14 May

I heard a woman praying to God to relieve her from all the pain she was suffering.  There was nothing wrong with that until she said, ” Lord, I don’t know what I did to make you so angry with me, that you would cause me to suffer like this; I curse your name.”

Since that was the second time I heard that prayer over the years, and since I had written about it in an earlier post, I figured I had better re-address this issue.  Down through the years, I have learned some new stuff about it, and I have heard on more than one occasion the question; Is God really into the hurt our business? 

No!  Is the answer to that question, and as for the hurt you statement is concerned, I’m convinced now more than ever that pain can make us say some things we may not be able to come back from.

You shall not use or repeat the name of the LORD your God in vain (this is, lightly or frivolously, in false affirmations or profanely;) for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.   AMP

As I got to know this woman and looking at how she took care of herself made we wonder if the only problem she was really having was with her self-manufactured beliefs.  I know God will let the Devil test us from time to time, but sometimes I believe we harm ourselves, and it has nothing to do with good versus evil.

As the months passed, I noticed this woman drank as little water as possible, very seldom would she swallow one drop, constantly complaining about cramps in her hands and legs.  And since our bodies are composed of 60-70% water, it was no wonder she was in pain every time she moved.  Water is a vital part of our existence, so not drinking it can and will cause all types of problems; dry mouth, cramps, etc.

My point is cursing God is never a wise thing, plus she was praying for relief, and the cure was available to her with, or without prayer.  All she had to do was drink water.   How stupid is that?   After all, this woman doesn’t live in a Third World Country, without the basic needs.  Plus God didn’t do anything to her; she was accusing him of causing all of her pain out of ignorance.

As time passed, I found if she was telling the truth about her spiritually, there was no reason that I could see she should suffer so, outside of the fact she wasn’t drinking enough water; I thought she was a decent person.  Out of concern I suggested she drink lots and lots of water, but she promptly told me, again, she didn’t like water, and a glass of sweet tea was just as good.

In my opinion, I thought she needed to learn how to enjoy the water, minus the tea and sugar, or suffer more of the consequences of not drinking it.  She refused.  That is until the day the cramps had she bent over backward.  I just stood there with a big ole glass of ice water in my hand and suggested she have a drink.  “No, I don’t like water, I told you,”  as she screamed in pain for the lack of it.

Eventually, the pain was so bad she was willing to try anything.  I suggested water again, and this time she drank it.  I was not surprised after a few days of drinking water she felt better and said she was actually enjoying it, especially with meals.  You see, her only problem was she had convinced herself she didn’t like water years ago, being rebellious as a child, and that stuck with her, she also paid a price.  Cramps!

As simple as drinking water is, that story is just one of the not so bright things that can happen when we are unable or unwilling to change ourselves for whatever reason…  I know I’m guilty of bringing some childish things into adulthood.

Because of a lack of education, (street, home or school)  even if it is something as simple as knowing the importance of drinking water, often have us praying for all the wrong reasons, and accusing God of things that are non-existent with proper care.  Oh!  The Devil is real, and when we don’t take care of ourselves mentally and physically, he takes full advantage of that, sometimes causing us to lose one of our most unusual possession, common sense.

When we bring Hell on ourselves, we open doors that can be deadly…Everything is not complicated, we complicate them.

So, don’t get it twisted, blaming God and others for all our woe’s, bad decisions, lack of knowledge, and not having a relationship with Him, coupled with ignorance, can and will kill us, not to mention sending us straight to Hell.  God didn’t spare the angels that cursed him.  So, if you go that route, don’t be surprised if you get a cramp or two, or three…

For the wages of sin is death.  Follow the rules and live.  (The Ten Commandments)

Do not curse God.  It’s Something to Think About.

Thank you, Lord, for sound advice.  In Jesus name, we pray.  Amen

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