “I should have followed my first mind,” as if I have two.  I finally realized how to recognize thoughts that enter my mind that is meant to help me, and they always come as a warning before something happens.  Now, I know that is when the Holy Spirit is having its say.

I “Hold on to That Thought;” I know God is talking directly to me.

How many times have you decided to do something and your heart tells you not to do that thing?  It could be as simple as, “Don’t sit that glass there, it will fall.”  So you heard that and you almost obeyed, but you decided if you place it a certain way it will be just fine, only to knock it over or someone else in a manner that never entered your mind.

Too late, you should have held on to what was in your heart and not to your own understanding.

Now your thought is “Something told me not to do that.”  How many times does it take for us to get the message?  How many times do we have to go down the same road and find the same results?  Nothing worthwhile.

How many times have you been told in your heart don’t go here or there and you go anyway, just to lose something, maybe your life?  The things I talk about are not just passing thoughts, they are what I learned from having a relationship with Jesus Christ, our Overseer, and Protector.  I have learned how to hear Him by listening, capturing, then holding on to that thought.

Your first mind or whatever that little birdie told you just may be the Spirit of The Lord giving a heads up on things to be aware of.  Maybe its time to Hold on that Thought?  Hold on to whats in your heart, and follow it, for that’s where the true measure of a man lies.

It’s Something to Think About!

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving us early warnings in hopes we avoid the Wiles of the Devil.  It is in Jesus name that we pray.  Amen

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