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Anger is the acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.  Mark Twain

In order to have a good life, I believe the first thing we have to do is, Let Go of Anger. 

There are plenty of opportunities to get angry; A negative emotion that gives others power over us.  Normally, this is caused by vindictive people who go out of their way to unsettle us.  For the most part, these people are suffering, and this can cause them to be mean and petty.  Still, this is not an excuse, we all have been wronged, or gone without at some point in time.

If we are smart when others try to upset our mindset, we should plow that anger and unhealthy energy into something positive, by keeping a cool head.

Now when I get angry, I remind myself that anger is a form of cancer, cancer that has the ability to eat us up on the inside and cause our downfall on the outside.  So when anger rises, I think of the consequences.

Anger brings about change, most often change that is not to our advantage.

Being angry is not necessarily bad in all circumstances.  Sometimes we have to fire ourselves up by getting angry, in order to get something done.  But be careful of the degree of anger, some of us can be over the top.

Did you know the best speech some will ever give is when angry?  Even then, I still would be careful and aware of the level of the content, because that speech can also be the one we regret the most.

Actions using bitterness, old resentments, and insensitive dealings are like “drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

When we are angry, what we do and say should not affect our character; and if harsh words or actions are necessary, it should be used for defense purposes only, and in a Christ-like manner.

FYI: But when your soul is anchored in The Lord, billows may roll, the breaker’s may dash, I shall not sway because He holds me fast. So dark the day, clouds in the sky, I know it’s alright because of Jesus.  My soul has been anchored.  Douglas Miller.

As a suggestion, anchoring ourselves in The Lord is not a bad idea, as a matter of fact, it is the sure way to Peace and Salvation.

“It’s Something to Think About.”

Thank you, Lord, for keeping me in a sound mind and body, which enables me to keep my cool in trying times.  In Jesus name, we pray.  Amen

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Evading what can be done today will not help you escape the responsibilities of what’s in store for tomorrow.

Procrastination: The act or habit if putting things off or delaying them; especially something requiring immediate attention.

If you just happen to procrastinate most of the time, something all of us will do at some point, I want to ask a few questions.  Do you ever get tired of hanging on to that thing you’re going to do?  And when one delay leads to another, how do you react when the results are always the same?  ( An uncompleted task.)

Did you know it doesn’t matter how many degrees a person has; if he or she cannot complete a task this means their level of education is incomplete.  And, did you know putting things off with the Am-A-Gonna’s has a tendency to bring some of our troubled past into the future?

When it comes to things we don’t want to do, the mind can be a very convincing liar, filled with lame excuses; especially the ones we say we are going to do tomorrow.  And, as we all should know, after trial and error, worrying about what we haven’t done yet, can be pretty exhausting.

I know to some this may sound crazy but, doing nothing can result in us becoming fatigued.  It’s hard running, sneaking around, and hiding in the cracks from situations like some of us run from any type of responsibly.  And to make matters worst, when procrastinating, lies naturally surface, perhaps it’s because we try to give the appearance of being flawless.

I learned from past experiences that Procrastinating about what we should do today will ultimately define who we are tomorrow.  I have also found the longer we wait the worst the problem gets and the more unlikely we will be able to resolve it.

FYI: You may delay today, but time won’t, it just keeps on ticking, and most of you who are familiar with, already know how I feel about wasting time.  So let’s add Procrastination to the list because, It’s the greatest thief of time and the number one assassin of all opportunities.

For those who really don’t know, laziness in the Bible is called being a Sluggard: A person who is habitually inactive or lazy… Also in the Bible Proverbs 20:4 tells us: The sluggard will not plow by reason of the cold; therefore shall he beg in harvest, and have nothing.

We all want something for nothing, sometimes; but there are those who want it all, all the time, and with no intent of putting forth an effort to get that thing at any time.  Don’t let that be you or yours.

Proverbs 6:6 tells us to Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways and be wise:

“It’s Something to Think About.”

Dear Lord, please give us the strength to do all things, for “I can do all things because of Him who strengthen me.”  In Jesus name, we pray.

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“You are as young as your thoughts and as old as your despair.”  That’s why I like to keep it fresh and let by gone’s be just that, by goners.  INCLUDING MY USE TO BE GOOD LOOKS.

