17 Aug

I want stuff too, as a matter of fact, “I Want it All.”

I want life more abundantly, love, respect, and of course great wealth.  But, I need to have the Favor of God, for without his will my wants are only “Wishful Thinking.”

If we have ever wondered about having an abundance of physical things and they are in accordance with what God has in store for us, it just may be possible.

If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things?   1st Corinthians 9:11

Everything belongs to God, so who said we can’t have our cake and eat it too?   ” It’s His Choice,”  but we still have to sow in order to reap.  Back in the day when I made specific plans, you can bet they were  “all about me,”  while claiming I knew exactly how they were going to play out in advance.  Don’t ask me how I just knew was my defense.

Later, I would wonder if I had loss my mind while thinking I could read yours.  Some things would have to change because I was in need of prayer, including a lift off of my high and mighty I know everything attitude because I am perfect.

I was not the only one thinking I was a little too sure of me.  As I was leaving a gathering, I heard a friend complaining to another about me.  They both were in agreement that someone needed to talk to me about my bigger than life attitude.  Hearing that, I was thinking don’t hate on me, I have problems too, I just don’t advertise my personal dilemmas, whining to the world when things don’t go my way, so everything is not what it seems… I put on a brave face.

I have always wanted what I wanted so I went to work to make sure I got what I wanted.  Some just don’t get it, I don’t have any more than the rest, I just don’t have the responsibilities that would spread my wallet thin, because of the decisions I made.  I wanted to be free, and have all the toys I could afford, so I didn’t put myself in a position to share the wealth.  (Marriage, children, etc.)

Regardless of what some may say, I know my plans are nothing without favor and prayer.  That knowledge alone gave me confidence, not the I am better than the rest attitude.  I knew the secret to success had to involve something that is beneficial to others while being mindful that  “The devil gives gifts too.”   The difference in these gifts are; with Christ, they don’t come in the form of a “payday loan.”

Prayer, coupled with faith and favor from Christ are some powerful tools; just what we need to get some of those carnal things we desire.  (Trains, Planes, and Automobiles, etc…)  Including the spiritual strength, we need to continue battling what may come our way, that is not of God.

We have to wear more than one hat these days.  So, we must prepare our hearts to be one with Christ so we can focus on the everyday ups and downs, maintaining friendships, knowing how to be fair and balanced, coupled with being disciplined.

I believed if I remained focused, I may be able to do just enough for His Will To Be Done; In My Favor.  I was hopeful that I could get what I wanted by adopting the ways of Christ, and by giving and sharing I may be able to put myself in line for a miracle.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, instead of crying foul, I praised God from the top of my lungs for all the life he had given me before that dreadful day of acknowledgment.  Yes, the one who could not be touched by life’s cruelties was now tainted with realism.  A day of reckoning and the first of many bitter pills to swallow.

By acknowledging the fact that I was not immune to life’s up’s and downs, I kept the faith and managed to opt out of self-pity, and whimpering in a corner, “Why me?”

“Why not me?”  I knew I was no better than the rest in the eyes of Christ, so I decided to show it and be grateful for what had already been given, and tone myself down so as not to hear my friends’ concerns.   My change of attitude turned my life around and gave me a real sense of purpose.

I now know the best route to take in order to achieve my desires, was to share all I would learn from a terrible situation, (Cancer) and turn that disease into a life-saving Testimony, for all who would listen.  With this type of attitude and faith, my life, lead by the Holy Spirit was saved, plucked from the clutches of near death to tell these stories, and I am staying the course.

By praising and sharing instead of complaining, I am able to Testify to the fact that God is Good.  For all our desires, we should be doing the Will of God; which is a commitment to serve him.  That desire will win the day if we are Praising God from whom all blessing flow.

Action speaks louder than words, so I got busy learning how to not be the subject of unhealthy conversations.  I prayed for a better life and that lead me to become a Motivational Speaker, Blogger, Storyteller, Author, and an all around better Christian.  No one can do that for us but we and faith played a major part in that transition.

Look where faith has gotten me after the doctors felt I was a hopeless case.  It was faith that carried through.  I desired life, and I was blessed with it because I follow the rules.  I share what I have and know.  All of us are in line for blessings, but in order to receive them, we must be ready in our desire to serve The Lord.

Are you ready to do the things you must do in order to receive the desires of your heart.?  To have it all while living the productive life Jesus Christ wants us to have.  As with most things hard work reaps great rewards, and so as with this.

In Jesus name we pray for life everlasting.   Amen,, or Facebook norvie.cherry


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