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In 2008 I was diagnosed with 3rd stage Breast Cancer.  Cancer that had traveled to my lymph nodes, (the highway to the bloodstream) and I am not dead.  As a matter of fact, I am Cancer Free.  I didn’t say “I am in remission;”  the comment often made when I say “I am Cancer Free.”   I think that comment is meant to hurt, I also think some might not have meant it too.  Cancer doesn’t kill everybody; I am a Living Witness to that. 

I don’t care how careful we try to convey that message when some hear the word Cancer or the mere mention of any disorder that may be associated with them, it’s over, and some commit mental suicide.  They give up and give in.  Just what Satan wants us to do.   For the lover’s of Christ this is the perfect time to get up and step out on Faith; call on the Name of Jesus, our Lord, and Savior.

Doesn’t Savior mean a deliverer; someone or something who comes to the rescue and save us?  In my opinion, Jesus Christ is exactly what that savior word means.  Go to Him in prayer, but Praise Him first.  “What’s So Hard About That?”

But; there is always a but, if you find it hard to compose your own words, or just don’t like the way you say things, check out the bible, it tells us how to pray.  Matthew 6:7-8 say,

But when we pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.  Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your, Father knows what things you are in need of before you ask him. 

Verse 9 continues with, After this manner, therefore, pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.   Read it,  “The Lord’s Prayer.”   And may I suggest you continue reading, especially taking note of verse 24; No man can serve two masters.  Drugs versus a healthy lifestyle, the Devil and Jesus Christ; in case you were wondering.

“Oh, Lord! I come boldly to the throne.”   What’s So Hard About That?

I am committed to the Will of God, and I feel he has willed me into the world of Motivational Speaking, Blogging and Authorship.  Praising and lifting him on high.  I celebrated with Jesus when no one believed me when I told them, “I am only going to have the 90-day cancer.”   Oh! Wanda did.  Christ already knew my cells had gone wild, but I had to personally give myself to him.

“Thank you, Lord, for all you have done, and if losing my life is you will then Let Thy Will Be Done.  I surrender all to you.”   I immediately understood Christ wanted to save my life, plus there would be a new purpose for my living; that of a Living Witness.  Telling all about the favor Jesus showed me, and his willingness to extend mercy to all that believe in him.

All I am saying is if you want to live and have a future in the physical world now, and “Everlasting Life”  in the Kingdom after death, Praise and obey Jesus Christ; look to Him who is the author of all our lives.   “What’s So Hard About That?

One of the greatest gifts we can have is to know Jesus and to know he’s got our back.  We labor hard when we worry and worrying is one of those situations that causes us to ask Christ for an intervention, but still, we worry.  Maybe we should ask  “Where is my Faith?”

In order to win any race we have to stay true to the course, and believe we can make it all the way to the end.  In perilous times or not, we must choose the best option for the action we have chosen; which is to follow Jesus Christ; in my opinion.  But as in any case, and whatever path we choose to follow, the directions are laid out in the Bible from Genesis to Revelations.

Study the New Testament with a passion.  “Jesus Christ was born and has Risen.”   And will never fail you if you believe he exists, praise his name, and “follow after him all the days of your life.”   “What’s So Hard About That?”

Giving up control concerning health, welfare, or any issue is tough.  Still, “we have to do what we have to do.”   When someone is helping us, you must help them help you; your prayers may have been answered.  When we give whatever it is in Christ, it’s time to step out on faith and let Jesus take it from there, whatever the outcome.

I remember a story about a certain man who fell off the side of a mountain.  Now this fellow was roped off, and his fall was caught before he hit rock bottom.  Immediately he started praising and thanking God he didn’t fall to his death.

After a short-lived celebration, he realized he was still in trouble, so he began praying a very stressful prayer.  Every time he asked Christ to help him get out of his present situation, the Lord told him to cut the rope.  He didn’t, so about a week later some hikers walking the base of the mountain found a man dead, swinging from a rope, 3 feet from the ground.

Why waste time asking for help if we cannot accept it?  Why continue on the destructive path of misguiding and disbelief?  Most of the time the evidence show our ways don’t work, or some decisions are just plain stupid.  (“If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.”)   Why ask Jesus for help when there is no Faith in God.  In my opinion, something was there, or we wouldn’t have to ask

When we ask God, let God.   What’s So Hard About That?”

After coming out of any hardship and doing everything we can to help ourselves; relaxing a little, trying to take the tension off so we can get comfortable and heal.  Well, you know how soon we forget, so keep in mind those prayers we prayed in our prayer closet; the ones we used to beg the Holy Spirit.  The time will come for you to put those promises to use.  You know, the usual ones; “if you do this I will do that.”

Let’s keep Jesus in our hearts, at home, and take him into the world with us.  If we allow Christ into our lives, we may be able to accomplish some of those things we promised when we feared for ourselves.  It’s dangerous out here, and we need Our Father more than ever.  Just believe with all your heart, Jesus Christ is your Lord, your Savior, and friend.   “What’s So Hard About That?”

FYI: even in your own illness be ready to help your support team.  Some of them may be stuck in the ways of death.  Some of those involved in the Home Health Care, part of our lives, mean will; but one or two in that bunch may claim to know what is best for our well-being but sadly are not taking care of themselves.

Personally, I find it hard to take advice from a person who has never experienced the problem, but that’s me.

There was no need to worry about me?  I understand worry is a human emotion, but I had come home, and I was grinning thru and thru.  Trust me, I know how I felt, and I thought the others should too.  After all, I told it to all who would listen.  What I got back was?  Oh!  Never Mind.  My attitude at that time is what was important, and that step was behind me.  I was very grateful for that, so I Told Jesus all about my joy.

There will be times when we must be brave.  Brave enough to stand up for ourselves in order to heal.  Most of us know certain people and will, at all cost, try to avoid them.  Just remember, “everyone is not out to get you.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.   What’s So Hard About That?”

Jesus spared my life and put me to the task of being a Living Witness.  I am alive and have a treasure chest of positive energy and true life stories.  And some of those experiences tried to drag me to the grave.  But with Christ, he enabled me to use those sometimes pleasurable and sometimes not, adventures to motivate others.  I know what Jesus Christ will and can do; I was there when he did it for me.  So it’s my job to do all I can, by letting you know He will do it for you too.

I understand there are some things men are not in control of; Cancer and God’s Will are just a few.  Christ did not set me or you up to fail.  For to be carnally minded is Death; to be Spiritually minded is life and peace.  I believe it to be so, and everything has a purpose and reason, we just have to find it.

I had cancer for a reason, and it was not to die a slow painful death.  I believe it was an experience designed to enable me to give testimony to the fact that miracles do happen and Christ do exist.  I also believe it was a test to prove the Devil had no power over me if God willed it, and I remain Faithful.  A battle I could win thru faith.

I believe we all have choices, and to find the correct decision we must look into our hearts, where the Holy Spirit resides.  Take the knowledge we have gained from our own existence, thru experiences, in a positive manner so they can work for the good of all.  I did and found myself useful once I gave my heart and soul to Jesus. 

What’s So Hard About That?”

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