Nothing can save us from old age but death; so thank God old age is usually the cause of death.  Our youth need to understand just because they may be young now, there is no guarantee they will live long enough to get old.  But, having a healthy thirst for life can make the aging process as enjoyable as our youth; that is if you had one.

We love to make statements like: “Lil Boo-Boo is only 5 years old, but she acts as if she is thirty.”  Trust me that is not a compliment once Lil Boo-Boo hits a certain age, and if it’s true, what happened to Lil’s youth?

Women like to use the excuse, “A real lady don’t tell her age.”  That’s a bunch of baloney if you ask me.  That statement normally comes from a woman who is ashamed of her age; in my opinion.  If we look or feel younger than our years, as vain as we are, do you really believe we want to hide it?  Give me a break, and yes there are exceptions, so if the shoe don’t fit don’t wear it.

Spending too much time worrying about the natural process of aging, and ultimately dying, causes stress.  Stress is a powerful emotion that will cut our lives short, and worrying about how we look on top of that will help speed up the process.  We should focus more on how we feel and how we make others feel.  That’s called the better things in life.

It’s only natural to see ourselves differently than what others see, but we often overlook  “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  Once we understand that and stop thinking too much of ourselves, we may start having a good life that is reeking with realism.

Perhaps, every parent should teach their children the process of death started the minute they were born.  Maybe this way the child will learn to cherish life from the beginning to the end.  Knowledge, from the cradle to the grave is the fundamental ingredient required for a long and healthy life, instead of one taken for granted, and steeped in vanity.  Only to realize, when it’s too late, how much time was wasted on something we have no control over…Death!

Some things are beyond our reasoning; at most scientist would disagree, they believe they can find an answer for everything.  Everything that can be seen, touched or, heard.  I in part agree that there are quite a few “out of this world” things we can find the answers to, but unlike some, I believe there is an unseen God named Jesus Christ, who has all the answers.  Especially the one’s men are not aware of.

And he said, “The Things that are impossible with men are possible with God.”  Luke 18:27  KJV

As usual, most of the things we do, we do to ourselves.  (Getting a face lift, etc)  Having a self-serving attitude usually, creates some type of depression.  (When the facelift fails.)  We can’t have it all, as much as we would love too, but what we can do is take what we do have to the next level.  One way is to live making the most of everything in a Christ-like manner.

Did you know, some of us have the desire to live to be the oldest person on Earth, without wrinkles?   This wrinkle-less notion is just pure folly, and having Everlasting Life without Jesus Christ is just plain crazy…And the fastest way to Hell.

In this self-centered, self-absorbed world, we think we are able to beat the odds of growing old through Science.

We can pull and stitch our faces back so tight behind our ears we often look like stretched leather or some other unrecognizable being.  And we can look good, for a while.  But no matter the cost, or the time it takes to try to turn back the hands of time, we are still going to fade.  As a matter of fact, some of us will never get old enough to fade…

Personally, I would prefer to check-out without all the drama of trying to preserve something long past its years, a body that was designed to die.  I am not going to worry about that, I am going to live life the way it was meant to be, wholesome and clean.  Filled with all the promises of Christ; you know, do unto other, be not afraid, you matter, etc..

In my book, I Survived 60 Years to Get Cancer, Then Kill It, I tell a story about a lady around the same age as I, who had a Mastectomy.  She chose to have a Breast Implant, I chose not.  It was too much cutting in my opinion for the sake of vanity.  I saw her for the 1st time in years; in the course of our conversation, I asked how did the implant go.  This lady told me that implant was the worst decision she ever made in her life.

She said, her left breast was removed to save her life, but worrying about what others thought about her appearance has caused her great grief.  I told her the sorrow isn’t coming from what others may think, it came from her decision to try to be youthful in appearance; something she can never recapture naturally.  But, through it all, she should realize she is very capable of renewing her mind.

It’s moments like these that causes us to realize we only have one life to live; So live it.  Laugh at the flaws so you can have a good time.  Let your Spirit live life to the fullest so you can enjoy the one thing that is yours alone; Every Breath you Take!

