15 Sep

Habit; an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost INVOLUNTARY.

WOW! Involuntary, if that isn’t a Red Flag what is? I took heed, and started asking myself for the umpteenth time, why am I doing what I am doing. Some folks would say,”Jesus Christ, what was I thinking?” I have more than a few bad habits that need to be put to rest. One of the worst ones is saying everything on my mind, even if it is the truth. There are a number of bad habits in that one statement alone.

I may not have been asked for my opinion, especially when someone is talking to someone else. This could be a habit of lacking social skills,coupled with a void of mannerism, rudeness taking center stage.

It use to be “speak when spoken to.” Now it’s more like “mind your own business.” Butting in and being rude, could come from a habit of being accustomed to having your way, by any means. Bullying, being overly opinionated, under educated is a good one, insensitive, and full of self-importance.

Putting down everyone and talking about what you heard somebody else say, repeating it as if it was gospel. All because it sounded intelligent to you. Not knowing the text came from a world-class idiot. Repeating an overheard conversation, for all you know may have come from a television set that was left on.

Hard to keep that mouth shut when you’re in the habit of running off with it. Lord and God over everything large or small, and at times using all your bad habits with a nasty attitude. Can’t tell you anything, you know and see all. That special gift you have, knowing what everybody is thinking, is so wrong it is almost off the charts. That type of forecasting is mixed with confusion, others are consumed. Bad habits have a unique way of breaking us down hard.

Suffering from bad habits such as being “stuck in a rut.” (The inability to get out of the present situation.) I read a quote somewhere that said;”The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions.”

Change is Constance. Even dust will take on a different shape every moment, just like your life. If you are seeking consistency, things like stability, they are the promises of God, the non-changing everlasting Christ.

There is nothing good that can come from “that’s who I am.’ Just another bad habit used to hide us, from us. Commonly known as “I am too lazy to do something about this bad habit.” (Situation)  Really, sleeping all day. Don’t get mad at me, I did it too.

Cancer tried to use my laziness against me, but I got up. I used Cancer as a tool, not an excuse. Trying to make myself useful in the eyes of God, that I may live.

Working hard on breaking bad habits such as pride, lying,cheating, and stealing; we know  nothing good comes from these.

Just like you learned bad habits, you can also unlearn them. 1st you have to recognize there is a problem, and you may have more than one. Then you have to accept the facts. You need above all a willingness to change, to take matters in your own hands, get a good look at your blind spots, and do a makeover.

The easiest way to start, after praying, is to work on the ones that give you the most grief, you know, when you keep bumping your head against a brick wall. Why keep bringing a gallon of ice cream into the house knowing you will eat the whole thing in one setting? Reduce to a half gallon, then a pint; a starting point for changing a bad habit into a good one. Start with a small change and a great big attitude knowing anything is better than nothing.

I am not through. Knowing everything, about everybody, even the ones you have never seen before in your life, as if you gave birth, is a bad habit, often worst than Gossip. Admitting you are not flawless will put you far ahead of the class. Maybe you are so busy with all your bad habits you can’t stand being alone with you, too much time to evaluate yourself.

Drugs are a bad habit, what’s worst is the array of bad habits that start after the hit. Get a grip, write a list and start working on bettering yourself. Changing your ways is healthy and may open the door for others, by changing the course of your life, you can help others. Family, friends, and strangers included.You can set an example by using yourself as a stepping stone, eliminating useless, wasteful bad habits collective, or one at a time.

Luke 11:9 say;”And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

These are the words of Jesus Christ. Trust them, and give yourself a much-needed overhaul. I did. I only ask you to think about it.

Sorry, y’all know I don’t like to be long-winded; just easy to comprehend. It goes to show we don’t always get our way., or Facebook


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