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In my opinion, if we seek anything that is not of God, maybe we should take a closer look at what’s going on with us, personally.  I believe if we put more effort into focusing on Him, and by “Enhancing our Integrity,” this will create an opportunity to upgrade our lifestyles by leaps and bounds.  Now that’s easy enough to say but not that easy to do.

INTEGRITY: To have morals and principles, sound character coupled with raw honesty.  To me, this translates into having the quality of being unimpaired, something I wanted if it would bring me closer to my goals of becoming as close to perfect and successful as possible.  I wanted any and everything that could bring my desires to the forefront.  I discovered with a little hard work and integrity I may be able to achieve my desires with class instead of brass.

Listen up, the timeline for this Testimony happened when actually talking to one another was the World Wide Web; a time too slow for some these days.

Anyway, a normal day for me was shooting my regular, l was doing everything I wanted to do, with or without anyone’s blessings, and my interest lay solely in success.  I wanted what I wanted, money, cars, clothes, etc., you know, all the good time trappings and whatever else that came with it; overlooking the evil aspects, although that was not my intent, I just conveniently left that off the plate.

Back in the day, success was rewarded for hard work; we didn’t have all the perks we do now, and what we did have, was to be used for the benefit of all; Electricity, Coca-Cola, the Interstate, etc…In this push button world, the way things appear to be going, some of the do everything, coupled with all the see everything gadgets available, are just too much for me.  Too easy to reach a good number of good-times designed to take us to the dark side.

Now I am wondering if hard work is a thing of the past?  Have we become a body of takers?  It seems to me as if most fortunes made in this the day and age are created through scams, identity thefts, home invasions, etc… On second thought, who will hate you for that, after all, we do have to eat; a convenient excuse for wrong doings.  We may have become  “Too Smart for our Own Britches,”  or too self-serving.

After learning the meaning of integrity and how to use it to benefit me, my outlook began to change, and I started to make slow and subtle advances for the better.  The word “integrity” taught me how to attain my desires by building character.

With a little common sense, coupled with being polite, and by adding kindness to the mix, I became more respectable of others.  Because I included a good bit of honesty, fairness, and was dependable, my new abilities, outlook, and knowledge, caused me to become a better person, not only to others but myself as well.

As you can read there is a long list of powerful words explaining integrity, and all of them build integrity.  We should fill our lives and personalities with it, for integrity will get us wherever we desire to go, faster, and without looking over our shoulders every few minutes, maybe?

The thing is, if you have the type of quality that integrity calls for, and see yourself with the life you have been given as a helpmate instead of a taker, and if you believe in Jesus Christ, you will succeed, there is no doubt about it because the bible tells us and I know;

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”   Philippians 4:13

Without Christ, it’s easy to have a sorry outlook when it concerns the make it or break it part of our existence.  With that said, what if we use our common sense to shore up our integrity, by dusting off our morals, and polishing our manners off to a mirror finish.  We could also sit still, listen well, and pray for patience.  A good start would be to carry ourselves with class and dignity, making sure we keep our character in tack, by being respectable to and with others, for this is right.

In my opinion, integrity is simple.  An example of what I mean is: be who we say we are, walk the walk, and talk the talk with truth, sincerity, dignity and in all honesty, showing the world who you really are complete with awarding winning characteristics.

The Bible say in Proverbs 11:3; The integrity of the upright shall guide them; but the perverseness (to be contrary) of transgressors shall destroy them.

“It’s Something to Think About,” because once you know the Word of God, it would be to your advantage to learn from it.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting, get understanding.   Proverbs 4:7

Thank you, Father, for waking us up in our right minds.  In Jesus name, we pray.  Amen,,, or Facebook Norvie Cherry




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