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DID YOU KNOW # 15 (Updated)

Did you know, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble?”  And, I know you know; Hate is dominating today’s society?  We can find more things to hate than I can fathom; often mumbling when asked, “Why are you so hateful?”  Have you ever heard that?  Admittedly or not, we all may have at some point.

I know, you know, haters have the biggest mouths, but in-case you didn’t know that; take a survey of who’s doing all the talking when trouble is in the mix.  From my experiences, hate seems to come from the ones that are at a low point or just plain unsuccessful.  Haters hate the success of others because success eludes them.

Success has a tendency to pass some of us by.  In some instances, we miss our Grand Opening because we were too busy with what others are doing, instead of what we should be doing, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord, and Savior.  The things that will benefit all of us.

Take note: if the “shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it,”  I am not talking to you on this one.

When I was working at a Technology school, the boys would stand on the outside of the doors of education, waiting for the girls to come out, instead of entering the building themselves.  The girls, already on the inside, are ahead and learning how to secure their future.

FYI: Boys, the wait is just as long on the inside of the building, as it is on the outside.  This is the perfect opportunity to learn something, and lessen the waiting period.  (These roles can be reversed.)

Other than favor, from God, without an education, how can we be successful?  Some of us won’t even try or simply put, some of us don’t know how. But know this, the road to success, not hatred, is taught in school.  Any type of school; regular, vocational, life, etc..  We are to learn how to learn, listen, and share.  Putting that to good use is another topic, although worthy.

Someone need to tell everybody, never mind, I’ll do it.

Success is on the inside of the “Halls of Education.”  Any learning environment, including the hard work that is in front of us when we get out.  Our personal success is not in what someone else has gained for themselves.  You don’t know their sacrifices, including the ones that may benefit all of us.

One of the most important values we have in our lifetime, after Christ, should be our merits.  In my opinion, “It’s Something to Think About.”  Perhaps, we can find peace with-in ourselves, while rejecting hate.  A hard task to accomplish without hating, but possible through Jesus Christ.

Did you know, oftentimes, we hate some things only because we are fearful of them.  We must search for ways to stop hating what we fear.  To be clear, we need to stop hating on those who work hard for what they have.  And if wondering why some don’t hate.  Could it be that there is little or no time for hatred; some of us are simply too busy doing all we can to just survive, and maintain, for ourselves, and for the sake of others. (Family and friends.)

Some of us never realize success is a bonus, a gift from God.  And if He has bestowed favor on you, trust me, since Christ is a “fisher of men,” he may have a purpose for you. 

Did you know, the first step is to find out what we are so afraid of?  Oftentimes when we do, that fear is called: The “Fear of Success.”  Yep!  We are afraid of not being prepared if success was to happen.  I ‘m not going to tell you all how many times I said, “I should have stayed in school.”

Did you know, we are often afraid of failure in the face of our peers, causing us to back off of a possible leadership position.  A lack of courage will not permit us to give ourselves the opportunity to be that winner, we know we are.  And to make matters worst, we make are own selves miserable, because we dwell on our decisions in an unhealthy manner.

Did you know, most times, the answer to most fears, can be found in the mirror?

I believe the face of failure has a distinct look equivalent to: jealousy, greed, pride, covetousness, and self-loathing, just to name a few.  Take a look, and if that’s not you, don’t claim it.  But just in-case it is you, and you don’t like what you see, or how it feel, fix it. Go to a Bible Believing, Bible Teaching Church to discover, how too, or suffer the consequences.

Hell and damnation have no shame, especially if we are out from under the Covenant of Jesus Christ.  (Protection)

Did you know; danger is a challenge that can, and will lead us astray when we are afraid?  A word to the wise would be, to be careful and not let anger lead the way.  Anger can cause some of us to be hateful towards the weak, the small, and the innocent.  All because we are cowards, afraid of facing the unknown, so we divert our fears, using hatred visited upon others, for revenge.

Now, there are a lot of injustices, but, just because something isn’t right, doesn’t mean we have to act out.  The wise choice is to accept those experiences as lessons learned, filing them away with the rest of life experiences, never forgetting them, but able to move on.

Did you know, “We are is the sum of our experiences, and if we knew our future we wouldn’t have one?”

To God Be The Glory!  Thank you Lord!  Amen

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