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Even if you never believe there is a Jesus Christ, and even if you never believe he is still around today, no matter what you believe or say, I can’t and never will understand why some would hate the doctrine?  (A policy taught.)  In my opinion, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” makes sense; common sense.

Although some would say,  “Who’s to say what common sense is or is not?”  Especially when drinking, or considering ourselves to be self-taught scholars.  Perhaps a Guru of some sort blowing smoke, including the possibility of sheer ignorance.

We know what we do, and we know right from wrong, so perhaps it doesn’t matter how hard we try to convince ourselves,  ” I’m just being me;”   In most cases it’s just a lie we tell, with our shady selves.

When our actions are unbecoming, we try to keep it from others and not feel guilty about the decision. Coupled with the “Everybody is stupid but me”; besides  “It ain’t nobodies business, no ways.”  Something I have heard most of my life.

We are so vain that when we give ourselves that underserved, self-serving pat on the back, we empower the Devil.  That type of attitude is right up his alley.  Hence, one of the purposes of this website.  I fell into the “it’s all about me,” trap.  Right up until I found out it wasn’t.  That one hurt.

If I was the worst I could ever be, I still would want what Jesus Christ teaches for me, my family, friends, O.K. and my foe’s.  Even if I was the biggest heathen on Earth, I can find plenty of reasons to be all I can be.  What good is a life without the quality it can offer?  And what is that without the Love of our Savior Jesus Christ?

What are our chances?  Find out in John 15:5   And if you don’t want to pick up the Bible, know this;  “Even if you fall on your face, you’re still going forward.”  Victor Kiam

In the meantime, I am not planning on giving anyone Hell, nor am I expecting to receive any.  Expecting trouble is a waste of time, and it’s counter-productive, but it will happen and it must be addressed because of the ramifications; if problems are left to themselves who knows what may be lying in wait?  Do Something!

FYI: I didn’t address my breast issues, and the ramifications of not going to the doctor developed into 3rd stage Breast Cancer.  My attitude was: “This could never happen to me,” but it did.

Losing precious time is a gift from the Devil, as he attempts to suck the very life out of us, which is based on time spent being idle or living a non-productive life.  Wasting our time keeping us grounded in selfishness, which is designed to, and will kill us “sooner than later.”

Looking back at all the mess is not advantageous unless we are willing to change.  If so, look forward, while trying to amend some of the things we did that were unconventional from the start.  Go against the grain; the “new norm” is to be cunning.  Often overlooking there is a price if we continue in unbecoming ways.  It only takes one bad move for us to stumble going forward or fall into an unexpected sinkhole called Hell.

Oh, well!  It’s the truth, and it is what it is: It’s not hard to be fair, it’s an unwillingness to do it.  Don’t get mad at me, let’s just keep it real.  It’s a “dog eat dog, world”  WITHOUT JESUS CHRIST; Please excuse me for hollering.

I have a good understanding of what God wants from me because I lived through what he didn’t want for me.  I understand my purpose is to pass on what I have learned from that life, and the wake of call was Breast CancerDid you know I smoked cigarettes for 45 years?  Go figure.

I am a Living Witness, who received an education at a price, a price you don’t want to pay.  And I physically wear the scars.

When your life is involved more than a few things come into focusOne of the most important ones for me was I finally understood; Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.  Proverbs 4:7

Knowing that we have to live in the carnal world; which we all will have to survive until death, is a part of life.  When we experience Jesus Christ, some of us realize it’s A Gift from The Heavens, not the Gates of Hell.

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We love you Lord!  In Jesus name we pray.  Amen!


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