Looking for me?

11 Jun

For some time now, I have been receiving quite a few comments, but they are in spam, asking how to sign up for e-mail alerts.

Keep in mind if you want your comments posted, and I do want to read what you have to say, you must sign up; I can’t post comments from spam.  Too much spam will run some off, and I don’t want anyone to think, this site may be unsafe.  So please sign up for an alert.

At the bottom of each post, you will find   Go to the website and scroll over to the right side of the page, and down a little to e-mail alerts.  I am looking forward to learning from your input.  Also, please keep in mind, we are a kid friendly website, so keep it clean.

If you are interested in a subject, don’t hesitate to tell me what it is.  If I have some knowledge, I will pray for guidance, and prayerfully, the issue can be addressed.

“Remember, don’t take the advice of a person who has never experienced the subject.”

Thank you for your support; and I pray to continue giving you quality reviews, on subjects I have experienced, in hopes, it will benefit someone if not all.

I don’t want to bore you about this book I have written,  “I SURVIVED 60 YEARS TO GET CANCER, THEN KILL IT.”   I promise you it’s coming. You all know how bad my typing is, and the book has to be on point.   Editing is taking time, I want it to be perfect.   🙂


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1,434 responses to “Looking for me?


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