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A complaint is an expression of pain, discontent, regret, and or grief. fault-finding is in a league of its own, and it has also registered a complaint.

Fault has a variety of definitions. One is to confess a misdeed, like breaking into someones home.  A mistake; an example could be a mishap in addition or subtraction. Taking responsibility; “I did It.”  Fault is also a cop-out; “It was not my fault.”

Because of Fault you could become a failure. The fault is to fail at something. A blunder, err.

A fault is a fracture in the Earth’s core, as well as a mistake at tennis, handball, and others.   (If the ball doesn’t clear the net on a serve, it is called a fault.)  These Fault’s, and some I cannot name are not the fault’s I want to write about.

It’s hard enough in this World, and no one I know of, is in need of a Nit-Picking Faultfinder. A person that can find Fault even, in God. Sometimes we go too far.

Somehow the message about,  “No one is Perfect,”  must have gotten lost. Have you heard that before, or is it only me? There is no need to go hunting for fault, (Trouble)  you can expect to find it everywhere. DUD!

I think some of us have the mentality of a biting fly, annoying everyone around the picnic table. But that’s what I get for thinking. “Study long, and you study wrong.” Let’s call it what it is, shear ignorance.

There is a way to do everything. But more importantly, with this subject, it is the intent that matters. These are some of the things that help make us who we are;

A Helpful person or a Nit-Picking, Faultfinders?

No matter how hard we try, there are always the ones who find fault in most things, and the very ones to do the least. I take that back, fault-finders are not lazy about complaining.  This type of thinking has to be a total waste of time, and completely worthless. This person seeks out minor imperfections, looking for flaws, to make it known to all in a direct attack on others declaring;  “You are not Perfect.”

Sometimes, a message like this one is lost because of a subject too close to home. “A hit dog will holler.” 

Pride and Envy has a lot to do with hateful things, and it has the ability to stop progress. Dipping and dabbing in the wrong thought processes, conjuring up Evil, Hate, Jealousy, sometimes Rage.

You should ask yourself why you have those feelings, if you haven’t already? There are all types of solutions available. But, if it is your Spirit that’s troubling you, there is Christ.

The I’s were not dottedthe T’s is not crossed,” a misspelled word. Pointing out errors. Trying to produce a failure, instead of gaining knowledge or a different prospective on life, and Jesus Christ. But no, in spite of ones hard work; Faultfinders are busy picking at our every effort, with pettiness. Smiling in our faces, while looking thru the eyes of hate, having nothing healthy to say, do, or contribute.

 I Know; been there, done that.”  I have nitpicked, and I Have been nitpicked.

Correcting the wrongs is what needs to be diligently sought after, but of course this never enter ones mind, it’s; “Too much like right.”

It is unimaginable to me, why someones goals, would be a desire to make others less? Having no value or consideration to a small notion, that if instead of looking for fault, to look for a solution. Never realizing these may be the stepping-stones in life, (Opportunity.)  that encourages a positive direction, leading to success, and happiness. 

The Lord knows I have faults. So some of my friends point them out because they Love Me, or they want to see me succeed, others have compassion for our faults, and some just want to be helpful. “No reason.”

THIS IS HEALTHY NIT-PICKING, FAULTFINDING, this is the type we need more of. Take into consideration, some don’t know this concept; they are only doing what they have been taught, or have heard.  “Some are only as good as their teachers; there are those who can’t help it.”

IT IS STILL FAULT.  “Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse.”                    

Too much attention is paid to someone else’s fault, and not enough to our own. Not all share in this sentiment, instead of trying to be helpful, precious time is spent finding creative ways to wreak havoc. There is no doubt that some of the pressure is being slung at the ones trying to upgrade themselves and others, in ‘THUS SAID THE LORD.’

Change your ways by turning your back on the destruction of any type, putting your best foot forward, following in Jesus’ footprints. If you choose this path you may find it hard to find fault under every stone.

Help your fellow-man, in a positive manner. Instead of pointing out every nit-picking thing you can find under the sun. Be a helpmate, if not there could be other problems such as; resentment, lack of confidence, etc.

It is amazing how we can find Fault in everyone except ourselves. This could be the reason some are the fault finders.  Faultfinder or Not, DO IT YOURSELF, THAT WAY YOU KNOW IT WILL BE PERFECT.



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I have been asked several times about a video and why am I am advertising cheap insurances. Along with a host of other things. So to set the record straight, I have never placed a video, or any type of advertisement on my anything.

Not, or the search engine About Norvie L Cherry.

I am careful about all comments, because of the nature of their business or the language used. I appreciate them all but; we are a friendly website, for all to enjoy, regardless of age. So we have to mind our manners. Thank You.

The only thing I am promoting is what Jesus Christ did for me, and the experiences I gained from it. (Cancer, etc.) More importantly, how we can all benefit from the sharing of this knowledge.

