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“But I tell you, on the day of judgment men will have to give account for every idle (inoperative, non-working) word they speak. For by your words you will be justified and acquitted, and by your words, you will be condemned and sentenced.”  Matthew 12:36-37  (AMP)

Some friends and I were having a heated conversation, causing some harsh words to be used.  When one of us was finally able to get some control over the situation, we all agreed to disagree.  We had hopes of moving on from these difficult differences, and that was all well and good, but we all needed to shut up in order to “give peace a chance.”

We managed to stop fighting, but we still needed order and a little more respect for each others opinion.  Without some basic rules, this was not going to go well.  For the record; I understand this agree to disagree thing, but, it didn’t work this time.

Although I agreed to this process, in my heart nothing had been settled.  So, with a false sense of hope I continued on with my loud mouthed, highly opinionated friends; that is until that deep-seated argument that was never resolved rear its ugly head again.  A situation that made me realize, somewhere in between the agree, and the not to agree there was a solution and I had to find it.

I understood, in order to be on one accord, we had to resolve our problems and defuse any loose cannons. (Mainly, me.) One of the reasons our troubles continued is because no one was listening, or really looking for solutions.  After a while, we all decided to come back together and talk things over.  But, we started where we left off; everyone talking at the same time.

I understand the need to be heard, but bending an ear requires lending one.

When we are listening, we are not talking, and that mean we are not loud, or creating a ruckus by becoming unruly; talking above and through everyone else.  Some of us are under the illusion that others value our shady opinions.  We think we can outwit or out talk the crowd.

Anyway, if things stay true to our time in cyberspace, it wouldn’t be long before me, and the other combatants forget what we were originally fighting about.  Simply because it wasn’t worth the time or effort we put in it.  We are far too busy; something else that could sour our friendships to the point of no return.  Not taking the time to get to know or understand each other, is usually the culprit.

Finally, we all agreed that when things are not resolved they can open up a “can of worms,” concerning other past unresolved conversations.  Now, this is the start of another fight, a fight, caused by the last fight.  And if in public, add-on the onlookers, throw in a little competitive pride, and our making a stand by allowing our emotions to rule the day; creating a “melting pot.”

Been there done that!  The heat was too hot in that kitchen for me.  I learned the hard way how to recognize when enough is enough.  Grab on to Jesus Christ for some courage, refrain from becoming confrontational; use His strength to motivate, and get out of harm’s way; physically as well as emotionally.

I believe a big part of living is to grow old with experience.  So confrontations, as with the rest of what’s involved in this uncertain world, are expected.  But that don’t mean for us to consider trouble a way of life.  The advantages come when those adventures can be shared in a positive manner with our youth, not only for us to start anew, but for us to teach to the new.  We must keep moving forward, and show progress by improving who and what we stand for in a Christ-like manner.

So, no matter how rocky the road to a settlement may be, in life, some things are for certain and one of them is: “Crisis take us to the brink of our limits, then forces us to keep moving.”  So, stay with it, and understand;

Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.   Proverbs 4:7

Never lose your senses and remember we all have a purpose, being ready to receive it is another conversation.

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In Jesus name we pray, listen and learn.  Amen


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