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Some People In High Places

There are some people, who are always seeking out people in High Places. Never realizing some people in high places need to have their credentials checked.

Some got there by popular vote, some from a passion for succeeding, and others by promises that were never intended to flourish.

Some bought their way in, and some earned it, but then turn spoiled like bad fruit.

Some got there because they have friends in high places. Did you know some highly placed people can lead you down the road to ruin… Sometimes faster than a blink of an eye. Things like broken promises, moneymaking pyramids, fraud, and the, “too good to be true.”

Some people in high places are just that, HIGH… While some are as low down as they come.

Some are put into place because of the gift of gab, sleight of hand, or a well-placed payoff… And you never notice them coming.

Some are in need of vast improvements.

Some people are in high places because they made a wrong turn that worked out well.

Some people are all this and more because some people said so. Often times these people don’t even have their feet firmly on the ground.

Some people in high places just seem to drop in from the sky, turn your head and there they are, maybe even becoming your new best friend. There are lots of people in high places who should not be there; prayerfully less than those who should. Don’t put too much stock in some people because of a name.

There is too much of personal “highness,” going on, and not one wanting to burst the selfish bubble. There is a God in the Highest of all places. Seek first His Kingdom, and leave some people alone, in the carnal world.

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