07 Jun

You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win.  Zig Ziglar

When everything is going against you and you can’t hang on another second; HANG ON ANYWAY.  That’s being in the right place at the right time, and you had better know it.  It’s your blessing; everything changes from there.

It’s easy to get attention; say something stupid, or bizarre.

Unexpected success is just that, unexpected; it will happen when it happens.  But aging is a success that brings experience and with that comes benefits.  The older we get the more we know, the more we know the more that increases our wealth of knowledge.  Now that’s priceless.

If you enter the contest, enter to win.  Treat it as if it is an act of War.  Who enters to take 2nd place?

It takes more to being a leader than thinking you’re one.  If you get the job done you may be one.  But, if you are truly a leader you will have earned respect; which has nothing to so with those stars on your shoulder pads, or a job position; it’s simply because you lead with character.

If you want to live you will have to enjoy life.  I know people who have never been more than 100 miles from home.  It’s a big ole world out there, yours for the taking.  It’s rewarding, exciting, stimulating, and dangerous, but so is where you are now.  Don’t cheat yourself out of your life.  Go For It.

One last thing: You may say what you will or will not do, but necessity will change your mind, often and at an alarming rate.  It’s Something to Think About!

Thank you, Lord, Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord, Praise ye the Lord.  In Jesus name, we pray.  Amen

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