Life is a gift from God, not something we should tinker with unless you plan on losing it in a manner that was not meant to be.  We can change our outcome by not respecting the hand that gave it.  Not only the seed that God planted, but in the manner in which we treat our parents, who delivered it into the earth.

Old age is a blessing with only one way to get there, and that way is to live.

So try as you may, do not under any circumstances believe you can reverse or stop the hands of time, no matter how many needles, youth serum’s concocted, or your own unsupported beliefs, you are going to die, so you had better live while you can.

FYI: Even when you are dead the aging process will continue until you are dirt.  The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 12:7;

Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was, and the spirit will return to God who gave it.

Nobody gets to live life in reverse, there are no Benjamin Buttons; ( a movie about a man who started to De-age back to nothing.  I liked the Incredible Shrinking Woman, better.)

Go for life or die worrying about dying even when you wasn’t, and remember every wrinkle took the time to develop.

Thank you, Lord, for the one life I have been given here on earth, and for the one, I hope to receive in Heaven.  In Jesus name, we pray.  Amen!

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I know I am not the only one who need to jump for joy, shout Glory Hallelujah while Praising God.  I say; Let Everything that has Breath Praise the Lord.  Praise ye the Lord!

How many times does it take for us to realize there is something more powerful than any physical man or thing out there looking out for you and me?  How many times have we received a Saving Grace and called it luck?

Well I don’t know about you, but if you read the stories in my book, you will discover as I did; luck had nothing to do with it.

I owe my life to Christ Jesus

The time a friend and I were trapped.  A car pulled in front and one behind of us late one night.  We were trapped, with seemly no escape.  That is until I whispered a small prayer, and after the longest few minutes of my life, they pulled away.  As I gave a sigh of relief, my passenger said, “I wonder what that was all about?”

Didn’t they know prayer gives power to the weak, and strength to the powerless?

The time a woman I had just met told a man I was making advances towards her.  I showed no interest, so she tried to have me hurt.  Was it the Devil in her or was she embarrassed? (Both)  I guess I will never know the real answer but, as the angry man approached, another one stepped in front and said,  “I heard the whole thing, the side you heard didn’t happen.”

Didn’t they know I was covered by The Blood, and I hang on to Christ’s every word?

An overwhelming victory is ours through Jesus Christ who loves us, and those who listen to Him will live in peace, untroubled by fear or harm.  Read Proverbs 1  KJV

The time I was diagnosed with a dreaded disease and the doctors had little hope for my recovery.  I was so upbeat and confident I would beat that thing, even with the knowledge that I had no long-term insurance to provide 1st class care and treatments.

It all was given to me because of my Spirit coupled with my Will to Live.  (Faith and Christ-like attitude.)  The doctors still wanted to know what made me tick; Even after I repeatedly told them it was God.

The point is: I received Top of the Line Care because I helped myself by being a Top of the Line Patient.  Sometimes I came bearing gifts.  The gifts I received from the care-givers hands were the Gifts from God.  He guided their care and hands in the Natural World to the point they were shouting “It’s a Miracle.”

Didn’t they know it’s not always about the Science?  It was God’s Will for me to live.  Only He could provide a way, and use some hands that didn’t believe in Him.

The dominating power is Faith.  Belief and trust in Jesus Christ in your darkest hour may be all you need.  All mankind have been given the gift to have a peaceful mind and heart, so as not to be troubled or afraid.  I use my gift.  Read  John 14  KJV

The Lord has plans for us?  Plans for good and not a disaster, but for a future and one with hope. Jeremiah 29:11  KJV

Don’t the World know what happened long before any of our births, is still the Word of the Day?  Don’t they know;

The blood that Jesus she’d for me, way back on Calvary; The blood that gives strength from day-to-day, it will never lose it power.”

“It reaches the highest mountain, it flows to the lowest valley; the blood that gives me strength from day-to-day, it will never lose its power.  It soothes my doubts and calms my fears, and it dries all my tears.”

“The blood that gives me strength from day-to-day, it will never lose its power.”   Andrea Crouch

Thank you, Lord, for all your sacrifices for someone as undeserving as me.  In Jesus name, we pray.  Amen

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