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We all run our mouths from time to time.  Well, maybe not you, so much.  But anyway, most of the time it’s nothing, nothing that is important, or “so we say.  Well, to be honest, most of us know that statement is not true.  So let’s talk about what it is, Gossip; Idle talk, or rumors, especially if it’s about the personal or private affairs of othersStill confused?

I am talking about; when someone walks into a room, and it gets quite. Then when asked, “what were we talking about?”  Quick to some offer up a lie. “Oh!  it was nothing, you know, “This or That.”

I am aware of the fact that everything is about something, and I believe you are aware of that too.  It’s just somethings are more important than others, and most people are short-winded when it comes to their business, and or affairs. Other than that, we have lots to talk about.  Way more than we should.

We know, there is nothing wrong with having a good conversation, but if we choose to add Christ into the “This and or That” mix, the conversation will become relevant; because when Jesus become a part of our everyday talk, He brings with Him substance; the essential part of any and all things.

Having said that, a glint of wisdom may start to surface in our lives, while taking into account we all have different trigger points. For me, it was when I began to realize some people don’t really listen to what we are saying. Gossip or not.

I am ashamed to admit how many years it took for me to realize I wasn’t listening either. Then it was another zillion years before I realized I was preparing my response and hadn’t heard all of what was being said because; I broke in, mid-sentence.

The first couple of words out of someone’s mouth have us thinking we already know everything.  As a matter of fact we are so good we know the very next word that will be uttered.  So off we go with our high fluting selves, needing no more information to be applied.

We begin to slowly burst at the seams, hardly able to hold our tongue, as we try hard to remember what we are going to say, causing us to lose even more of the original content.  Not bothering to take into account we did not start the conversation, our intention is to dominate it.

Some take on the attitude of  “I am smarter than you.”   Causing us to take the lead without a clear concept of what had actually had been said, or where we are going with it.  Sometimes causing us to look like a fool, without realizing it.  I am certainly guilty of that look, and it can be embarrassing when our head is stuck in the mud about ourselves.  According to me, this is a clear sign that we may need help, help from a higher calling.

We think we can do and know everything. “Don’t we?  Don’t answer that.  But if you feel a need to answer, and are under the impression you know how a person feels and what they are about to say, clearly you may be in need of something more than I can offer.  So, I suggest prayer, as a starting point.

FYI: If I tell you, I know what you are going to say, I am lying and the truth is not in me, or I have lost my mind, and don’t know it.  “What are the odds?”

When we are children every day is unimportant, but we don’t know that’s untrue until later in life when we learn to become accountable.  Maturing, causes our situations to change, and at some point, we get a wake-up call. The one that hurts, the slap in the face; the big one that wakes us up after that huge blunder we don’t want to talk about, causing us to make grown up decisions about  “This or That.”

“Hey, it was the times, what can I say, and I have learned my lesson.”   Dr.Seuss says; Be who we are and say what we feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”  

We can come up with all types of excuses.  “I was just trying to go with the flow.”  That one is almost as good as; “He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away.”    Raymond Hull

Now all of those statements makes sense because we adjust and make lifestyle changes to fit in; whatever suit our needs at the time is what we do when talking with others about, “This or That.”   I am so thankful that I have learned how to really use my ears, so now I work with what Jesus has said.

Calm down, Seuss is alright with me, and he has a hat full of  “catchy little phrases,”  but I don’t care what he said.  Come on now, he is just a “Cat in a Hat.”   His words cannot override the spoken word or gospel, and he’s not Covered by the Blood.

I am the way, the truth, and the life;   John:6

If we choose the path that follows after Christ, we won’t have to worry about all that whittling away stuff, spreading ourselves too thin, or the hard ones concerning things like peer pressure, what some people think, etc… Jesus is all we will need for “This or That.”

For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.   James 5:15

Not only That, check This out.

Jesus Will: Be your friend.  Help: you set your goalsSecure: your success, giving you joy in what you already have. Motivate: and give you a clean Heart coupled with a great attitude.  Inspire: your life as well as encourage loveInstill: in you perseverance, determination, and patienceGrant: your dreams, and bless your family.

Never will He give up on you when or if you fail, and forgive you when you don’t deserve it for whatever “This or That,” reason may have been.



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