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IMAGINATION; The ability to form mental images, of what is not present.

FOCUS; Keeping a clear image, to concentrate.

Those two words working together, and correctly coupled with the right personality, has the ability to create Greatness. A winner.

One of the key properties needed to stay focused is to have a God-given imagination. To me, this means you can see whatever it is in your head, as clear as if you were looking at a television, and understand it. For instance, you may have the ability to draw a picture without a photo, etc. The power to create new ideas using old experiences, or the power to recreate things you saw at some earlier point in time. You can see it, draw it, and build it. Are we clear?

To me, the greatest part of our imagination is when we have the ability to understand the creations of others.

As powerful as that statement is, I still do not always remain focused. “I can’t see for looking.” Those that know me are probably glad to hear me admit to that, and it absolutely has nothing to do with me having a disability. “That’s just me.” One of my many, many excuses, when I have traveled to la-la land, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

I would start to read, study a subject, begin a project, watch television, anything. Without warning, my thought process would change. I saw, said or heard something, causing me to move in a different direction, unintentionally. Call it what you will, I call it the Devil because; “nothing good ever comes from it.”  A simple thought would manifest, and I was off to the races.This caused my wandering mind, to not continue on the same path, that was originally explored...“If I could only remember what that was.”

It’s hard to stay focused, especially when are interest and time, is being stretched to the limits. With the likes of technology, and so on. God gave us the tools to make things happen, and one of the greatest gifts of them all is our Imagination. But nowadays, we use it for all the wrong reasons; claiming it’s “only natural.” Some say our imagination is just wasteful daydreaming.

According to me in this carnal world, our imagination has simply lost focus. It’s not working,” for the greater good.”  A lack of focus is; a loss period, a device, a disruptive vessel. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that; Not being focused, is one more of the many tricks, the Devil play, to keep us from EVERLASTING PEACE, and GOODWILL.

This sinful game is devised to stop us from getting ahead, by hindering progress. Making it almost impossible to move from point A to point B. The Devil’s business is to be in the way; that’s why he is called the adversary. Especially when something or someone positive, is in the picture. The Devil wants to run interference such as; a flat tire, can’t find your keys, most of all, the ugly things we can leave unsaid. The main reason he is out and about is to dampen our spirits. Haven’t said that; we may miss the positives.  (A Good Life.)

Not being in the “right place at the right time,” and know it. What a bummer.Caught looking over our shoulder.” some say “with our pants down.” Most of us can relate to looking at a good movie to only miss the conclusion, by falling asleep a few moments before the end. (Too lazy to sit up, maybe?)  “I am just saying.” Anyway, we lost focus, for whatever reason. We “missed it all,” “the bottom line.” Often asking ourselves, “What happened.”

When relating with others, don’t concern yourself with nosy things, or ” they say.”  Those are the very distractions, that take us away from the things we are supposed to be focusing on; Our Spirit. Not paying attention, or even bothering to focus on our own behalf will cause miscues. Creating a lost of information and directions, in which the Spirit would have us to go, causing our imagination to take on other tasks, with disagreeable content.

WHEW! You know what I am talking about, acts such as; hate and finding ways to make life uncomfortable for others. Some of us are caught up, living under the will of the Devil, who happens “to be up to no good.” Instead of living in the will of Christ, and having a life of substance.

“It’s a Hard Knock Life;” when things go wrong and we remember we thought of whatever it was, beforehand. The Spirit had warned us. Hey, it could have been avoided if we had paid attention, then reacted appropriately. Now sometimes, this is caused by pure laziness, or that secret reason, “being afraid.”  I’ll leave that there. Not being focused it a costly distraction, for whatever reason. Being focused,” clears some things up.”

With all we know, it still doesn’t take much to lead us astray, even to the point that some take the worst way out by following after others, knowing if they are not following after Christ this, “never works.”

“What is for you, is for you.” Focus on your own life, using your imagination and common sense to be creative, becoming a blessing to all. Finding new ways to “win in life” by serving Christ. Now is as good of a time as any, “think about it.”, or Facebook


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