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Young and old listen up.  I’ll take that penny, so many of us have no respect for, and please allow me to tell you why in Testimony.  Y’all know I like to tell of my adventures.

When I thought I was old enough to make my own decisions, I tried my luck at the vices.  Gambling was one of them; although I don’t gamble as often as I did.  $1 for a gazillion dollars, can lure me in.  And I still lose my dollar just like every other time I fell for it.

Before the Lottery, gamblers played numerous games of chance, and still do today.  Back in my day, horse racing is almost as popular as a dangerous game of  Five Cards Stud Poker.  The big draw of the era consisted of three numbers called Policy; but most of us called this Pipe Dream,  “playing the numbers.”

If fortunate enough to hit, $1 paid $600, and if the numbers were boxed, ( in random order) $300 was yours to take.  Oh!  Did I tell you the payoff depended on finding the Bookie afterward, and if he/she actually paid after being flushed out.

I very seldom won anything, so why would I worry about getting paid? 

That realization should have been the first clue that I was wasting my hard-earned dividends, instead of seeking the benefits promised by God.  I played the same numbers for years.  The sad part, for lack of a better word, is stupidity. That was my boyfriend’s number to the riches.

I had quite a bit of baggage concerning him, disappointment, money, and love in my tell-all bookAnyway, let’s move on before I say too much.  Its’ best I pray to stop hanging on to things gone by, as hard as I was praying that number would fall; year after year.

Don’t get it twisted, the truth has nothing to do with him, the fault lies with me.  I am the one who keep playing the same number; he’s dead.  It’s been more years than I willing to admit, but, I’m still fighting urges to play that same old number.  Straight, box.

I didn’t hit one time that I can remember.  Not now or then.  No!  I am not telling you the number.  What if you hit?  Help me Jesus.

It was experienced, or my pocketbook was suffering.  I believe common sense finally took the lead, and I stopped throwing my money into  “The luck of the draw,” kitty.  Now I put that buck in a safe place for a purpose which is totally selfish.

My stash!  I break dollars for 2 cents, then put the 98 cents in the “Don’t touch this,” box.  Find a way like you do everything else.  You know, when we want what we want, only this time it has value and a good purpose, instead of “just because I wanted it.”

Hey!  I’m not shame, my stash paid for a few cabs among other things.  I learned the importance of God blesses the child who has his own.

I received some good advice from my dorm leader when I was in college.  She told me most spend more than expected because they don’t count or consider the change important money, so we spend it nonchalantly.  She said; “If you save your change, you will never be broke.”   She also said I needed her blue pig as a start to a strong financial future.

I took her advice, but not as literal as she thought, I didn’t try to save every single coin.  Anyway, we made a lopsided deal.  I gave her a sailor themed bathing suit, and she gave me advice and a blue plastic pig bank.

That small childish looking pig led me to understand the importance of economics, coupled with my first taste of healthy monetary independence.  That plastic pig enabled me to fund my trips to the laundry mat without calling home because I mismanaged my allowance.

I didn’t entertain the disappointment of the “I can’t afford it,” blues.  When I wanted something that was not in the budget I would hit that stash.  That’s what it was for, and I took from it with a smile on my face.  Now, everything was not fun and games, there were times when I stayed the course for a real purpose, and saved my money.

I don’t want to live the way the Government does business…  I would like to think I have the ability to do what I said or wait until I have reached the goal I was striving for; something that sometimes took years to accomplish, I will admit.  I am done fussing.

Do not try to exercise control by not attacking the stash for every little petty thing you claim you need.  But, it is your money to do with as you please.  Perhaps, some of it will find its way to Church; you think?  To God Be The Glory.

I know you know pennies turn into dollars, but too much for our “over the top” opinions of ourselves causes some to throw them into the streets, as opposed to giving them to those in need.  Too heavy for our pockets we claim, or pennies make holes in them.  Really!

FYI: Pennies are under-appreciated until you don’t have one.  And for those that do, I don’t mind the holes, I’ ll take every one of those heavy useless pennies.  Only this time I’ll offer them up for a good cause.

I am leaning towards worldwide, Human Trafficking. 

Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord, Praise ye the Lord.   In Jesus name, we pray.  Amen

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