My head was snatched from the grave, and I was given the ability to share it with you(Testimony)

My name is Norvie L. Cherry, I am a 3rd Stage Breast Cancer Survivor. My Purpose is to spread the word that Jesus Christ Is Lord; thru personal experiences, using Motivational Speaking, Storytelling, and Authoring a book, as a tool, to deliver messages of encouragement.

“The Devil is alive and he is a liar.”


I will personally tell you if I start to allow advertisements, and or videos. We will continue to provide to you a wholesome adventure of true life experiences as they relate to Christ.

I PROMISE, Cherry, or Facebook


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People do, using plenty of Excuses; it was God’s will. No, it wasn’t, it was yours. God doesn’t make bad decisions, and He didn’t make a decision for you, period. But we are right about one thing. “God Doesn’t Make Mistakes.” the context in which it is used most of the time is what’s wrong, wrong, wrong.

We have to make choices, but it is sad to say, sometimes we make the wrong ones, then try to justify them. Saying things like; “no one is perfect, but Jesus,” with a matter of fact attitude.

An example of blaming God, on decisions we make in everyday English is; Having a baby out-of-wedlock, using the baby as a tool, hoping the man will join you, and or leave his family. Thinking this baby will seal the deal. (This rarely works.)Gotta, Blame Somebody.”  Why not God? It will lessen the load, after all, it is a baby. Another excuse.

FYI; this is not what God wants for us, or the baby. Let’s keep it real. Denial is an excuse for wrongdoings, and Lust is the culprit.

Proverbs 18:22 says; “Whoso finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtain the favor of the Lord.”

For a woman who finds a man finds a fool, in my opinion.

Not understanding that a “House and riches are the inheritance of fathers: and a prudent wife is from the Lord. Proverbs 19:14.

So to justify that pregnancy, she often claims God did not make a Mistake. She’s right, God didn’t do it. It was a mistake, made on your own; causing all types of problems that come with bad decisions. Now don’t get me wrong the blame falls on both sides of the fence. Often time’s, sheer ignorance is a major factor. Another reason we need Christ led teachers in all things.

Not only, married men or women, in acts of adultery, unmarried people, doing the unthinkable. Lacking self-respect, completely out of control in some situations. Unaware of how we are hurting ourselves. Excuses, excuses, blaming God for the circumstances of our life. When all the facts lead to bad decisions we made.

Some decisions result from lack of experience, some are just foolish. Most times, they are bad because of who we perceive ourselves to be. God is not the reason we are like we are. He already knows who we are, and did not make a mistake. We are the way we are because of the decisions we made/make.

There is a disconnection between us and God if we feel He is the blame for our bad decisions. If this is truly the case, it’s easy to fix. Declare Him your Lord and Savior, then Pray before you act.                                            

I am using these parables to drive my message home, not to point a finger. We are talking about excuses, for making bad decisions, then laying blame on God, or anyone available, as long as the blame does not fall on the guilty, in layman terms, so all can understand. Got it?

Untrained, selfish minds lead to self-destruction, and often times the demise of others. Drugs used to put us in a stupor, so as not to face the world in which we live, lying, to cover up some act that should have never unfolded. Cheating, applied to everything we do, because of a lack of confidence in one’s own abilities. Laziness; having no desire to accomplish something, willing to let someone else do the work while plotting to steal and claim it to be our own. Causing pain, every step of the way because we feel, “if it happens to me everyone else should suffer too.” Throwing blame around like you’re “taking out the trash.” 

I could go on and on. Making excuses, for everything from A-Z, and God still didn’t have anything to do with whatever it was. Blame it on the Flesh, and this time you will be right. “No doubt about it.”

 Some of us are in such a habit of making excuses and blaming God, we don’t realize when one is not necessary. No Faith in one’s self. “If I tell the truth, no one will believe me anyway.”

We are so full of excuses we can’t hear others, causing us to argue with those who agree. Often asking the question: “why won’t anyone believe me?” Well, now, maybe your reputation is known to be suspect. Some of us have never tried, to be Honest. For some their self-esteem is so low, it is impossible to believe we can become a person of character, unaware of, “Nothing is impossible thru Christ.”

It’s time to step up to the plate, in order for us to better ourselves, time is not on our side, and will never be. We cannot depend on others to save us from our ways and our not taking responsibility for our own actions/inactions; We need a higher power for that. We cannot do it alone, the good news is it is available through Jesus Christ.

Yes, we make mistakes, but know this; they can be repaired. Once we seek the Kingdom of God, we are on the path to change. Owning up to us, and deciding to accept Christ into our Hearts, making a sincere effort to improve our mindset, in order to make strides; by taking on the responsibility to stop laying blame.

Knowledge is more important than some may want to acknowledge; Common sense is Golden, and Jesus is Lord.



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