19 Jun

The position of an Executive Officer is to carry out, perform a duty or execute the orders received from The CEO, The Chief Executive Officer, to take charge and get the job done.

“Be the Executor of your own life, but choose Christ as your CEO.”   Gloria Jean Cherry

We are the CEO of our own life.  How well we do is mostly determined by the decisions we make and that depends on our ability to carry out those choices.

Although some of us can overstep our abilities God fearing or not, we may have to own up to our mistakes.  I used the word may loosely.  I believe we may not have a choice if we know what is best for us.  I know God gives us free will, the question is; will we be Christian-mined when reviewing those choices?  If the answer is no then I am merely suggesting to not pay a ransom, “Consider your ways.”

To Lead: requires us to go in a certain direction, to be and stay in charge while others are expecting us to bring about results.  To go first and be a role example by staying ahead, all the while showing the way.

We really should search our souls and ask ourselves are we capable of completing what we ask for.  I want to know if we prayed for guidance?  If we decide to take the lead or prodded into it, we need to know what we are doing, who we are doing it with and for what reason.

For thou art my rock and fortress; therefore for thy name’s sake lead me, and guide me.”   Psalms 31:3

CEO’s have to deal with the pressures of the world, their physical well-being as well as having a good mental state of mind, this can be overbearing without trusted help.  With blessings from above, we may have what it takes, if we step down and become the Executor of our life, letting Christ in as the CEO.

Some may think they can lead themselves and others, but this is a job and experience is a requirement.  Do you have the credentials to apply?  I am just asking those that try to run everything like I use to. 

“The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.”      Henry Kissinger

Can we stand on our own moral behavior and not become conformed to the ways of the world?  I am talking about the peer pressure, the ability to do the right thing, whatever circumstances; bribes, etc.?  Can we make life or death decisions concerning others?  Would we even want to?  We need to think about our leadership capabilities well before we consider leading others. (Starting a family, etc.)

We know a lot of things and claim,  “it’s right off of the top of our heads, or on the tip of our tongues.”                   

Some of it is common sense, some of it makes no sense and some of it is what we have been taught or thought up on our own.  All that is good, but in the world we live in to be the CEO, we need Spiritual guidance.

With Christ we can gain “great leadership abilities, and our actions causing us to be a part of great things.”  If we study wholesome leaders like; “THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT,”  we can realize the importance of delegating initiatives in a timely and effective manner, by making good decisions.  With the blessings of Christ, we can make Executive decisions based on our ability to control ourselves, and choose a healthy environmental setting for all involved.

Jesus can give us the desire to reach a certain level of completeness to get a clear view of the world, and the wheels that make it turn.  With Christ-like knowledge we can make Christ based decisions while learning how to govern others,  (children, etc.) as well as ourselves.

We need to let Christ lead the way and we listen, so we can execute the proper roles we are to play while here on earth.  We must assist others in order to carry out Christ’s plans for our lives.  Since we are all a part of the carnal world, which happens to be an enemy of God, it can cause us to be bogged down with circumstances.  The bible tells us we will have tribulations during and out of our control, but livable.

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace.  In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”   John 16:33

When we work under the banner of The Kingdom of God, holding down the job of rightly seeking and carrying out the Will of God; this makes Christ the perfect CEO for us.  With God’s Grace we may acquire leadership roles by praising our Heavenly Father, keeping the Faith and doing good-by our fellow-man.

“Show me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths.  Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou are the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all day.”   Psalms 25: 4-5

We should be the perfect CEO’s of our life since we are the ones living it; unfortunately we are not.  When we take a position and know we cannot execute it well and still we continue because someone egged us on, a big paycheck, etc..  Pray for the courage to stand down and follow your heart where the Spirit lives.

The devil made me do it,”  is a straight out lie.  Pride and or greed may have played a part, you think?

Remember, no matter what someone else may think of you, they can’t know as much as you and God, about you.  We know our own capabilities so I never argue with someone about me, what I am thinking, what I know or what I can do; for they are foolish and the bible says don’t  “argue with fools, they will only resent you more.”

“I know who I am, regardless of whether I like me or not.”   Norvie L. Cherry 

Some of us don’t manage who we are very well.  Still, we desire to be a Head Chump in-charge; The Boss, the one who gets the ball rolling never thinking about others, or be in a Christ-like mental state of mine.  According to me; when we start to talk about who we want to be, most forget there are “mountains to climb.”

The good news is, by following our heart and allowing the real CEO Jesus Christ to take charge, we can Execute His Will and turn our lives into a win-win situation.  “God doesn’t make mistakes.”   If we allow His Will, we have a really good shot at becoming a great leader…

To know everything and have the answer to all the world problems virtually everything thought up or not would make some of us The Great God Almighty; and we know there is only one of Him.  Too bad we are  not made for sinless greatness.  We started out good, but Adam and Eve wiped that out.

According to what I understand of the bible and its teachings are; we were made to be Company for, Praise and be Obedient to God, Love and Obey His son; and one another by becoming vessels to carry out His Word.

Jesus, saved my lifeSaved me from a death stemming from 3rd stage Breast Cancer to tell it; To let you know who is in charge.                                                                                                         

My CEO is Christ.   Who’s yours?  And don’t say, you.  That may turn out to be worse than any payday loan.

Most things work out alright, but never perfect maybe missed by only a hair and still it is not enough.  Regardless of the goal large or small at some point when we make an Executive Decision without speaking to our CEO things are going to go south.

If we dedicate ourselves to Christ, He may grant us the gift to inspire and motivate people to the point they can become more productive, and begin to produce quality in their homes and the lives of others.  In order to accomplish that we would need the “ability to pass on a vision that is clearly understood.”   Did I mention God’s plans always work?

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”   William Arthur Ward

I have met a ton of people the devils and “deviletts;”  The good the bad and the ugly.   Rarely knowing who they really were.  So caution needs to be taken more seriously because we can take on the persona of some unsavory characters.  “Sometimes the people we look up to is the type of person we may become.”  

What some may not realize is we really do a better job of  just being ourselves.  I know for a fact I don’t do you better than I do myself.  When I prayed for Christ be the CEO of my home and life all blessings started to flow because I was making better decisions for me, and that transcended into a better situation for all involved and a few others.

In order to be a leader we need have a great deal of character.   Charles Chaplin said;  “A man’s true character comes out when he is drunk.” 

Maybe there is something to that.  I have had my days and know I was not setting any type of example; I was showing others how to set themselves up for failure, all the time claiming myself to be a leader.

Let the Creator of all things run our all, our life, family, business etc.  Execute His every will to the best of your abilities.  Like it or not Christ is the CEO of everything living and dead.  He is here for us, let’s allow Him to make good stewards of us all.

In Jesus name we pray., or Facebook


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